Another slow, yet no less rewarding episode of Game of Thrones sees even more characters introduced, tensions rise and someone lose a hand…

Even though there’s a feeling of momentum being gathered, little happens in regards to plot development during ‘Walk of Punishment’. Even so, once the end credits roll down your screen, a little smile escapes your lips and you can’t help but think “That was f**king awesome!”. That’s how much of a gem we have on our hands at the moment.

As I’ve pointed out in previous reviews, I’m someone who unfortunately hasn’t had the pleasure of reading all of George R. R. Martins Game of Thrones books so have to take each episode as it comes, not really knowing what’s in-store for the future, and not really as could up as I could be.

You’ll have to excuse me if you feel the review is lacking  a little in depth.

What I have managed to learn is that we’re heading towards an almighty shitstorm.

And I can’t wait.

“Walk of Punishment”… a title that so aptly fits the the situation of several characters in this episode, though none more so than poor Jamie Lannister.

Let’s get that excellent ending out the way shall we?

Over the three series of Game of Thrones, Jamie Lannister has gone through quite a major transformation.

When we first meet him all those years ago back in series 1, he was very much as unlike able as they come. You can’t really blame him for the way he is, the life he was born into, the unlimited wealth and massive power, if not natural then it’s at least understandable where his smugness comes from.

Throughout ‘Walk of Punishment’  and the previous two episodes, it’s been a delight exploring the captor-prisoner relationship between Brienne and Jamie, and dare I say it, I’m starting to grow fond of him. He managed to stop Brienne being raped after all, this from a man who would normally only think about himself.

There’s nothing like a good shock ending and Jamie Lannister loosing his favoured sword hand has probably been the best out of Game of Thrones entire three series. Will there be repercussions? I think Jamie would even bet his remaining left hand that there will be…

Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and DB Weiss are nothing short of confident, and this third episode shows. The episode flows a lot more easily when jumping from location to location than previous outings and even with the introduction of new locations and characters, you never feel yourself loosing your immersion in the world of Westeros.

Khaleesi has finally bought her army of well behaved and extremely deadly soldiers but at a very steep cost.

One of her dragons.

Considering the latter half of series 2 consisted of Khaleesi drumming on and on, I’ll admit rather annoyingly at times, about rescuing her dragons, It came as a bit of a surprise she was willing to use one to negotiate her purchase of an army. Admittedly she seemed awfully confident, so I’m unsure whether she has some kind of trick up her sleeve.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how dark Game of Thrones can be. Let’s not forget, we had two near rape experiences (is that would you call them?) the usual of  dosage deaths, slaughtered men and horses and even a threat of punching a woman amidst the  throes of labour in the face.

To balance this Game of Thrones is never afraid of injecting humour and there’s one stand out in ‘Walk of Punishment’ involving a meeting with Tywin Lannister and his council jockeying for position around the table that was quality. Tyrion dragging his chair across the floor was just hilarious and not even a word was said!

As ever, the episode looked stunning with David Benioff showing off his skills with some impressive visuals. I for one really can’t wait for the

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