Hey, it’s Lucha Underground! And vengeance is in the air!

The show started with Big Ryck in a church, presumably after giving the confession he gave last week. He declared he would get vengeance!

Matt Striker and Vampiro welcomed us to the show. Striker said that Alberto el Patron is in the building tonight, but so is Texano Jr. He also said Chavo Guerrero Jr was looking to get his revenge on Mil Muertes tonight…

Melissa Santos introduced Mil Muertes, who came down to the ring with Catrina. He looked sad. If that’s possible.

He’s fighting Chavo Guerrero Jr, and Chavo is angry because Mil beat him up last week. Chavo’s also been targeted by Mexican luchadors of late since, well, he started beating them up.

Muertes was all over Chavo to start with, throwing him around like a rag doll. Chavo made a comeback and started working on Muertes’s leg.

Catrina then came down to the ring. Man, she looked amazing. She was holding the rock that Mil Muertes draws some kind of power from. While Muertes was distracted, Chavo grabbed a chair and smacked Muertes for the DQ.

Muertes no-sold the chair shot and hit back. He dropped Chavo with the Flatliner onto the chair, and then grabbed Catrina. He forced her towards Chavo and indicated that she should give him the kiss of a thousand deaths, which is licking his face.

She declined and Muertes choked her, and then prepared to hit her with a Flatliner, but Fenix made the save. Catrina kissed Fenix and mocked Muertes. This one isn’t over…

Backstage, the woman called Black Lotus picked a lock and walked into the depths of the Temple…

Dario Cueto was in his office with the Crew. They had matching vests that said “The Crew”, so you knew it was them. He said they had done well for him and wanted to reward them with a main event match. He made a No DQ six-man, against Sexy Star, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Mascarita Sagrada. He said the Crew’s only job was to hurt them so bad that they never come back.

Hey, it’s Ivelisse! She was in the ring with Son of Havoc, who was ready for a re-match with Angelico. However, she said that after weeks of losing it’s probably better if she fought on his behalf. Poor Son of Havoc.

Angelico came out and did not want to fight a woman. She slapped him and then hit a drop toehold. He still didn’t want to fight, and countered all her moves.

She took to the top rope and hit a huracanrana, and he finally threw her up into the air, landing flat on her front in what Striker called a “$12,000 bump”.

While Ivelisse was down, Son of Havoc kicked Angelico in the head and he fell backwards over Ivelisse, who pinned him for the win.

After the match, Ivelisse was not grateful to Son of Havoc. Poor Son of Havoc. Angelico got on the mic’ and said that if she ever wanted to go one-on-one with him without Son of Havoc around, it would be his pleasure. I think he’s talking about sex.

After a break, Melissa Santos introduced Superfly, who was already in the ring. He was wearing his mask, which is all kinds of wrong. He’s fighting Texano Jr, who was announced as being from Baja California. So shouldn’t he be Baja Californio Jr?

Before the match started, they went to a sit-down interview between Vampiro and Texano Jr, conducted in Spanish. Texano Jr got angry with Vampiro for saying Alberto had beaten him to become AAA Megacampeon, but it was otherwise the usual stuff.

Back in the ring, they traded early on but Texano Jr took over and got the win with a neckbreaker. As he stood over Superfly, Alberto appeared up on the balcony, to a huge response from the crowd.

Texano Jr beckoned him down and Alberto took him up on the offer, and they brawled around the ring, before Alberto grabbed hold of Texano Jr’s bullrope and whipped him and beat him with it until some goons made the save. They will have a match next week!

Dario Cueto was in his office, and was interrupted by Cage, who was wearing the remnants of the title belt around his neck. He told Cueto he wanted to be crowned Lucha Underground champion, but Cueto rightly pointed out that he had failed to beat Prince Puma.

However, he gave Cage another shot at Puma – a non-title shot – and if he won that then he’d get a shot at the belt again. Cage told him to make sure it was a proper belt next time.

As Cage left, Chavo walked in. He said he was quitting and Cueto wished him the best with future endeavours. Chavo looked back in anger and Dario muttered to himself that the gods would not be pleased with this.

Backstage, Black Lotus found the cage where Cueto keeps Matanza. She told the monster – still unseen – that the only thing she ever wanted to be when grew up was to be the one to kill him with her bare hands. Before she could act, someone threw a bag over her head and dragged her away.

Hey, it’s Melissa! She introduced The Crew, who were already in the ring, and then introduced their opponents.

They all brawled in the ring, and then out of it, until Pimpinela Escarlata and Cortez Castro were left in the ring on their own. Castro grabbed a kendo stick and beat on Pimpi, who rolled out of the ring to the floor.

Mascarita Sagrada came on and Mr Cisco beat him down. Sagrada made a comeback and knocked Cisco out of the ring and hit a tope suicida onto him. Cisco recovered and dropped Sagrada onto the ring apron. They stomped his head onto a steel chair and that was him done.

That left Sexy Star against three men. She took them all out and then hit a DDT on Bael on the outside. She went back and forth with Castro and Cisco, and got a two count, before the Crew put the boots to her in the middle of the ring.

Big Ryck – complete with eyepatch – appeared at the top of the stairs and a distracted Bael fell victim to a roll-up for a Sexy Star victory. The Crew slunk away as Big Ryck stood with Sexy Star in the ring…

This was a Good Show. The in-ring action, although mostly short, was fast and furious and engaging. And the telenovela skits were great. I love this show. You should, too.

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