Hey, it’s AAA Sin Límite! It’s that show that actually builds to its pay-per-views because it wants you to buy them!

This week’s show was the first from the Querétaro tapings on February 27th. El Patrón Alberto, absent from the show since winning the AAA Megacampeon title at Guerra de Titanes in November, makes his return in the main event…

The show started with a re-cap of the events of the past few weeks, ending with the climax of last week’s show – a bloody brawl between Myzteziz and el Hijo del Perro Aguayo.

Hey, it’s Brian Cage! He told us he was coming for el Patrón Alberto’s title. From what looked like the doorstep of his house. Seriously. Like the AAA camera crew had knocked on his door. I love this show.

They showed a video running down the history of AAA, from 1992 when Antonio Pena created the promotion as a breakaway from CMLL, and really hyping the current product. It was too fast-paced to be a true introduction to AAA, but it was a great way to get the blood pumping for Rey de Reyes on Sunday.

Our first match was a six-man tag – a trios match – with Venum, Ludxor & Gotita de Plata taking on Mamba, Carta Brava Jr & Pegasus.

Los rudos came out first, and Pegasus is just your standard luchador. He did have a cape, though. Bonus points for that. Carta Brava Jr has awesome METAL music. His name translates as BLACK CARD! JUNIOR! Your guess is as good as mine.

Mamba had fairy wings this week. Never confused. Men in the crowd were ashamed of their feelings. Oh, yeah, Mamba is an exótico. That’s a transvestite wrestler. Only in Mexico. Sadly.

Los técnicos came out next. Well, you’d hope so or we wouldn’t have had much of a match. Gotita de Plata is very, very slender. He is also only sixteen years old. SIXTEEN FFS!

Venum and Ludxor came out together. Years ago, they were part of a team called Los Cadetes del Espacio – the Space Cadets. Well, these guys weren’t – the original ones were. Those guys are long retired. These guys are part of Los Cadetes, with Aero Star, who has left them FAR behind.

The match started and everyone was doing lots of flips. Seriously, flips. Mamba came in and catwalked. Now that’s workrate.

The crowd sounded weird, like the show was taped in a swimming pool. Which, for all I know, it might have been.

Gotita de Plata hit the first dive, a plancha over the top onto Carta Brava Jr. In response, Mamba hit the first kiss, snogging the life out of Venum.

The rudos then slapped the shit out of Gotita de Plata, poor lad, and finished him – for a bit, anyway – with a triple-team sit out powerbomb. Nice. Then it was Ludxor’s turn to have his day ruined, and then Venum. Los rudos were running wild!

Happy with their work, they got back to slapping Gotita de Plata, but a miscommunication saw Carta Brava Jr accidentally kick Mamba in the bum. This brought on a técnico comeback, which was briefly halted by a sweet crucifix piledriver by Pegasus on Gotita de Plata.

Venum & Ludxor then horribly botched a double armdrag off the top, and dragged Gotita de Plata on top of a broken Pegasus for the pinfall. Poor Pegasus. And, oops, it looked like Ludxor broke his leg or something botching that move, and he got stretchered out.

After the match, Carta Brava Jr & Mamba beat up Pegasus until Venum & Gotita made the save. Pegasus raised their arms in thanks.

Hey, it’s the final Rey de Reyes semi-final match! It’s Texano Jr versus Bengala versus Machine Rocker versus MURDER CLOWN(!)

The ring announcer introduced Machine Rocker with a shout of “METAL METAL METAL METAL METAL!” He is, yes, very metal. He is one of Los Inferno Rockers, possibly the most metal stable EVER in professional wrestling.

Bengala, on the other hand, is bhangra, not metal. And he’s a bit lardy. What did happen to Ricky Marvin to turn him into Bengala? I HAVE to know!

It’s MURDER CLOWN! He is a babyface! And a MURDERER! Mexico!

Texano Jr is swank in sunglasses. Indoors. He came out with his own referee – the rudo official, el Hijo del Tirantes. For those of you new to lucha libre, they have heel refs who turn a blind eye to cheating and fast count the rudos and slow count the técnicos. It’s awesome.

The three técnicos is the match did NOT want el Hijo del Tirantes to referee. He hung around, though. Because who are Machine Rocker, Bengala and MURDER CLOWN to doubt el Hijo del Tirantes?

Texano Jr is a man in black pants. It sounds weird to say it, but next to a human tiger, a demon metalhead, and a MURDER CLOWN, he looks silly.

Well, the story of this match was that MURDER CLOWN is a big fat fucker and the others cannot abide that. Machine Rocker formed a temporary alliance with Texano Jr, because he knew that even extreme speed metal would not be enough to topple a fat killer.

MURDER CLOWN started out with powerslams for everyone. Even Bengala, who hadn’t done anything to him at all. Equal opportunity murderer!

The dives started coming thick and fast after that, with a topé con hilo by Machine Rocker into MURDER CLOWN, and a twisting plancha to the outside by Bengala on Texano Jr. There’s nothing quite like a fat man doing a plancha.

At this point, everyone was out on the floor, including Texano Jr, and the ref wasn’t counting any of them out. So the crowd started to count for him, and he got a bit angry.

Back in the ring, there was a triple German suplex spot – Machine Rocker German’d Bengala, while being German’d by Texano Jr. Texano Jr made the cover for the win. Except it wasn’t the win. This is, obviously, the fourth semi-final I’ve watched in this tournament and I could swear the others were first pinfall wins. This, it seems, is elimination. *Shrug*

So, yeah, Machine Rocker was eliminated, and then Texano Jr eliminated Bengala, so it was down to the cowboy and the clown.

MURDER CLOWN, by the way, is by far the worst wrestler in his team, Los Psycho Circus. And the best isn’t great. But at least the crowd were chanting, “MURDER! MURDER!”

Mercifully, it wasn’t long before Texano Jr got the win with his Tornado Texas, a fireman’s carry backbreaker, and qualified for the Rey de Reyes final, where he will meet Aero Star, Mesías, and Psycho Clown.

MURDER CLOWN looked heartbroken. I fear for the people of Querétaro tonight…

They showed a hype video and in-ring press conference for the return of Rey Mysterio Jr, focusing on how he will help AAA – and Lucha Underground – break the US. Note that he’s got the Jr back now he’s back in Mexico. He’s debuting at the Rey de Reyes PPV, teaming with Myzteziz against the Los Perros del Mal team of Pentagón Jr and el Hijo del Perro Aguayo.

Backstage, Konnan introduced Brian Cage to AAA fans, who cut a talky on el Patrón Alberto. He said the main difference between them was that el Patrón Alberto was only a Mexican, but that he was a “fucking machine.” I see.

Hey, it’s our main event! It’s el Patrón Alberto, Myzteziz & Fénix versus Brian Cage, Pentagón Jr & el Hijo del Fantasma!

Pentagón Jr is so BOSS. He’s a strong contender for the breakout star of the last six months, along with Prince Puma, Fénix, and Sasha Banks.

El Hijo del Fantasma is King Cuerno in Lucha Underground. He has THAT topé suicida. In AAA he comes out to Guns ‘N’ Roses’ “Welcome To The Jungle”, because The Phantom – el Fantasma – in the comic strips lived in the jungle. It would also fit for King Cuerno, but the US is a bit tighter on intellectual property rights than Mexico…

Brian Cage – and, yes, they’re going with the Brian – is wearing tiny trunks. Which only make him look more HENCH.

AAA has this weird thing where their version of the TitanTron plays adverts. It plays them throughout the show, including the matches, and doesn’t stop for ring entrances. So, tonight, when Fénix came out, the big screen behind him said AUTOBUSES. A hot girl in the crowd appreciated him, if not the advert.

Similarly, Gregorian chanting and CITY EXPRESS HOTELES brought out Myzteziz, and nobody cared what was there when el Patrón Alberto came out because the crowd LOVE him.

El Patrón Alberto was wearing a new t-shirt, which I’m sure you could buy at the merch stand. It had the title belt on it. Ha!

El Patrón Alberto and Cage faced off. I like this, it’s old school. The big, bad foreign heel comes in to take down the local hero. This is exactly how I’d book my wrestling promotion if I wasn’t too poor/lazy/stupid (*delete where applicable) to have one.

Cage hit a 619 on both el Patrón Alberto & Fénix, and then a standing moonsault on Myzteziz. That’s one way to get yourself over.

Los rudos took control early on but a swank ropewalk huracánrana by Fénix on el Hijo del Fantasma brought los técnicos back into it.

Fénix and Myzteziz both made dives, and el Patrón Alberto and Cage brawled on the outside, with Cage left lying on the ramp after a DDT.

Then we got into the regular match, almost ten minutes in. I love the way they do that in Mexico. It’s, like, get the brawling out of the way and let’s have a match!

Cage resurrected himself while the others were fighting in the ring, and boy did he look pissed. He stormed the ring but the técnicos fought him back out, and el Patrón Alberto hit a sweet topé.

Fénix and el Hijo del Fantasma then went at it. Fénix is very over with the fans but forget all that because el Hijo del Fantasma just did that amazing topé suicida! Seriously, it’s so good. He clears a good ten, twelve feet from the ring. It’s like he’s flying.

Back in the ring, el Patrón Alberto and Cage had a fight. A proper fight. Well, with so-so worked punches, but you know what I mean. El Patrón Alberto came out on top and took his t-shirt off. This was a Samson-like mistake, because Cage powerbombed him. BUT! el Patrón Alberto locked on his armbar, and only the interjection of the other rudos saved Cage from an ouchy arm.

El Patrón Alberto drove the interlopers out of the ring but turned around into a discus lariat from Cage. A sit-out pumphandle slam, and a moonsault from the top, and Cage was your pinfall victor.

After the match, Cage celebrated with his rudo teammates, and put the boots and fists to el Patrón Alberto some more to build their match at Rey de Reyes.

That was another Good Show. While the angles are important to drive things forward,

Sin Límite understands that it’s a FIGHTING show, and the matches are the base around which everything else is built. I’d have probably not had Cage sell so much early on, but it was a strong finish and I’m stoked for the PPV. Which I cannot legally watch!

(You can see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel. The stars of AAA will be appearing at London’s Albert Hall on July 11th – details on luchafuture.com)

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