EC3 is the shining jewel in the Carter family crown. Groomed from birth for greatness, for distinction, and to carry the future of TNA upon his chiselled shoulders. A man like EC3 has power, and what would power be if, once in a while, you didn’t remind everybody what that means? EC3 talks to Steel Chair to discuss is plans to exercise that power and humiliate his former friend Rockstar Spud in a Hair vs. Hair match on this Friday’s Impact.   

So, for those who are new to TNA, can you give us some insight into how Rockstar Spud got himself caught in your sights?

To those who are new to TNA, Rockstar Spud started out as an employee of mine and the Carters. He was charged with one mission. That mission was to protect my dear, sweet aunt Dixie Carter. Now, seeing that she was viciously driven through a table over the summer, it would seem that Rockstar Spud has failed. Since I can no longer punish those responsible, I have to turn my attention to the main culprit, which was Rockstar Spud. This all comes to ahead this Friday night on Impact on Destination America in a Hair vs. Hair match. Sunday on Challenge for you Brits.

What is your strategy going into the match?

Well my strategy is pretty simple. Seeing as how I’m bigger, stronger, faster and far more attractive, my strategy simply to dominate. To use Rockstar Spud as an example, as a catalyst, as a platform, to show this entire industry, to let them know, to take notice of EC3.

It would be far more of a tragedy if it were you to be shaved bald. I imagine you’d think? 

Off the record? I’d be ugly as hell bald.


Who outside of TNA would you like to relieve of their precious locks?

There so many talents within TNA, I wouldn’t even want to overlook any of them as potential shavees. So much of the roster hasn’t tested their metal with me. Drew Galloway coming back presents a very intriguing matchup between him and I. Kurt Angle’s still here and I still can’t stand him. We have great guys going under the radar in our company. Samuel Shaw or Gunner, for example need the right opponent or opportunity to bring them out to the forefront.

As far as other promotions go, Ring Of Honour has some great talent like ACH. He does some amazing things for the fans so I’d like to take that away from them. There’s a guy over their called Raymond Rowe who I’ve known for a very long time and I think he’s a star waiting to be born. But mostly I wanna shave John Cena’s head too.

One of your nicknames is The Hardcore American Icon. In your opinion, who the greatest American wrestler? Apart from EC3 of course.

Well obviously it has to be apart from EC3 because EC3’s never been beat. But the greatest American wrestler of all time? That’s a very speculative question to answer. But we can look at it in a few ways. The greatest representation of American wrestling on a worldwide stage is Hulk Hogan. Through the 80’s Hulk Hogan practically won the cold war for us. In ring, I think you could go along down to Texas and take a look at Shawn Michaels and what he did for revolutionising storytelling in ring. From there we could hop in a pickup truck and swing down to the Broken Skull Ranch and meet up with Steve Austin, who brought wrestling to the mainstream and just set it on fire. As an anti-hero he really capitalised on the environment and the time. And as much as it pains me to say this, we can go back to 1996 and we can see the only Olympic Gold medallist in pro wrestling, Kurt Angle. One of the greatest American wrestlers of all time.


Obviously, post Spud, you’ll have your eyes set on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. There’s some very strong competition for that title now. I think it’s the strongest it’s been in TNA for years. What do you think of your rivals?

Well a great general will never reveal his strategy, but I would say your inklings about my desire to be World Heavyweight Champion are accurate. Looking at the competitive landscape I think TNA’s done a great job with its Top Five. It makes the title mean something, as it should. On top of that you have Bobby Lashley, who is a dominant physical presence, and Kurt Angle, who is number one contender and, as I said, one of the greatest American wrestlers of all time. It is very competitive, but I’ve beaten both of those men *cough* via count out *cough*. But whatever happens with Rockstar Supd I’ll have to be more battle tested in the future.

Your undefeated streak is one of the talking points of TNA. How long do you think it will last?



How much input did you have into the character of EC3?

It was something presented to me. If it were anybody else I think it could have become a completely different character, but the great thing about TNA is that they let me feel it out. They gave me guidelines, not necessarily rules, to follow. Through those guidelines I think we developed something unique, original and organic and I can’t thank them enough for that.

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