Wrestling is art, and Chris Hero just entered his renaissance period. Effortlessly and credibly, he draws equal inspiration from the essences of independent hip hop and independent wrestling and uses both to raise the bar for his in-ring performance.
Always loved and respected behind the scenes, Chris Hero has had his share of ups and downs in his career, but with his positive attitude and passion for wrestling undeterred, he is proving that a WWE contract is not a requirement to live your dreams or to be in the upper most echelon of wrestlers in the world today.
“Elbow…And Elbow…And Elbow…And KNOCKOUT” is the raucous chant that’s not just ringing through the air, but it’s also charging the molecules of oxygen with static electricity, creating an atmosphere unlike anything I’ve ever seen in independent wrestling. The location is San Jose, California on Wrestlemania weekend for the Mercury Rising Supershow. Chris Hero is wrestling his 5th match in 3 days, in addition to 2 autograph signings and Walemania. The standing-room-only crowd still cannot get enough of this innovative performer. Tonight he’ll face the outstanding Timothy Thatcher in a match so anticipated, that the crowd stands cheering, chanting and applauding for over six minutes before the match even starts. The positive energy seems to supercharge both competitors as they deliver a true Match of the Year candidate.
As the exhausted and jubilant fans head home, their night has ended…But the Renaissance of Chris Hero has just begun.
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