The Revolution (James Storm & Khoya) versus The Hardys

The night begins with a quick tag team match that determined the first of four teams to advance to the Ultimate X match in the night’s main event. After Storm accidentally hits Khoya with The Last Call, Matt gives him a Twist of Fate and Jeff pins Khoya following a Swanton Bomb. Nothing too much to write home about here – The Revolution’s imminent breakup is furthered while The Hardys are one step closer to Tag Team gold.

Winners: The Hardys

** Eric Young is out to a heated response to the crowd complaining about Lashley “stealing” his title shot last week. He claims Angle is ducking him, and that he deserves a one-on-one shot at the gold. Angle comes out, and Young says he’s looking at a man that he can beat, a man who’s holding “his” title. Angle grants Young’s wish – next week, one-on-one for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, will be Eric Young versus Kurt Angle! Angle wishes that Young brings the “best Eric” to their match, not the one that nobody likes. He turns his back on Young, goading him into a cheap shot, but Young doesn’t take the bait and says he’ll see him next week. What an interesting development: another potential face-versus-face feud for Kurt Angle. Though I’m not one for repetition, these two could have a great respect feud in the same vein as Angle-Lashley.

Beat Down Clan (Kenny King & Low Ki) versus Rockstar Spud & Ken Anderson

BDC played the dirty heels to perfection, ganging up on the lovable Spud whenever the referee’s back was turned. That being said, the idiocy the referee exuded during this match was too much for me – wouldn’t you think one of the twenty times Anderson ran in to make the save on Spud the referee would think to look over his shoulder and see what’s going on behind his back? The end of the match comes with Low Ki sliding a chair into the ring, only for Anderson to stop it with his foot. The referee takes this as Anderson readying himself to use the chair, and ejects him from the ring. Spud hits an Under-Dog, but the referee misses it. Low Ki hits Warrior’s Way while Spud is making the cover, and King rolls him over for the pin.

Winners: BDC

Tigre Uno & Jay Rios versus EC3 & Bram

A quick match that merely served to prove EC3 & Bram as a threatening tag team prior to the main event. Bram hits The Brighter Side of Suffering, EC3 tags in and makes the cover for the win. I really like Bram and EC3 working together. Both have sadistic personalities, and both are decent wrestlers that compliment each other.

Winners: Bram and EC3

** Christy Hemme announces that next week will be a ‘Night of the Knockouts.’ All of the women bicker with one another, and Christy announces that Angelina Love, Brooke, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne will face off in a number one contenders match, two knockouts will debut (Jade and Marti Bell), and Awesome Kong will face Taryn Terrell in a championship match. Dixie Carter is leaning back in her chair laughing at how well the women on Impact Wrestling are handled compared to the WWE. To close the segment Taryn splashes everyone from the top turnbuckle.

The BroMans (Robbie E & Jessie Godderz) versus Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

A glorified squash match that ends when Roode nailed Godderz with a Spinebuster and Aries pins him following a 450 Splash. Plenty of tension between the BroMans, who argue after the match. DJ Z attempts to stop the two from fighting, but both say they’re finished and leave.

Winners: Bobby Roode & Austin Aries

** Backstage Homicide and Angle are fighting, and Homicide hits Angle with a trash can before the show cuts to commercial. When we return, Angle seems to have turned the tide on Homicide when the BDC comes out and attack Kurt with chairs. The Rising comes out and chases the BDC away, apart from MVP who then goes after Kurt with a chair. Out to make the save is Eric Young, who is left a chair by MVP to hit Angle with. Young drops the chair and walks away. That was a good segment. Young’s confliction of whether or not to stay heel adds a layer of depth to an already strong character.

Ultimate X (Tag Team Championships): The Hardys versus EC3 & Bram versus BDC versus Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

WHAT A MATCH! The faces clear the ring of the heels, and Jeff hits Roode with Poetry in Motion. After some high spots including an Aries suicide dive, the heels clear the ring and take control. They do an excellent spot that sees Low Ki, King and the Hardys climb the X structure and Tyrus shakes the structure to knock them all down. Tyrus then holds EC3 on his shoulders to grab the titles before Aries dropkicks him off. They do another cool spot where Homicide interferes and hits diving cutters on both Roode and Aries. After Homicide sets up a ladder for Kenny King, Matt hits a Twist of Fate off of it, and the match ends when Jeff and Matt standing tall after retrieving the title belts.

Winners (and new Tag Team Champions): The Hardys

Overall another good show tonight. I love tag team wrestling, so seeing the division showcased – despite the (arguably) best team in The Wolves being out of action – was a real treat. I’m intrigued to see where the feud between Angle and EY goes next week. Does it continue, or do either EY or Angle move on to a feud with MVP and the BDC?

Grade: B+

(Review by Nicholas Tasca. Impact Wrestling airs in the US on Destination America on Fridays at 9pm ET, and in the UK on Challenge on Sundays at 9pm)

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