Hey, it’s Lucha Underground! We got ourselves some trios champions… or do we?

The show opened with the usual video package re-capping the relevant storylines. This week it’s the Trios Tournament, and Sexy Star & Pentagón Jr!

They aired a Black Lotus video, wherein she was writing in her diary about her training. Dragón Azteca had told her that her greatest weakness was her hate, but she disagreed. She then fought a bunch of dudes, taking them all out, and then Dragón Azteca himself. She had him almost beat and whispered, “I hate you”, at which point he took her down and told her she wasn’t ready…

The announcers welcomed us to The Temple as Sergio Arau played us in. They had the Trios belts in front of them. They’re swank.

Hey, it’s Melissa Santos! She introduced Sexy Star for the first match and then, more nervously, her opponent – Pentagón Jr.

So the set-up for this, in case you’ve not been watching (and if not, why not?!?), is that Pentagón Jr has been breaking the arms of his opponents as a sacrifice to his mysterious master. Last week he tried to sacrifice Melissa, and Sexy Star stopped him. Thus this.

They had a great match. Sexy Star can be great and she can be awful but she was really good here. Pentagón Jr made her look good without losing any of his cool. Noticeable that he got booed here – Melissa was a step too far.

Sexy Star got the win, with Pentagón Jr’s own lung blower, hitting it sweet after he’d hit two partial lung blowers for nearfalls. She hightailed it out of the ring and he looked pissed.

Backstage, Johnny Mundo was working out when El Patrón Alberto walked up. Alberto said that Mundo was one of the major reasons he came to Lucha Underground but that Mundo could never quite get to the top. I smell a feud…

The announcers talked about the best-of-five series won by Drago last week, and that Drago would face Prince Puma as his reward. If he lost, he’d be banned from The Temple FOREVER!

Hey, it’s Melissa! She introduced the teams for our main event, the final of the Trios Tournament! It’s elimination rules, and the last team standing gets the belts!

First out was King Cuerno’s team, with Cage & Texano (Jr). Then came the dysfunctional trio of Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & Angélico. Finally, out came Big Ryck, The Mack & Killshot.

Cage, Angélico & Killshot started out, and it got fast very quickly. Cage got on top early doors, and quick tags to King Cuerno and Texano kept his team dominant. Killshot came back and Angélico fired up, and they both made tags to freshen it up.

The Mack hit a dive to the outside, and Big Ryck finally came into the ring, standing toe-to-toe with Cage. Cage hit a powerslam on Ryck and then went up top but instead leapt to the outside onto the assembled host. Cage came back in Ryck took him down with a huge clothesline.

Texano & Angélico had a brawl, with spilled outside, and Angélico hit a flying knee. Texano flew into an unidentified Daivari, watching at ringside, and spilled his drink. Daivari began slapping Texano around, tore off his shirt, and threw Texano into a bunch of chairs. He then stomped backstage and Cuerno was eliminated by Killshot, his partners unable to help him.

As the match resumed, Big Ryck took it to Angélico in the corner, and then The Mack tagged in and ran wild. Killshot got his licks in, too, before tagging Ryck in once more. Angélico fought back, driving Ryck & The Mack to the outside, before hitting Killshot with big knees and making the tag to Son of Havoc, who went at it with Killshot.

Meanwhile, Ivelisse hit a crossbody to the outside on Big Ryck & The Mack, who caught her. Son of havoc dove onto them, and all four tumbled down. Back in the ring, Angélico hit the Fall of Angels on Killshot for the win!

So Angélico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc had overcome all the odds to become the first Lucha Underground Trios champions. Or had they?

Dario Cueto emerged from his office with a shocked look on his face. I don’t think he was expecting that. He said that they hadn’t won the titles yet because there was one more team in the tournament – and it would be no disqualifications from here!

Out came The Crew – Mr Cisco, Bael & Cortez Castro – and they laid a beat down on Son of Havoc on the outside. Castro grabbed a cane but Havoc cut him off. Bael & Castro beat Havoc down again, and Bael took Angélico up the stairs of The Temple and left him lying on top of Dario Cueto’s office.

Castro and Ivelisse, carrying a knee injury, went at it in the ring, and Havoc hit a moonsault off the barriers onto Castro. Bael joined Cisco in the ring and things looked bleak for Ivelisse. BUT! OUT OF NOWHERE! ANGÉLICO! DIVED OFF THE TOP OF DARIO CUETO’S OFFICE! HOLY FUCK, THAT WAS AWESOME!

Ivelisse beat the Crew down with a cane, and Son of Havoc & Angélico went up top, hitting splashes for the win! This was GREAT! The whole Trios tournament has been so much fun and the matches have really delivered. Good work, fellas!

This was a Great Show. Everything was just right, and even the biggest, most over heel in the company losing felt somehow right. I love Lucha Underground and I don’t mind who knows it.

(Lucha Underground airs in the US on the El Rey Network on Wednesdays at 9pm ET, and en Español on Unimas on Saturdays at 4pm ET. It does not currently air in the UK but you can probably find it somewhere out there in the ether…)

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