Hey, it’s AAA Sín Limite! This is the second part of the San Luis Potosí tapings – hot crowd!

The show started with their “previously on…”. It’s a simple idea, well done. And, given one of the things they showed was the Mesías turn which they didn’t show on the actual show that week, it’s pretty useful!

The first match is a minis match – Dinastía & Mascarita Sagrada versus Mini Charly Manson & Mini Psycho Clown.

Mini Psycho Clown is a rudo but he still did the hand-slap thingy with the fans when he came out. Mexico is odd.

Actually, given that the regular-sized Psycho Clown is a técnico, maybe it’s understandable? No, Mini Charly Manson did the same. Odder.

Mascarita Sagrada came out to Enigma’s “Sadness”. I never thought I’d hear that song again. Hoped, anyway. Dinastía, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Can’t Stop” royalty-freely heralding his entrance, is PUMPED

They did some tiny matwork early doors, which was as tidy as it was small. I have a hard time with the minis and I don’t think that’s because their work is any less impressive than the other guys it’s because minis rarely have storylines. I needs my storylines, dammit!

Los rudos were getting tons of heat on the técnicos, but the crowd didn’t really seem to care. Then they woke up a bit – maybe they thought if they booed it would end quicker?

The técnicos helped a bit when Dinastía made a comeback and hit a quebrada on Charly Manson, and Mascarita Sagrada tilt-a-whirled Mini Psycho Clown to the outside and then hit a flip topé onto him.

They moved to the nearfall section but Copetes Salazar was so slow that none even got anywhere near a pinfall.

Mini Psycho Clown got the win with a German Suplex out of a wheelbarrow, but that was a pretty boring match.

After a break, it was straight into the next match – Carta Brava Jr & Electro Shock & el Hijo del Pirata Morgan versus Aero Star, Fénix & Argenis.

Carta Brava Jr came out wearing an el Hijo del Perro Aguayo shirt. In fact, all the rudos were wearing them. That was a nice touch.

These guys are all from different heel stables but all the rudos are working together right now, regardless of stable, because the técnicos are so hot. I like that.

Argenis came out wearing a skirt over his tights and with a girl. Giving off mixed messages, there.

Aero Star also had a girl, and an aerosol flamethrower. Bawss. Well, fourteen year-old boredom bawss, anyway.

Fénix had TWO girls. And an el Hijo del Perro Aguayo shirt. He’s doing it ALL.

Fénix & Argenis were both in pink & white. Aero Star, in blue & red, clearly didn’t get the memo.

Electro Shock started fast – which is new for anything Electro Shock does – and locks on a surfboard in the first minute on Aero Star. Argenis broke it up by kicking Electro Shock in the HEAD. And then up the bum. Ace.

El Hijo del Pirata Morgan and Fénix came in and the pace reallt sped up. Aero Star got in on the act, too – he really is the king of offense that looks like hurts. Him, that is.

And there’s your rudo breakdown.

They kept showing hot women in the crowd. I have zero problems with this. In fact, I encourage it.

FFS. Los rudos threw Aero Star into the turnbuckles upside down and his feet hit and tilted him onto his neck. DON’T DO THAT.

They did a lenghty heat section and the rudos were still on top when Argenis got mad. No matter, he got put down, too.

Carta Brava Jr dropkicked Fénix, who was in a Tree of Woe. Cool. Then, later on, he tried to do it to Aero Star, but as he backed up for a run Fénix & Argenis tripped him and posted him.

Before they could celebrate their deviousness, el Hijo del Pirata Morgan hit a dive out of nowhere onto them. Then Electro Shock lost his shit and beat the referee to the back. Seriously, he kicked his ass all the way up the ramp until he disappeared.

Back in the ring, Aero Star hit a flip plancha out onto Carta Brava Jr, but without a referee this has fallen apart. Then the referee – the same one – came back. With no recriminations. How odd.

Wow, el Hijo del Pirata Morgan just did a Samoan drop where Aero Star landed on his face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. I liked it.

Upping the ante on “moves I have never seen”, Fénix hit a Springboard Sunset Flip (which I have seen before) before he & Aero Star did an insane double-decker flip thingy that I really can’t describe. Men may have overcome gravity and learned to fly, but you’re not supposed to do it like that.

Electro Shock, however, was not impressed, and just tossed Fénix outside like a rag doll. El Hijo de Pirata Morgan added insult to injury and dove out onto him.

Aero Star and Argenis both hit dives out onto Electro Shock, who was prowling around the outside. Carta Brava Jr tried to dive onto them, but Fénix popped up and kicked him to block it. Back in the ring, Fénix hit that upside down rope thingy RKO on Carta Brava Jr for a nearfall, which was broken up by el Hijo del Pirata Morgan.

El Hijo del Pirata Morgan held up Fénix for a dropkick by Carta Brava Jr, but Fénix moved and he hit his teammate. Fénix then pinned el Hijo del Pirata Morgan with a bridging roll-through.

After the match, Electro Shock & el Hijo del Pirata Morgan beat on Carta Brava Jr until
los técnicos
half-heartedly made the save. Electro Shock got on the mic’ and chewed out Carta Brava Jr – maybe that rudo alliance isn’t so water-tight…

They showed a spooky promo video with Dark Cuervo & Escoria. It was very Bray Wyatt. With lower production values.

Next up was Drago, Bengala & Jack Evans versus Daga, Super Fly & Escoria. Escoria is a slender man and could probably benefit from a scary match. Super Fly, however, looks ace without his mask. Which, of course, he lost twice. Lucha!

Someone in the crowd has a sign which reads “Daga es Lucha Strong Style“. Erm, I’m not sure they know what strong style is.

Bengala, who used to be the svelte Ricky Marvin, looks like he’s been eating too many of whatever bengal tigers eat.

Drago is a really scary looking dude. So, of course, he’s a babyface all the way. Talking of babyfaces, Jack Evans came out and girls screamed. He must get so much gata

Not everyone likes Evans. Some guy in the front row was giving him the finger. Evans just pointed at him, like, dude!

This was textbook lucha early doors, until Daga tried to take it MMA. Evans countered that by FLIPPING. Los rudos were so angry they took it into the rudo breakdown.

The heels started a three-way beating on Evans. Some lady in the crowd loved it – the rest imagined a different kind of three-way and squirted a little.

They did a really long heat section before the técnicos made a comeback with a clumsy double DDT by Drago and a SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP! by Evans out onto Escoria.

The rest of the técnicos did their bit, too, when Drago hit a topé con hilo on Super Fly and Daga, and then Bengala hit a quebrada onto all three.

Back in the ring, Jack Evans and Escoria faced off – this is their feud, after all, kicked off last week when Dark Cuervo & Escoria attacked Angélico. And speaking of Dark Cuervo, he came out to watch from the ramp…

They did nearfalls all over the shop, until Drago accidentally knocked Bengala off the apron, and Super Fly & Daga both hit flip planchas out onto them.

The referee went out to check on the four, and missed Escoria pinning Evans in the ring. Escoria went up top but Evans kicked him off and then hit a double foot stomp. He made the cover but there was still no referee.

Dark Cuervo jumped in the ring and speared Evans, and Escoria hit a pop-up lung blower for the win after Daga sent the referee back in. That was a good match, if a bit messy.

They showed highlights of last week’s main event, between el Patrón Alberto and Brian Cage. There’s your feud of the summer.

Hey, it’s our main event! It’s Myzteziz & Blue Demon Jr versus Mesías & el Hijo del Fantasma!

El Hijo del Fantasma is so bad ass for such a slight gimmick. If only he could be King Cuerno here, too, as well as in Lucha Underground.

Mesías, as we saw in the “previously on…” re-cap, just turned. The fans are in that awkward “not sure what to do” phase.

I don’t know why Blue Demon Jr is in this feud. He really doesn’t fit. I guess being a legend carries some cache.

Myzteziz was wearing his muscle t-shirt. That’s not a t-shirt designed to show off your muscles, it’s one with musc les drawn on it. He’s like Giant Gonzales. But not shit. And not a million feet tall. A girl jumped the barrier for hugs and he kissed a baby. TOP BABYFACE.

The crowd were getting on los rudos‘ back and they walked out. Los rudos, that is, not the crowd. They thought better of it and hit the ring, and we got a rudo breakdown after sixty seconds. No messing.

During the breakdown, el Hijo del Fantasma slammed Myzteziz on the stage. It was pretty comprehensive at this point. So much so that el Hijo del Fantasma posed for mid-beatdown selfies with the crowd.

Back in the ring, Mesías and Blue Demon Jr had a slap battel, ended by a Mesías DDT. A gringo in the front row wearing a Kiss t-shirt LOVED that.

Los técnicos made a comeback sparked by a missed corner charge, and Myzteziz hit a topé suicida out onto el Hijo del Fantasma.

Blue Demon Jr, meanwhile, kicked Mesías out of the ring and walked him around the outside. He slammed his head on the announcers’ desk, which I’m pretty sure is a DQ in WWE lately. Then he hit him with the MONITOR. Okay, that would be a DQ…

Myzteziz took el Hijo del Fantasma up to the stage – turnabout is fair play – and Blue Demon Jr threw Mesías into the crowd, where the rudo fans shielded him!

Los rudos took a time-out on the outside, almost taking the count-out, but Mesías came back in, only to be sent out again and baseball slided by Blue Demon Jr.

Back in the ring, Myzteziz faced off with el Hijo del Fantasma. Myzteziz must have meant business because he took off his terrible shirt. Weirdly, because Myzteziz is such a big babyface, the fans were split – el Hijo del Fantasma is Perros del Mal, and they were over even before el Hijo del Perro Aguayo’s death.

Myzteziz began flipping and flopping all over the ring, making el Hijo del Fantasma look silly, before hitting a springboard plancha out onto him.

Blue Demon Jr, meanwhile, had Mesías in the corner of the ring, and was up doing the ten punch. Mesías fouled him, the referee missed it, and Mesías picked up the three count to end a good match.

That was an Okay Show. It’s still such early days for most of these feuds that things are building towards Verano de Escándalo, with a stop along the way for the Lucha Libre World Cup next month.

(You can see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel. The stars of AAA will be appearing at London’s Albert Hall on July 11th – details on luchafuture.com)

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