Hey, it’s Lucha Underground! It’s that really, really great show you’re not watching!

The show opened with the relevant storylines from the last few shows, highlighting the Trios Tournament and the Drago versus Aero Star best-of-five series. Drago won that and gets a title shot tonight as his reward – but if he loses, he’s banned from The Temple FOREVER!

Backstage, Dario Cueto was chewing out The Crew. He told them they’d lost to two losers and a crippled woman last week and told them that if they disappointed him again they’d answer to his brother – MATANZA! The Crew looked shocked and horrified at whatever Cueto has in that cage…

The announcers welcomed us to the show and introduced our band for this set of shows, Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkestra!

Hey, it’s Melissa Santos! She introduced the opening match – Fénix versus Killshot! They had a really cool match, with lots of highspots, and Killshot managed to stay with Fénix for most of it, before falling to a piledriver for a Fénix win. Where was Katrina?

Backstage, Dario Cueto talked to Drago. He noted Drago had never said thankyou for his title shot, but he knew he was upset about the stipulation. He said that, after tonight, Drago may want to thank him…

After a break, Cueto found Prince Puma in the locker room. He said he knew Puma had second thoughts about ending Drago’s career but that warriors should think of nothing but victory.

As Cueto was leaving, he bumped into Hernandez. Hernandez wasn’t happy about being put in a Triple Threat match against King Cuerno & Cage, teammates last week. Cueto made the match a Number One Contenders’ Match to ensure Cuerno & Cage would fight each other and not just Hernandez. On the other side of the locker room, Puma looked sad…

Hey, it’s Melissa! She introduced the next match, a four-way between past victims of Pentagón Jr’s armbreakings, although they all looked pretty healthy here. So armbendings, then?

So it was Famous B versus Ricky Mandel versus Vinny Massaro versus Argenis. They started brawling but hadn’t even gotten past the first minute before the were all attacked by… Texano (Jr), who threw them all (and the referee, which got a big cheer) out of the ring.

He was mad that he’d been beaten up by Daivari last week, and cut a promo en Español calling him out. He did not come out. This feud has only just started and so must continue!

Outside The Temple, Dario Cueto was on the ‘phone when he was approached by a fan wearing an Aztec Pride t-shirt. The fan said he was Marty “The Moth” Martinez, and wanted to be a part of the show.

Cueto said that The Temple may be open to everyone but that he’d be crushed, like a… moth. He locked a gate to keep him out and called security as Martinez ran off. Martinez is the former Tristan Gallo of California indy non-fame, and was in thje last season of Tough Enough.

Hey, it’s Melissa! She introduced the next match – King Cuerno versus Cage versus Hernandez, for the Number One Contender’s spot. Cuerno and Cage double-teamed Hernandez early doors but the tease of the title match broke their alliance apart.

Suddenly, Marty Martinez was in the ring, and they all beat him up and threw him out. Hernandez took advantage of the distraction to dropkick Cage and then hit a MOVE! on Cuerno for the win.

They showed an interview with Vampiro sitting down with the inaugural Trios champions, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angélico. They bickered and quarrelled throughout and Vampiro just walked off, leaving them to it. Fun stuff.

Hey, it’s Melissa! She introduced the main event – Prince Puma versus Drago for the Lucha Underground Championship!

After a handshake – HONOR! – they had a great match. They went back and forth until the referee was accidentally knocked out. Drago hit a piledriver but there was no ref to make the count.

Hernandez ran in and hit Drago, although it was unclear just who he was aiming for. Puma seemed reluctant to win with outside interference but Konnan urged him on, and he hit a piledriver of his own to retain his title.

After the match, Puma comforted Drago but was angry about Hernandez interfering. The fans chanted for Drago and he took a slow walk backstage, where he found Dario Cueto. They exchanged a look and then Drago walked through some curtains which exploded into flame…

This was a Good Show. It’s reaching a little bit of a stretch without a BIG REVEAL but with Ultimo Lucha not too far away that shouldn’t last long. The backstage skits are still the best thing in wrestling today and the in-ring action matches up to it. Great stuff.

(Lucha Underground airs in the US on the El Rey Network on Wednesdays at 9pm ET, and en Español on Unimas on Saturdays at 4pm ET. It does not currently air in the UK but you can probably find it somewhere out there in the ether…)

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