Hey, it’s AAA Sin Límite! ¡Es ese espectáculo de lucha libre que amas!

This is the first show from the taping in Xalapa and the show started with a “previously on…”. Previously on AAA Sin Límite, some rudos smashed Psycho Clown’s ankle, and Escoria & Dark Cuervo went at it with Angélico & Jack Evans. They showed clips of last week’s minis match – featuring Dinastía, who is out in the first match!

So, it’s Australian Suicide & Dinastía versus Super Fly & el Hijo del Pirata Morgan, which is odd because Dinastía is a mini! I wonder if he’s got any taller in the last week?

Los rudos are out first, and el Hijo del Pirata Morgan is very skull-y and very cool. Super Fly has no time for fans – he is a proud Perro del Mal.

Los técnicos came out next and, no, Dinastía hasn’t gotten any taller. How odd. And, hey, it’s Australian Suicide. He’s the Australian it’s okay to like!

As the match starts, Australian Suicide takes off his t-shirt to squeals of delight. The Mexican boys must get mad at these Australians, Americans, and South Africans stealing their women’s squeals.

In response to Australian Suicide’s Pavlovian response, el Hijo del Pirata Morgan tried to get a “rudos!” chant going. No luck, amigo.

Australian Suicide and el Hijo del Pirata Morgan traded holds early doors, and then Super Fly came in. His “Perros!” chant got markedly better results than his teammate.

Australian Suicide tagged out to Dinastía and Super Fly mimed how he would stomp the tiny man. And then he kicked him in the face.

In response, Dinastía did some sweet lucha – walking on his hands, backflipping, a wheelbarrow, and an armdrag. Super Fly, who’s clearly had enough of that, takes the match into the rudo breakdown.

As part of that breakdown, el Hijo del Pirata Morgan kicked Dinastía up the bum. That never fails to amuse or delight.

After a lot of chopping and stomping, los rudos make a double-team pin on Dinastía, but Super Fly picks him up before the 3-count – HUBRIS!

They paid for it as a missed corner charge sent el Hijo del Pirata Morgan outside, and Dinastía huracanrana‘d Super Fly out to join him. Then Australian Suicide hit a Shooting Star Press off the corner post onto el Hijo del Pirata Morgan, and Dinastía hit a springboard flip plancha onto Super Fly.

Los técnicos started working over el Hijo del Pirata Morgan but Super Fly made the save. Australian Suicide sent Super Fly to the outside and a doctor ran out to check on him. He had to shrug the medic off to save el Hijo del Pirata Morgan once more.

There was more back and forth, and Australian Suicide sent el Hijo del Pirata Morgan to the outside with a crossbody. Dinastía got nearfalls on Super Fly before a triple powerbomb gave Super Fly the win.

That was a half-decent match, but sadly didn’t have much heat.

After a break – tras la pausa – we got our next match, Fénix versus el Hijo del Fantasma.

El Hijo del Fantasma came out with Joe Líder as his second, and el Hijo del Tirantes as the referee. Is this a title match? I do not know.

Fénix had Drago as his second. The ring announcer, who is AWESOME, announced Fénix as “el hijo del fuego”, which is a BAWSS name.

They introduced el Hijo del Tirantes as the
next president of Xalapa – the fans did not
approve of his political aspirations.

This match is a lucha en mano a mano, whatever that is (aren’t all matches luchas en manos a manos?)

There was a guy on commentary with the smoothest old man voice ever. I wanted to hear him say random things, over and over.

They started out exchanging holds, neither man able to get on top. A superkick by el Hijo del Fantasma sent Fénix to the outside, and el Hijo del Fantasma hit his sweet, sweet topé suicida!

This set off a round of fanning with towels by the seconds, which seems to be all they’re there for sometimes.

Back in the ring, Fénix got nearfall, and then hit a springboard quebrada onto el Hijo del Fantasma & Joe Líder.

They went to a break, and when they came back we got a Chessman talky about something.

Back at the match, Fénix hit that upside down rope thingy that I don’t know what it’s called into an RKO for another nearfall.

It was all Fénix at this point. He was getting plenty of nearfalls and el Hijo del Tirantes wasn’t even bothering to count that slow.

A double clothesline took both men down and Fénix made it up fist and covered el Hijo del Fantasma but el Hijo del Tirantes won’t count past two – there’s heeling and there’s that!

They traded dropkicks in the corners, and Fénix tried a German Suplex but el Hijo del Fantasma landed on his feet. El Hijo del Fantasma gets a nearfall with a German Suplex of his own, albeit with a fast count.

A reverse huracanrana by el Hijo del Fantasma got another two, and el Hijo del Tirantes was urging el Hijo del Fantasma on.

He went up top but Fénix jumped up for a springboard sunset bomb. El Hijo del Tirantes won’t get down a count but eventually relents. By the time he does el Hijo del Fantasma kicked out at two. Fénix bawled him out but el Hijo del Tirantes claimed to have a poorly arm.

Fénix did a diving sunset flip but el Hijo del Tirantes held onto el Hijo del Fantasma’s hands, stopping him falling back. FFS!

The crowd got on el Hijo del Tirantes’s back and while he was remonstrating with them, el Hijo del Fantasma looked for Thrill of the Hunt. Fénix turned it into a roll-through and el Hijo del Tirantes, not paying attention, turned round and fast counted, thinking it was el Hijo del Fantasma. Fénix won and Joe Líder had a go at el Hijo del Tirantes, who was mortified.

After the match, el Hijo del Fantasma wanted a handshake but Fénix wasn’t going for it. El Hijo del Tirantes ordered him to but still no dice. So los rudos attacked los técnicos and left them laying.

There was no belt handover so I guess this wasn’t a title match after all. It was good, though.

Hey, it’s Cage! He cut a talky on el Patrón Alberto from his car. Odd.

Escoria & Dark Cuervo cut a talky from a dark cave. Goths, eh?

They showed highlights from two weeks ago – the Dark Cuervo & Escoria and Angélico & Jack Evans thing, and the Cage-el Patrón Alberto main event, which sets up tonight’s main event.

Speaking of, it’s our main event! It’s el Patrón Alberto, Myzteziz & Murder Clown versus Mesías, Texano Jr & Pentagón Jr!

Pentagón Jr came out wearing a shirt with half his face, half el Hijo del Perro Aguayo’s face on it. Evil has a heart! The crowd cheered for him, despite him being a dick rudo. That’s because he’s Perros del Mal and he’s awesome. Still weird, though.

Texano Jr is carrying his MASSIVE sword that he won at Rey de Reyes, and why wouldn’t you? He also has a tiny bullrope and el Hijo del Tirantes. Tooled up.

Mesías is a moody fuck, grimacing at fans and pushing the cameraman. The announcer called him the cream of the cream of the cream of the cream of the cream! Okay!

Murder Clown came out with a limping Psycho Clown. The fans love these crazy bastards. Lucha!

I was pleased to see that, when Myzteziz came out, he had foregone his muscle shirt this week. It’s for the best.

The fans were SCREAMING for el Patrón Alberto. A girl hops the barrier to hug him, as is usual, but there were also lots of HUGGY KIDS. HE IS BELOVED!

Before the match, Psycho Clown got on the mic’. I have no idea what he said but it upset Texano Jr and a brawl broke out which took us straight into the rudo breakdown!

Mesías walked el Patrón Alberto around ringside and slammed his head into the announce desk. The announcer with the smooth old man voice from earlier in the show didn’t seem to be there and that’s a shame because I’d like to have heard his reaction to it.

Back in the ring, el Hijo del Tirantes began helping out with the beating, holding Myzteziz so the rudos could smack him. That man takes heel refereeing to another level.

In a corner, Pentagón Jr was kicking shit out of Murder Clown. El Patrón Alberto sought respite on the ramp and the fans began firing him up. He came back down to the ring and petitioned el Hijo del Tirantes to allow him back in, safely. He does and then el Patrón Alberto attacked him, before getting beaten down by the three heels.

Texano Jr grabbed his bullrope and el Hijo del Tirantes encouraged its use. El Patrón Alberto rolled out of the ring and pulled Pentagón Jr out after him, but the other rudos jumped him by the barrier. They then threw him back in the ring to continue the beating.

Los rudos continued their beatdown, with Texano Jr and Pentagón Jr hitting two-man superplexes on el Patrón Alberto & Myzteziz. They tried the same with Murder Clown but he is too fat and he fought them off.

He grabbed them in facelocks as el Patrón Alberto & Myzteziz raced in and kicked Mesías. They then grabbed a man each off Murder Clown for powerbombs, then lined them up for a splash from Murder Clown! Now, that’s a comeback!

El Patrón Alberto hit a tilt-as-whirl backbreaker on Mesías, who was then dropkicked by Myzteziz and clotheslined over the top. Texano Jr came in and got taken down by Myzteziz, and whipped with his own rope by Murder Clown. Hah!

On the outside, el Patrón Alberto and Mesías brawled up the ramp and Mesías got suplexed on the stage. El Patrón Alberto then grabbed a chair and waffled Mesías with it.

Back in the ring, Myzteziz made to whip el Hijo del Tirantes but did it to Pentagón Jr instead. He then started playing matador with el Hijo del Tirantes over the bullrope. Funny.

El Patrón Alberto returned to the ring and cornered el Hijo del Tirantes, who weaselled out. The técnicos REALLY want to fight el Hijo del Tirantes. Understandable, because he is a MASSIVE DICK.

From this point, they started a proper trios match. FIFTEEN MINUTES after the bell. I love lucha. Texano Jr tried to slap Murder Clown but Murder Clown no-sold them so Texano Jr’s slaps turned into strokes and caresses. He then tried to slam Murder Clown but he couldn’t lift him so Murder Clown slammed him instead.

Murder Clown then whipped Texano Jr and Pentagón Jr into opposte corners and splashed them. Pentagón Jr tried to sunset flip Murder Clown but couldn’t get him over and got press-slammed for his trouble.

Myzteziz and Mesías faced-off, with Mesías lays in kicks and stomps. Mesías knocked Myzteziz out of the ring but Myzteziz came back in with a kick and took Mesías down.

Mesías missed a charge into the corner and got dropkicked out of the ring. Pentagón Jr came in and he got rana‘d out of the ring. Texano Jr came in and he got rana‘d, too.

Los rudos re-grouped on the outside, and Texano Jr came back in, facing off with el Patrón Alberto. The heels then ganged up on him but el Patrón Alberto came back with kicks and backbreakers and a topé suicida out onto Mesías.

In the ring, Pentagón Jr got nearfall on Myzteziz, but Myzteziz hit back with a flip plancha. Texano Jr wanted to topé out onto them so el Hijo del Tirantes held the ropes open for him, but Murder Clown kicked Texano Jr before he could make the dive. He threw Texano Jr outside and then hit a plancha off the ring post onto all three rudos.

This left el Patrón Alberto and Mesías brawling in ring. El Patrón Alberto hit a lung-blower for a two count and Mesías got a two count of his own with a spear. Finally, el Patrón Alberto manoeuvred Mesías into a cross armbreaker and he tapped to give los técnicos the victory.

That was a great brawly lucha main event, and a Good Show overall. AAA is in good shape right now, with dastardly heels and over babyfaces, and hot crowds wherever they go. What a time to be into lucha!

(You can see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel. The stars of AAA will be appearing at London’s Albert Hall on July 11th – details on luchafuture.com)

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