Hey, it’s Lucha Underground! It’s the first show of the post-Drago era – do you miss him?

The show opened with the usual “previously on…” re-cap, this time featuring Alberto El Patrón & Johnny Mundo, Hernandez & Prince Puma, and the Trios championship won by Angélico, Son of Havoc & Ivelisse.

Alberto El Patrón and Johnny Mundo both walked into Dario Cueto’s office. They both argued that they should be the next ones to face Prince Puma for the title, and Cueto agreed that they two of his top guys, but he told them that Hernandez was the number one contender. They pointed out he’d never beat either of them, so Cueto said that Alberto would fight Mundo – tonight! – and the winner would fight Hernandez next week for the number one contender’s slot.

The announcers welcomed us to the show and Vampiro gave props to the band, Sergio Mendoza y La Orkestra.

Hey, it’s Melissa Santos! She introduced the competitors for our opening lucha, a tag-team match between The Crew, represented by Mr Cisco & Cortez Castro, and Angélico & Son of Havoc. Both teams were already in the ring, and Matt Striker explained that this was supposed to have been a trios match, but Ivelisse was injured during the title match two weeks ago.

So they had a match, and the story of the match was Son of Havoc and Angélico not getting along. Ivelisse, sitting in the front row, also got upset when people starting chanting for her ex-boyfriend, Son of Havoc. The Crew got the win after Angélico & Son of Havoc just couldn’t work together, and Castro pinned Havoc with the Psycho Realm.

Dario Cueto was in his office with the mystery man from the other week – you remember, the one who attacked Texano (Jr)? Cueto said he was impressed that the man – it’s Daivari, let’s call him Daivari – had shown up, given Texano was out for his blood. Daivari cut him off with a gesture, finishing his texting. So rude. Eventually, Daivari said that, while Cueto liked to watch violence, he liked to inflict it. So Cueto booked him in a match, tonight, against Texano…

Backstage, Konnan confronted Hernandez about interfering in Prince Puma’s match last week and they argued about Hernanadez’s intentions. Cueto walked in and told Hernandez he would have to face the winner of Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patrón. He said that Hernandez and Puma would have to get along tonight, because they were teaming up in a tag match later…

Hey, it’s Melissa! She introduced Daivari – given the first name Delavar here – and was about to introduce Texano when he ran into the ring. She cut her intro short to, “hailing from – oh shit!”, and bailed as Texano attacked Daivari with his bull rope, getting DQd from the off!

They brawled some more after the match was thrown out, until Daivari escaped to the back. This feud must continue!

After a break, Melissa introduced the next lucha, King Cuerno & Cage versus Hernandez & Prince Puma! Just as in the first lucha, both teams were already in the ring, and Konnan was at ringside supporting his boys.

So they had a good match, which went back and forth, with dives and HOT MOVES~! aplenty. The finish came when Cuerno hit his sweet, sweet topé suicida onto Hernandez, who moved at the last minute and pulled Puma in the way. Hernandez then powerbombed Puma onto the apron, and stood over him. Konnan chased him away with his cane and Hernandez left the arena. Back in the ring, Cage hit Weapon X and pinned Puma for the win.

From wherever Dragón Azteca has her hidden away, Black Lotus was training with her sensei. Considering he was supposed to have been training her in lucha libre, she’s doing a lot of kung-fu. He countered every strike she threw at him and he told her that her parents may have been defenceless but she wouldn’t be if she stayed with him…

Hey, it’s our main event! Melissa introduced the combatants, Alberto El Patrón and Johnny Mundo! Alberto got a HUGE reaction coming out – it’s not just Mexico where he is beloved, although there were no women and children hopping the barriers for hugs here.

They traded holds early on, and then went back and forth, until Alberto fell outside the ring. Mundo looked for a dive but Alberto pulled out the ring apron and trapped Mundo, laying in some kicks for good measure. Sweet spot.

Back in the ring, Alberto laid in some more kicks before Mundo came back with some dropkicks. Alberto backdropped Mundo over the ropes, and Mundo landed awkwardly on the ring steps. He stood up into a topé suicida which sent him flying into the barrier.

They both made it back into the ring and traded again, until Alberto hit some clotheslines and a backbreaker. Mundo threw Alberto outside and hit a corkscrew plancha, which popped the crowd BIG.

Mundo threw Alberto into the barricade, and then threw him back into the ring. He looked for a springboard sit-down moonsault but Alberto hit him in the back and hit a reverse suplex off the top. Alberto tried for the armbar but Mundo rolled it through for a nearfall.

Mundo hit the End of the World but Alberto grabbed the bottom rope just before the three-count. Alberto locked on the armbar, but Mundo made it to the ropes to break it. Alberto threw Mundo into the corner and tried a spear but Mundo moved and hit a double foot-stomp on Alberto’s back for a nearfall. Alberto came back, driving his knees into Mundo’s arm, and then hit a superkick for the win. Great match.

Somewhere, a spooky scene unfolded, with a veiled woman beside the casket that Mil Muertes had been placed in at the end of his Grave Consequences match with Fénix. She spoke of his awakening, and dropped his magic rock into the casket, before lifting her veil to reveal Catrina. She gave Muertes a kiss and his eyes opened…

This was a Good Show. It suffered a little from having too much star power, if that even makes sense. The minor characters that make this show so much fun were marginalised by the big hitters, but the show still delivered in-ring and backstage. At this point, it seems almost impossible for Lucha Underground to have a poor show…

(Lucha Underground airs in the US on the El Rey Network on Wednesdays at 9pm ET, and en Español on Unimas on Saturdays at 4pm ET. It does not currently air in the UK but you can probably find it somewhere out there in the ether…)

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