Hey, it’s AAA Sin Límite!

The show started with the usual “Previously on…” segment, featuring Dinastía and Mini Psycho Clown, La Secta & Los Güeros del Cielo, Fénix & el Hijo del Fantasma, and Brian Cage & el Patrón Alberto. Unlike Lucha Underground, this doesn’t mean that’s who we’ll see in this show, it’s more what happened on the last one!

And, for neatness, they followed the “Previously On…” with a “Coming up…”., but SPOILERS!

Before things kicked off, they also officially launched the Lucha Libre World Cup, where teams from Mexico, Japan, and the US (and a South African) will do battle for, well, I’m not sure what. Later this month, anyway.

So this is the second part of the taping from Xalapa. Last week’s crowd was kinda quiet in places. We’ll see how they are tonight, I guess.

First up, we got Niño Hamburguesa, Gotita de Plata & Pasión Kristal versus el Apache, Carta Brava Jr & Belial, designed for nothing else than to be entertaining fluff.

But who in the blue hell is Belial? He had a Perros del Mal t-shirt on – are they just handing those out now? Wait, I shall do my RESEARCH. Hmm, I’m no more enlightened.

Carta Brava Jr is swank in black and purple and red and has such a very METAL entrance theme. I love that Mexico ignores copyright – it’s like the old West down there.

El Apache is old but he could kill us all, I reckon.

Slender, slender Gotita de Plata has bombastic music. He is irrepressible in the way that only sixteen year-olds can be.

Pasión Kristal was out next and it looked for all the world like she’d toned the exótico bit down. No kissing the crowd for her tonight!

Niño Hamburguesa was out last and I swear he’s more round than last time I saw him. How round can he get?

El Apache and Gotita de Plata started out. Gotita de Plata was wrestling in a top, probably because he’s built like a young George Formby. That’s a reference for the kids right there. They did matwork and standard lucha early doors, before Belial and Pasión Kristal came in. Belial feared Pasión Kristal’s exótico attack.

Pasión Kristal has really impressed me. She can go but she can also do those comedy exaggerated falls that exóticos do. And she can dance. She did all that here and Carta Brava Jr did not like it. He came in a puts the boot to her, leading to an exótico comedy comeback, and a kiss for el Apache.

Niño Hamburguesa came in and the fat spots started immediately, leading into a rudo breakdown. In the course of the chaos, Gotita de Plata’s top got ripped off and los rudos took him to Slap City before el Apache THREW him out of the ring.

Los rudos then ganged up on Pasión Kristal, triple-teaming a beating, before moving onto Niño Hamburguesa, who got dropped in the corner, slapped, cannonballed, and dropkicked for his troubles.

Los rudos then accidentally made Niño Hamburguesa drop on Carta Brava Jr, and Gotita de Plata came in for the save with a rana on el Apache. Pasión Kristal joined the party with a flip plancha out onto Belial.

Niño Hamburguesa and el Apache faced off. A fat headscissors took el Apache out of the ring, and Niño Hamburguesa teased his fat topé – with the rudo breakdown out of the way, it’s a proper match now, by the way – before Gotita de Plata hit a flip plancha out onto the old man.

Back in the ring, Carta Brava Jr went at it with Pasión Kristal, whose attacks consisted of bumming and kissing. She full on snogged Belial, who fell prey to a belly-bump from Niño Hamburguesa. Carta Brava Jr did, too, and los rudos got two cannonballs from to boot.

With los rudos laid out, Niño Hamburguesa went up top, ate a hot dog, and then hit a Pasión Kristal & referee-assisted splash for the win. That was a dun match, which is all it was supposed to be. Job done.

La Secta – Dark Cuervo & Escoria – cut a promo from some cave or something, before they showed a video package hyping their feud with Los Güeros del Cielo, Angélico & Jack Evans.

Brian Cage did another promo, this time from a gym, ending with “Soy Brian Cage, soy f’n machine!”, and then they showed a video package for his feud with el Patrón Alberto.

And, because three’s a charm, el Hijo del Fantasma & Daga did a bit. El Hijo del Fantasma was on the ‘phone to someone, and then they talked about Perros del Mal, and el Hijo del Perro Aguayo. Daga walked off and el Hijo del Fantasma repeated the last line of their conversation to himself – “ooh la la, baby.” MEXICO!

Next up it’s a couple of Perros del Mal – Daga & Joe Líder – versus Drago & Bengala. And Xalapa loves it some Perros del Mal. Taya Valkyrie is with them. Líder has his two belts with him but no weapons. Considering he usually ends up on the wrong end of whatever he brings, maybe he’s learned?

BHANGRA! It’s Bengala! His music is the best thing about him! And, look, it’s Drago! He’s alive! I totally saw him spontaneously combust on Lucha Underground last week!

Ah, Taya has Joe Líder’s staple gun. She’s tucked it between her ass cheeks. Insert reincarnation joke here.

There’s lucha early doors between Daga and Drago, before Líder in to get kicked. Drago suckered los rudos into hitting each other, then knocked Líder to the outside. No dive, though. Booooooooo! Taya took the opportunity to re-group her boys.

Back in the ring, Líder and Bengala faced off Líder hit HUGE slap to Bengala’s face. Really ouchy. On the outside, Taya was trying her best to get the crowd cheering. The response was half-hearted, at best. Bengala went up top and Taya shoved him off to the floor. Poor tiger man.

Meanwhile, Daga was killing Drago. He took off his Perros t-shirt and started choking Drago with it. Líder then started throwing chairs into the ring…

Los rudos double drop toeholded Drago onto a chair, and Taya dropkicked him in the face. Poor dragon man. Oh, and then Daga surfed a chair into Bengala, who was lying in the corner. I guess this is the rudo breakdown?

Líder hit a chairshot to Drago, then called for the staple gun and then stapled Drago in the head. Twice. He even threatened to staple the referee, el Piero. What a rudo!

Bengala re-appeared for the comeback, and los técnicos got some shine. Taya got trapped in the ring with them, and Drago made like he was going to hit her with a chair. Líder made the save, using the staple gun like a club.

Líder went up top but Bengala cut him off and hit a superplex. Drago hit a splash but Daga broke the pinfall. He threw Bengala to the outside, where Taya put the boots to him.

Back in the ring, Drago & Daga had a kick battel, which Daga got the best of. He locked on a triangle choke, and Líder patrolled the ring, looking to prevent Bengala from breaking the submission. Bengala, thinking outside the box, dropkicked Líder, sending him into Daga, and breaking the submission. Smart tiger man.

Daga took his revenge by hitting a corkscrew plancha out onto Bengala, but Drago was KILLING Líder in the ring. Taya provided the distraction, and Líder got a nearfall. Taya then grabbed Drago and Líder made to hit him with a chair. If you can’t guess what happened next you should hand in your wrestling fan card on your way out.

Drago misted Líder and rolled him through for pin. Eh, that was okay but sloppy.

They showed last week’s Fénix versus el Hijo del Fantasma match. Well, it was a good match.

Hey, it’s our main event! It’s La Parka, Blue Demon Jr & Aero Star versus Los Hell Brothers – Averno, Chessman & Cibernético!

Los Hell Brothers came out first. Averno had a chair. Chessman had a chair. Cibernético did not have a chair. Maverick.

Aero Star, with “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi, has pretty inappropriate theme music for his gimmick for his character. Did nobody have a copy of “Space Oddity”?

Blue Demon Jr has odd nipples. Not Cesaro-odd, but still.

If it’s THRILLER it’s LA PARKA! What is it about a dancing skeleton that’s so over? And why has no-one in the US repeated it since WCW went under?

Ha, I swear Cibernético was having a sneaky boogie to La Parka’s entrance music.

Los Hell Brothers jump los técnicos before the bell and we went straight into a rudo breakdown, the highlight of which was La Parka getting smothered by a La Parka blanket a fan had brought. Blue Demon Jr, meanwhile, got waffled by a chair and then double-teamed to death. Aero Star is nowhere to be seen.

Oof, La Parka got kicked in the balls and the referee – Copetes Salazar, not even a rudo ref, really – doesn’t care. This ain’t your daddy’s lucha

Wait, here’s Aero Star! He’s here to make the save! Oh, he got chaired, too. And then Los Hell Brothers did their pose and the crowd didn’t really care. They’re the least of the rudos lately.

Aero Star did finally make a comeback, clearing the ring and hitting his springboard nestea plunge, the mad bastard.

Blue Demon Jr and Averno went at it, and Blue Demon Jr hit an old man headscissors to the outside. He looked for a dive but Cibernético cut him off. La Parka came in, dropkicked Cibernético out of the ring and Aero Star hit a topé suicida that almost lived up to its name. Ouchy!

Back in the ring, Averno and Chessman put the boots to Blue Demon Jr, but he escaped the beating and pinned Averno, at the same time La Parka rolled up Chessman for a pin. Not much of a match, really, but not terrible.

Aero Star got stretchered out, La Parka danced in the ring with the blanket, and that’s your show!

This was an Okay Show. The opener was great fun but the rest seemed like filler, with the bigger feuds being set up on last week’s show. Verano de Escándalo is five weeks away, and things are building nicely. Something needs to really POP though…

(You can see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel. The stars of AAA will be appearing at London’s Albert Hall on July 11th – details on luchafuture.com)

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