Hey, it’s AAA Sin Límite! And we’re on the Road to the Lucha Libre World Cup!

The show started with the usual “Previously on…” section, highlighting the feuds between Fénix & el Hijo del Fantasma, La Secta & Los Güeros del Cielo, and el Patrón Alberto & Brian Cage. There’s your show tonight, then!

They showed a video package to hype the Lucha Libre World Cup, which kicks off (and, indeed, ends) on Sunday! All-Japan, Ring of Honor, Pro-Wrestling NOAH, and TNA are sending teams, and Johnny Mundo from Lucha Underground is in, and it should be wicked cool.

Hey, it’s el Hijo del Fantasma! he came out, with Brian Cage & Texano Jr, to the wonderful strains of “Welcome To The Jungle”. Best entrance song EVER.

El Hijo del Fantasma grabbed the mic’ and cut a long intro for himself and his pals, repping La Sociedad, which is Konnan’s grand alliance of EVIL. Texano Jr then talked about the World Cup and that brought out el Patrón Alberto.

El Patrón Alberto was with La Parka & Myzteziz, who cut talkies before he did. By the time Alberto took the mic’ this was beginning to feel like an episode of Raw.

As usual, because mi Español es horrible, I have no idea what they were saying, but the crowd seemed to like it and the upshot seemed to be that they were going to have a trios match. Well, it seemed that way but then los rudos bailed and walked to the back and booooooooooo!

They showed a Fénix hype video, and then we got our first match – Fénix versus Electro Shock versus el Hijo del Fantasma – and the winner gets a spot on Team Mexico at the World Cup!

Fénix’s introduction mentioned Lucha Underground, which is odd because it exists in a parallel world to AAA but don’t let it blow your mind too much.

Electro Shock looked like a badass. It’s true, he really did. He usually looks stupid, never more so than that backstage skit last year when el Hijo del Pirata Morgan found him slumped over a case of beer, but he looked cool here.

“Welcome To The Jungle” played again and for a huge rudo el Hijo del Fantasma is pretty popular with the fans. And speaking of rudos, el Hijo del Tirantes is the referee, and he neutrally applauded el Hijo del Fantasma into the ring. The fans hate him because he is a massive dick.

Fénix and el Hijo del Fantasma teamed on Electro Shock early doors, and Electro Shock was working harder than I’ve seen him work for YEARS. He made a comeback, German suplexing Fénix into the turnbuckles and then hitting a rolling German on el Hijo del Fantasma. Oh, and then he took his belt off and whipped them both. Quality heeling.

Electro Shock threw Fénix to the outside and el Hijo del Fantasma did a regular topé suicida out onto him (as opposed to his BAWSS topé suicida), and then Electro Shock hit a weak-ass topé suicida onto el Hijo del Fantasma. Good, fast start.

Electro Shock got back into the ring and got tripped by Fénix & el Hijo del Fantasma. Fénix hit a springboard senton onto him and then el Hijo del Fantasma hit a splash for a nearfall.

Fénix went for one of those upside down bounce off the ropes RKO thingamajigs but el Hijo del Fantasma blocked it and hit a superkick. Fénix came back with a springboard dropkick and missed a charge into the corner, but still hit a kick and got a nearfall with a springboard sunset flip. He loves his springboard, does Fénix.

As Fénix and el Hijo del Fantasma tussle in the ring, Electro Shock comes from behind and German suplexes them both at the same time. Good spot. He then gives them both spinning backbreakers and went up top. Fénix cut him off with an attempted rana but got caught and powerbombed to the mat for a nearfall.

As he stood up after the pin attempt, Electro Shock got caught by el Hijo del Fantasma, who rolled through a rana for the win. El Hijo del Fantasma is on Team Mexico at the Lucha Libre World Cup!

Hey, it’s Los Güeros del Cielo! They were outside somewhere nice, and cut a talky on La Secta, who usually cut their talkies from a cave or something. Different worlds.

Then it was match #2 – Los Güeros del Cielo (Angélico & Jack Evans) versus La Secta (Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria)

La Secta are so very goth. Escoria is now Dark Scoria. I’m not sure when that happened. Or why. You don’t ask, you know?

Listen! Girls are screaming! That means it’s Los Güeros del Cielo, who wet more knickers than .

Ha, some kid in the crowd just slapped hands with Angélico and has that I’M NEVER GONNA WASH! look on his face. I would, kid, because he’s a professional wrestler and you don’t know where he’s been.

Old man Rafael Maya is the referee and the match got off to a very American start, before stumbling into the rudo breakdown.

Dark Scoria bit Jack Evans on the head. Dark Cuervo was on the outside with Angélico, and when they went back to Dark Scoria, he was chewing on Evans’s fingers. Christ! Dark Scoria looks such a state – like The Levellers wandering the Earth, claiming souls.

Los rudos isolated Evans in the ring but he made a comeback, with an enzuigiri and a Pele kick, and then made the hot tag to Angélico, who cleaned house. That didn’t last long, and La Secta came back with a beating on Angélico and kicked Evans to the floor.

Angélico made the hot tag this time, and Evans flipped his way on top, before hitting the SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP! onto Dark Scoria on the outside.

Back in the ring, Angélico got a nearfall with a kick, and then another with a foot stomp. He threw Dark Cuervo outside and then looked for an Asai moonsault but Dark Cuervo yanked him off the apron before he could go up.

Evans and Dark Scoria went at it, and Evans flipped and did a whacky crucifix for a nearfall. Dark Scoria got a nearfall of his own, with a spinning facebuster, but Angélico broke the pin. Dark Cuervo came in and threw Angélico outside, and La Secta double-dropkicked Evans in the Tree of Woe. Evans kicked out of the pin.

Angélico came back in and started kicking Dark Cuervo to pieces. He hit a running knee on Dark Scoria, and then went to hit the Fall of Angels but Dark Scoria pushed him off into a kick from Dark Cuervo.

Los rudos then set up a whacky double submission for the win. Decent match, that.

Hey, it’s our main event! It’s el Patrón Alberto versus Brian Cage!

Cage’s pants have GMSI written on them – what could that possibly mean? Answers on a postcard. He came out with Dark Scoria & Dark Cuervo, because apparently there’s only half a dozen people on this show.

El Patrón Alberto came out alone but the fans really, really love him – does that count?

It was all Alberto early doors, bulling and beating on Cage, and even calling for the armbar in the first couple of minutes. La Secta rushed in with a chair, and Alberto took it off them and beat them down.

Then Konnan turned up with a FIRE EXTINGUISHER, gave it to Cage, who used it on Alberto, and el Hijo del Tirantes gave zero shits. Boooooooooo!

The rudos began beating on Alberto, and Los Güeros del Cielo ran down to make the save. They ran Cage & La Secta out of the ring and Alberto grabbed a mic’. I don’t know what he said, other than he swore because he was bleeped out, but the upshot was a challenge to Cage & La secta for a trios match! Now!

Unlike earlier, los rudos accepted the challenge and it was ON! And, for a change, that led straight into a técnico breakdown. Refreshing!

Los rudos came back, though, and they were brawling all over. Konnan got involved, too, and the unhappy fans were throwing shit at the heels. Just like WCW in 1996, that.

Dark Scoria had Jack Evans in an armbar in the ring, and Cage & Alberto were brawling in the crowd. Yeah, this turned into a rudo breakdown.

Dark Cuervo brought a GIANT piece of plywood into the ring and Dark Scoria set it up in the corner. La Secta whipped Jack Evans towards the board but Angélico intercepted him, helped him run up the board, and back into La Secta. A running knee and a dropkick cleared the ring.

Cage and Alberto were in the ring, and Cage got thrown out for Alberto to hit a topé suicida out onto him. Alberto slammed Cage into the announce table and then pulled el Hijo del Tirantes out of the ring. He begged off, the shit.

Los Güeros del Cielo double-teamed on Dark Scoria, and got a nearfall which was broken up by Dark Cuervo. La Secta then powerbombed Jack Evans throw the HUGE PIECE OF WOOD and Angélico tried to catch him but ended up going through with him.

Los rudos then beat on Alberto, who made his own save, getting rid of La Secta and then hitting a superkick on Cage for a nearfall. He looked for a double-underhook suplex but Cage blocked it and hit his own powerbomb. Cage went up for a moonsault but Alberto cut him off and hit a reverse suplex off the middle rope for the win.

Alberto celebrated with Los Güeros and then cut a talky, but the rudos rushed in for a beatdown. Cage grabbed Alberto’s belt and hit him with it, then raised it high. Cage cut a talky, saying Alberto had never beaten him mano a mano, and said he wanted him in a title match. Konnan then grabbed the mic’ and said some stuff en Español. *shrug*

The rest of the show was a replay of the La Secta versus Los Güeros del Cielo match from earlier and more hype for the World Cup. What an odd show.

(You can see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel. The stars of AAA will be appearing at London’s Albert Hall on July 11th – details on luchafuture.com)

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