Here be spoilers, so if you’ve yet to watch NXT Takeover Unstoppable and you are planning on watching then I advise you stop reading and come back later…. because Samoa Joe just hit NXT and it was flipping awesome.

It has hoped that since Samoa Joe left TNA earlier this year, that he would eventually make his way to WWE with a return to Ring of Honour seemingly throwing a spanner in the works. But last night at NXT Takeover Unstoppable in finally happened, Joe made his welcome début in a WWE ring. In the wake of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn’s Main Event for the NXT Title, the Samoan Submission Machine came out to confront Owens posing a whole host of questions.

The big question is has Joe signed a long term contact with WWE? And also what is going to happen with Owens? The feud with Sami Zayn looks to be far from over in NXT and seemingly a main roster feud with John Cena is being touted, so where does Joe fit in?

And the only way to find out the answer to these question is to watch NXT exclusively on the WWE Network every Wednesday night.

And if you want to see Joe’s début, the video is below –


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