Hey, it’s AAA Sin Límite! It’s got World Cup Fever!

The show started with the usual “Previously on…”, this time focussing on last week’s Lucha Libre World Cup Team Mexico qualifier, and the continuing feud between el Patrón Alberto and Brian Cage.

The first match was Dinastía & Los Cadetes (Venum & Ludxor) versus Mini Psycho Clown, el Apache & Carta Brava Jr.

Mini Psycho Clown came out first and the announcer did that creepy laughing he does for the bigger Psycho Clown. Fully into it, this announcer. Mini Psycho Clown is a rudo but he came out slapping hands with the fans. I wish he would STOP THAT.

As for his teammates, Carta Brava Jr has NO TIME for slapping hands. He is black metal made real. And el apache slaps hands very reluctantly. He is rudo but not rude.

Venum & Ludxor came out together. They are los Cadetes. They used to be los Cadetes del Espacio, but I guess they’re not en espacio any more. Doesn’t that make them the equal of those teenagers who pretend to be the army? The D in Ludxor is silent. How odd.

Dinastía came out wearing his AAA Minis title belt. Mini Psycho Clown stood in the ring, watching him walk down the entrance way and making that title belt mime thing.

Oh, Rafa el Maya is the referee – he may be the only person in AAA older than el Apache.

El Apache schooled Ludxor in lucha libre early doors, before Mini Psycho Clown came in and got sent outside by Dinastía. Carta Brava Jr came in and kicked Dinastía, before he and Venum went at it, and then it got back to el Apache and Ludxor. Switch, switch, switch, switch, switch. And at the end of it all, Dinastía stood tall.

Venum and el Apache then did some lucha before Carta Brava Jr & Mini Psycho Clown double-teamed Venum. He made the comeback, sent everyone outside, and then he stood tall.

El Apache and Ludxor went again, and the veteran suckered the (relative) youngster, and that led straight into the rudo breakdown. Los rudos triple-teamed little Dinastía and the referee moaned at them but didn’t do shit. Impotence is probably nothing new at his age.

A missed corner charge by Mini Psycho Clown sent him flying outside and Venum came in and cleared house, before diving over the corner post out onto the short man. Ludxor came in and hip tossed Carta Brava Jr out of the ring onto el Apache, Dinastía hit an Asai moonsault onto Carta Brava Jr, and then Ludxor hit his own Asai off the corner post onto el Apache. Viva los técnicos!

Back in the ring, Mini Psycho Clown took down Venum but Dinastía made the save with a crossbody. Mini Psycho Clown hit back with a legdrop after a failed sunset flip by Dinastía, then hit a senton off the top for the win.

This was a fun match but very slight. I like the openers with most of these guys but los Cadetes are just so flimsy compared to the likes of Niño Hamburguesa and Pasión Kristal.

They showed security camera footage of el Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr in the locker room. I can’t really tell you what was going on because my Spanish is horrible but it looked like some guy came up to them to sell them a watch? Hey, it’s Mexico, I could be right!

Then, oddly, they showed last week’s Lucha Libre World Cup Team Mexico qualifier between el Hijo del Fantasma, Fénix & Electro Shock, which el Hijo del Fantasma won. Hey, you gotta fill time, I guess.

The next match was the second Lucha Libre World Cup Team Mexico qualifier – Cibernético versus Texano Jr versus la Parka.

Texano Jr came out with his regular props – his bullrope, the fuck-off sword he won at Rey de Reyes, and rudo referee el Hijo del Tirantes. The awesome announcer called him “mega, mega, mega Texano!”

Cibernético has boss entrance music which makes up for him being a bit shit. He’s the poster boy for building a career out of muscles and apathy.

THRILLER! La Parka is as over in Tapachula as anywhere else. Seriously, this gimmick ROCKS. I say it every time he appears but if you’re running a wrestling promotion and you don’t have a dancing skeleton on your roster, you’re doing it wrong.

Texano Jr and Cibernético faked an argument at the start to sucker la Parka and then attacked him. They double-teamed him and Texano Jr went for an early pin but Cibernético pushed him off. Entente OVER. Or maybe not, because they continued the double-team and then Cibernético made the cover and Texano Jr broke it.

The crowd got on Texano Jr’s back. He’s no el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, whose sheer cool made Perros del Mal into a thing cheered by fans despite their obvious rudosity.

La Parka made a comeback, and used the two against each other, ending up with Cibernético clotheslining Texano Jr out of the ring. La Parka then threw Cibernético out and hit a topé suicida out onto Texano Jr.

Back in the ring, Cibernético took la Parka down and did some clumsy-looking offense. He tried a pin but la Parka kicked out. La Parka came back and got a nearfall of his own, then knocked Cibernético out of the ring and went for another topé, but Texano Jr tripped him. La Parka was already limping and Texano Jr went on the attack on his skeletal foot.

El Hijo del Fantasma came out to ringside to watch, urging Texano Jr on. La Parka whipped Texano Jr across the ring but then got tripped by el Hijo del Fantasma. Texano Jr grabbed his bullrope and whipped la Parka. El Hijo del Tirantes gave ZERO shits.

Texano Jr charged at la Parka, who hit a spinning backbreaker then grabbed the bullrope and started whipping Texano Jr. El Hijo del Fantasma grabbed the bullrope and pulled la Parka down onto the top rope. All three heels then got in the ring for a beatdown. The crowd didn’t like it but el Hijo del Tirantes told them to go shove it. Rudo!

La Parka made a slow, sloppy comeback, taking everyone down and then whipping el Hijo del Fantasma in the middle of the ring. El Hijo del Tirantes took the rope and Texano Jr hit a foul behind the referee’s back (like he’d have cared, anyway), enabling him to make the pin for the win. An okay match and Texano Jr joins el Hijo del Fantasma on Team Mexico at the Lucha Libre World Cup.

They showed another advert for the Lucha Libre World Cup, and then they showed a Myzteziz hype video. And then, hey, it’s our main event! It’s Myzteziz & Fénix versus Perros del Mal (Pentagón Jr & Joe Líder)!

Los rudos came out first, to their cool, cool Perros del Mal music. Líder had his staple gun – Pentagón Jr is a weapon himself and needs no gimmicks.

Los técnicos came out and for a man whose mask makes him look not unlike a chicken, Fénix is super over. I can’t make up my mind about his ropewalk, though. Myzteziz was wearing his stupid muscle pattern t-shirt again. I wish he wouldn’t.

Oh, Rafa el Maya is the referee – good luck with this one, old man.

Before the match, Líder fired some staples at los técnicos and I don’t think he realises how staple guns work.

Myzteziz and Líder started out and did some very basic lucha, with Myzteziz getting the upper hand. Fénix and Pentagón Jr came in and did better, faster lucha, ending with a grandstand reverse-619 fake-out from Fénix. Cool, see?

Myzteziz and Líder came back in and it fell into the rudo breakdown. Rafa el Maya tried to assert his authority but, sadly, he has none. Líder grabbed his staple gun and stapled Myzteziz in the head and shoulder. I bet the old Sin Cara misses WWE now. The staples drew an impressive amount of blood, which Líder increased by biting the wound. Myzteziz sought some respite by sitting in the front row of the crowd, where Fénix joined him to check on his wellbeing, but Pentagón Jr attacked them both, fans be damned. Such a rudo.

Back in the ring, Líder smacked Myzteziz around. Pentagón Jr joined the beating and Myzteziz rolled out of the ring to escape. Fénix came in, angry and fresh, but it didn’t matter. He, too, was beaten.

Myzteziz came back in and tried the upside-down rope rebound thingy but failed. Fénix came in and took Pentagón Jr out of the ring with an armdrag. Myzteziz took Líder out with a huracanarana, then hit a topé suicida out onto Pentagón Jr, and Fénix flip plancha‘d onto Líder. Acción!

In the ring again, Myzteziz kicked Pentagón Jr and then set him up on the ropes for Fénix to kick him from the apron. Myzteziz hit a 619 to end a cool segment.

Joe Líder came in with the staple gun again but got kicked in the head by Fénix. Myzteziz took the staple gun and asked the crowd if he should use it – they overwhelmingly said “yes”. He grabbed some TISSUES from a fan and stapled them to Líder’s head. Awesome. And then Fénix kicked Líder in his tissue head.

Pentagón Jr ran in, threw Fénix out, and kicked Myzteziz to the mat. Kids in the front row seemed to be enjoying the spectacle of Líder pulling staples out of his flesh. They showed some lying on the mat and, boy, are those staples long.

Myzteziz made a flippy lucha comeback, sending los rudos outside, and we went into a proper match, only twelve minutes in!

Fénix hit an upside-down rope rebound thingy RKO on Líder but Pentagón Jr broke the pin. Fénix then hit a rolling stunner on Pentagón Jr for a nearfall before Pentagón Jr came back with a slingblade for nearfall of his own.

Fénix kicked Pentagón Jr out of the ring and did a weird, several-stage springboard plancha out onto him. Myzteziz threatened Líder and the referee with the staple gun, then dropped it and charged at Líder. He leapt over him and delivered a kick, then jumped off the top rope with a fist to the head, before hitting his huracaranrana into the armbar submission, and Líder tapped out. Fun match, despite Líder’s limitations. The show finished with another advert for the Lucha Libre World Cup.

This was a Decent Show. The $hilling of the Lucha Libre World Cup has kind of gotten in the way of building Verano de Escándalo and made for odd TV, but there’s still enough substance to make Sin Límite a good watch. And, when things hot up for summer, it should explode again.

(You can see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel. The stars of AAA will be appearing at London’s Albert Hall on July 11th – details on luchafuture.com)

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