Holy frikkin Moly Elimination Chamber threw the WWE Universe some major curve balls! No one could’ve imagined that Kevin Owens would go over CLEAN against John Cena and as exciting and glorious as it was I couldn’t help dampen my own enthusiasm when looking past the first reaction of sheer joy. Owens now looks certain to join the main roster and become the great heel he has portrayed on WWE’s developmental and looks certain to be joined by Sami Zayn, Finn Balour and Charlotte, which is a fantastic premise but when looking at the big picture leaves me somewhat apprehensive. Firstly when I have been watching NXT the huge array of talent on show is astounding and as I wrote in a previous piece, what lies ahead talent wise when all the top stars leave for the greener pastures of Raw and Smackdown? Optimistically the arrival of Rhyno and Samoa Joe, although not technically “developmental”, could open the door for other talents such as Austin Aries and Bobby Roode as a fresh start and a launch pad to the big leagues.  Secondly the when watching Raw and Smackdown the lack of time most of these Superstars get to showcase their talents, the recent #givedivasachance as prime example, is there for all to see and an influx of new talent would only cause further time constraints on matches, segments and the like.

So I wound up the elastic band in my head and got me thinking, if I were able to ruthlessly wield the axe of unemployment over the state of WWE today who would I cut and why? Below is my top ten take a gander and see if you can do agree.

Adam Rose – Now I like Rose he has a good look he is a solid in ring worker but his act is just painful even his return to NXT has been equally lacklustre as on Raw. There is talk of him dropping the party gimmick and returning to his original Kruger character which may have some positives but as I said I am being ruthless and I’m afraid he would face the chopping block.

Dolph Ziggler – Man this dude cannot catch a break, while I personally can’t see what the fuss is about I can however see a good wrestler when I sees one. But creative or the blind man upstairs seem to have it in for this former World Heavyweight Champion and no doubt his controversial tweets and comments have hampered has prospects in the WWE and it would seem that a run in Lucha Underground would do wonders for him as it has for Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron.

Jack Swagger – Another former World Heavyweight Champion that has been left to rot, Swagger had an OK run as the patriotic ‘Merican against Rusev’s Russian monster but despite his Cena-esque spirit was left beaten and forgotten so much that it would be a monumental task to make him relevant again.

The El Matadors – Do I need to explain further? These guys are and forever will be a lower-card unfunny comedy act, whose relevance is so far gone that they can never be more than this generations Oddities.

The Big Show – The recent “please retire” chants are not just crowd heat but rather a genuine plea to rid him from our sights. I know he had a decent showing against Reigns at Extreme Rules but what is in store for the long past it Mr. Wight? His countless gimmick changes from face to heel to comedy act to serious monster is tired and done to death so now we are left with a big dude that hasn’t done anything since Eddie Guerrero gave him a spicy burrito.

Kane – Going from one of WWE’s defining characters to a bald guy that wrestles in slacks should be enough to provide him with a pink slip but WWE seem intent on pushing him to the front of programming every week where he switches from heel to face quicker than a hiccup. He is no longer the Big Red Machine rather than Glen from accounts who everyone thinks is weird.

Mark Henry – In another change of the old guard Sexual Chocolate has also suffered a similar fate to The Big Show where he has been chopped and changed just as many times. As father to a hand we were meant to then believe he was the ultimate monster heel and credible champion but after long lay offs due to injuries and judging by the groans that met his last minute inclusion into the Elimination Chamber his time has come and long gone.

Damien Sandow – Going from an entertaining tag team with Cody Rhodes, winning Money in the Bank and being the only person to lose it followed by a downward spiral of imitating Santa, The Miz and now Macho Man along with another person on this list that would have crushed weaker personalities. To his credit he rolls with punches but if it were up to me he’d be outta there.

Curtis Axel – Until he copied the Hulkster Axel was nothing. Unable to get over in any way whatsoever this dude is just bland and now into the fifth month of a gimmick with a shelf life of one he can join Sandow in the queue.

Fandango – I like Fandango but to quote The Miz “really.” How long is this to go on? What is the end game? Why is he taking up time that Tyler Breeze could have? Fandango, clear out your desk you’re fired (in Vinnie K’s voice)

I know there is many more that deserve to be on their way out of the door and some may seem rather harsh but if certain NXT stars are to make their way onto the main roster they will need ample time to shine and Raw is already long enough time wise so the only other way is to sort the wheat from the chaff and make time by cutting some deadwood loose.

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