The Devil’s Bible

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Once considered to be the 8th wonder of the world, and also gaining the title of largest manuscript in the world, the Codex Gigas (Devil’s Bible) is a complete mystery to anyone who has ever come across it. The story goes that a Monk, who was sentenced to death by being bricked up in the walls, wrote the manuscript in one night, with the help of the Devil.

There is also another fascinating documentary on US Netflix (maybe UK too) called ‘The Devil’s Bible’ which is narrated by Dominic Monaghan.


Aleister Crowley – The Most Wicked Man In The World

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If you want to watch a documentary on Occultists, then there’s no one better to turn to than the mad Alesiter Crowley. Founder of the religion, Thelema, Alesiter Crowley (who called himself ‘the Beast 666’) was a pretty wicked man. Some would call him a genius, some would call him mad. Aleister Crowley’s religion basically practiced free love, free life, just freedom in general – which doesn’t actually seem so bad, though some prefer to refer to him as a sexually liberated genius, a spoiled, egomaniacal dilettante, a campy charlatan, a skeptical trickster, a cruel and abusive manipulator, a racist misogynist, a Nietzschean superman and “icon of rebellion”. The best documentary I have found on Mr Crowley.


Paradise Lost

*Warning – Contains graphic crime scene photographs

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Heard of the West Memphis Three? Well after this documentary, you certainly will. In my true crime documentary post, I wrote about the injustice that was served to Emmett Till, who was hunted down and murdered because, basically, he was black and his captures received no punishment. The West Memphis Three is, as evidence suggests, another massive injustice in the American law system, that was brought on to three teenage boys because they were believed to worship satan (that’s why it’s in my occult section).

In short, three young Arkansas boys were sexually assaulted and killed, soon after the police arrested three teenage boys; Jesse Misskelley, Damien Echolls, and Jason Baldwin. There was no evidence to suggest the boys had taken part in the murders, even one of the mothers of the murdered boys didn’t believe that the West Memphis Three killed her son and his friends. The three teens were bulled into confessing, but later recanted their confessions. As I stated earlier, there was no evidence to support the police’s claims, and an hour or so after the murders an African/American man had been seen rushing into the restrooms of a local diner covered in mud and blood.

This film was followed by a sequels, Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (2000), which suggests that further evidence was missed or suppressed and attempts to prove Echols’ innocence, and Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, which tells the complete story of one of the most notorious child murder cases in U.S. history.


Gates Of Hell

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There are six places among the Earth which have been described as gateways to hell, and this documentary follows the textbooks that suggest where the portals are that lead to the underworld. Giving a history of hell and the occult, ‘Gates Of Hell’ is a great documentary for those who want to know the outline of the history of hell from the textbooks, manuscripts, and bible, and for those that may want to find a portal to hell (each to their own).


American Occult; Evil Sacrifice 

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One of the subjects that intrigue me most is how far people will go in the name of religion, most of the time it ends up in death, murder, even genocide. American Occult is a documentary series on everything about the Occult, but the episode I found most interesting was the episode that focused solely on the sacrifice of innocent people in the name of Satan.

This episode follows the investigation of two murders that are thought to be human sacrifices.


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