Hey, it’s AAA Sin Límite! And this week’s it’s brawling, brawling, brawling!

The show started with the usual “Previously on…” segment, featuring the Lucha Libre World Cup qualifiers, and La Secta versus Los Güeros del Cielo.

And, first up, it’s La Secta (Dark Scoria & Dark Cuervo) versus Los Güeros del Cielo (Jack Evans & Angélico) in an actual match!

Ugh, it’s the six-sided ring. Why? Whyyyyyyyyy???? I hates it, I HATES IT!

La Secta came out and goth obviously never died in Mexico. It’s like Leeds and Northampton in the 1980s. Wait, them girls is screaming – it’s Los Güeros del Cielo, Jack Evans & Angélico! They both on Lucha Underground now, of course, though not as a team. Alternate universes are odd.

It was an all-in brawl from the off, with Evans & Dark Scoria brawling on the ramp, and Angélico & Dark Cuervo at it in the ring. When Evans & Dark Scoria make it back to the ring, the match fell into the rudo breakdown – although can a match break down if it never really built up? Dark Scoria bit at Evans’s fingers and Dark Cuervo stomped a hole in Angélico. The referee, el Piero, tried to asset his authority but, as we are well aware, referees in Mexico have none.

Evans fired up but got beaten back down. Dark Cuervo stomped on his back, and then La Secta hit a double-team and made a cover but Angélico broke the pin. Dark Scoria then kicked Angélico in the chest A LOT while Evans rolled out of the ring.

The beating spilled to the outside, and Evans gets involved again. That didn’t stop the beating, and it continued on Evans, back in the ring. Suddenly, Angélico appeared and cleared house. Evans hit a Pele kick to send Dark Cuervo out of the ring and Angélico hit a running knee on Dark Scoria in the corner. Angélico piled more knees into Dark Scoria and then both Güeros kicked his hamstrings to death.

Dark Scoria got colour, although I have no idea where from – maybe from the running knee? Dark Cuervo came in to try and make the save, but got kicked in the head. He got colour, too – again, I have no idea where from – and Los Güeros stood tall.

Dark Scoria came back in and showed some brief fire but Angélico’s knees took him out again. Angélico then readied the Fall of Angels on Dark Scoria, with Evans waiting up top to jump & pin, but Dark Cuervo pushed Evans off, causing Angélico to release Dark Scoria. Dark Scoria then fouled Angélico, right in front of el Piero, who called for the DQ.

After the match, La Secta beat on Los Güeros. Dark Scoria hit a pumphandle driver on Evans and Dark Cuerco hit the DREADED MARTINETE!!! on Angélico. The referee called for medical assistance but Dark Scoria kicked the doctor off the apron and wouldn’t let him in the ring. Goons manhandled La Secta away while the doctor attended to Evans and Angélico was stretchered off.

Dark Cuervo attacked Evans, stomping on him while he was having a surgical collar attached, and then he & Dark Scoria attacked Angélico on his stretcher as he was being put into the ambulance.

This was a decent, brawly match with a HOT angle to finish it. These teams will fight again at Verano de Escándalo.

In security camera footage from backstage, el Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr were comparing gear. Some guy came up and showed them a sweet shirt. I think he’s the same guy who showed them a watch last week. He must be their luxury goods guy or something. Mexico!

At some stables, Cibernético & Konnan were talking when Zorro arrived, complete with a hobby horse. Cibernético called Zorro crazy and they squared up but Konnan separated them. “Something something Enrico Torres!” Zorro went off talking to his horse, with Cibernético reinforcing his view of his sanity as Konnan tried to make peace.

Blue Demon Jr cames out, wearing a hooded vest. How odd. He cut a talky on Chessman, which brought out the man named after a serial killer. Chessman is like “what if wolfpac sting went really wrong?”. He cut his own talky on Blue Demon Jr. Blue Demon Jr didn’t like whatever he said and slapped him. Chessman escaped out of ring and Blue Demon hit a topé suicida, before laying in a beating on the outside. Blue Demon Jr got back on the mic’ as Chessman left. Well, that was a bit Raw.

Rey Mysterio Jr did a pre-recorded bit about his old days in WCW for some odd reason. *shrug*

Next up was the final Lucha Libre World Cup qualifier – Psycho Clown versus Zorro versus Averno.

Averno came out to the Old Spice music. He had a chair. He looks like a dad – some people should never lose their masks.

Zorro had a kendo sword and his hobby horse. Something went very wrong for this fella. He is announced as being the Count of Monte Crisco. Erm…

Psycho Clown has insane metal spikes on his head and shoulders, like the Road Warriors spikes kept growing because of some hormonal deformity.

Ha, some bloke had two cans of Coke, only instead of “Coke” the cans said “Psycho” and “Clown”. Man, is he over! Clowns, eh? Oh, el Piero is our referee again.

Los rudos piled into Psycho Clown early doors – Averno did some WRESTLING! while Zorro was dicking about with his horse. Averno kicked Psycho Clown out of the ring and slammed him on the announcers’ table. Los rudos walked him around the ring and then posted him, balls first. Back in the ring, Averno tore at Psycho Clown’s mask and then Zorro took over while Averno distracted the referee. Like that matters in Mexico.

Los rudos carried on the beating, hitting twin sentons. Averno made a cover but Zorro pulled him off. Regardless, they continued to work together, hitting a spiked facebuster, and then Zorro made a cover. Psycho Clown kicked out, anyway, but Averno was displeased with his rudo buddy.

Psycho Clown fired up and took the rudos down. He covered Averno but moved when Zorro tried to break the pin with a senton, and Zorro landed on Averno. Psycho Clown then threw Zorro out of the ring and hit a topé suicida. At this point it should be noted that Psycho Clown is Super Porky’s son and thus should not fly.

With the other two down on the outside, Averno looked for an Asai moonsault but Psycho Clown was wise to it and pulled him off the apron. He then climbed the turnbuckles and hit a plancha onto Averno. Defying gravity.

Back in the ring, Psycho Clown and Averno got into a slap battle before Psycho Clown hit a sunset flip pin attempt, rolling it through when Zorro tried to break it, and causing Zorro to dropkick Averno.

Psycho Clown threw Averno around a bit and then began whipping Zorro with his switch. He then whipped Averno and even el Piero got one. Psycho Clown then got schoolboy’d by Averno, who got schoolboy’d by Zorro, who got schoolboy’d by Psycho Clown, and Averno broke it up with a dropkick. Cool sequence.

Dragging him up the turnbuckles, Averno hit a top-rope Devil’s Wings on Psycho Clown and got a nearfall, broken by Zorro. Zorro then got a nearfall of his own with a Razor’s Edge on Averno, but Psycho Clown broke it up.

Psycho Clown fired up the crowd and hit a top rope Code Breaker on Zorro for a 2.9999 count, with Averno breaking it up. Averno and Zorro then went at it. Averno went up top and fought with Psycho Clown. Zorro engineered a Tower of Doom and then leaped on top of both with a senton for a double nearfall, broken when both kicked out at the same time.

Zorro superkicked Averno out of ring, grabbed his kendo sword and hit Psycho Clown. Averno grabbed a chair and came in and waffled Zorro. Psycho Clown grabbed a broom and smashed it over Averno – like smashed it – and then hit a really weird Canadian Destroyer for win. They all worked hard, and the match had some good spots, but it was pretty sloppy stuff.

After the match, el Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Electro Shock and Holocausto ran in and beat on Psycho Clown with chairs. This brought out Monsther Clown and MURDER CLOWN!, who tried to make the save but got beaten down to. These trios will also fight at Verano de Escándalo.

They showed the el Patrón Alberto & Los Güeros del Cielo versus Brian Cage & La Secta match from the other week and then it was time for our main event – Blue Demon Jr versus Chessman for the AAA Latin American Championship!

Oh boy, I’m not expecting much of this.

Blue Demon Jr was seconded by la Parka and had a cape and colour-coördinated women. It was a strong look. La Parka was wearing a Blue Demon Jr t-shirt. It was not a strong look.

Chessman was seconded by Cibernético and brought out el Hijo del Tirantes to referee. You have to wonder why the championship committee allows this…

The early story of the match was WRESTLING by Blue Demon Jr and STALLING by Chessman. Then Chessman did some KICKING, followed by some STALLING. They traded back and forth and then Chessman STALLED AGAIN. Finally prompted into action, he missed a moonsault and Blue Demon Jr got a nearfall. Blue Demon Jr hit a senton and got another nearfall, and then a rana off the top got yet another. A crossbody off the top got one more and it’s all nearfalls. Oh, there’s a powerslam for another one.

Chessman came back with a twisting splash from outside the ropes for a two-count of his own, then Blue Demon Jr went for a sharpshooter. This brought Cibernético in, and he got chased out by Blue Demon Jr and la Parka.

Blue Demon Jr went for it again, and this time Cibernético broke it up. La Parka brawled him out of the ring and Blue Demon Jr & Chessman had a slap battle. Blue Demon Jr then dropkicked Chessman out of the ring and hit a topé suicida.

Uh oh, he comes Averno, Taya Valkyrie, Konnan & Zorro! They attacked la Parka & Blue Demon Jr as el Hijo del Tirantes looked on.

Back in the ring, Blue Demon Jr and Chessman went at it again, while los rudos stomped la Parka on the outside. Averno and Zorro rushed the ring and got taken down by Blue Demon Jr. Taya came in and got spanked. Something very right about that.

Chessman charged at Blue Demon Jr, who moved, and he ran straight into a chair placed in the turnbuckles earlier by Cibernético. Blue Demon Jr made the cover but Averno pulled el Hijo del Tirantes out of the ring before he could count. Then, while Averno & el Hijo del Tirantes were “arguing”, Chessman made a cover and el Hijo del Tirantes rushed back in but could only make a two-count.

Blue Demon Jr fired up, and threw a dropkick at Chessman, but the heel moved and he hit el Hijo del Tirantes instead. The rudo referee called for the bell and the DQ, the louse.

After the match, los rudos piled in on Blue Demon Jr but out came el Patrón Alberto & Fénix to make the save! They cleaned house and were left with just Taya & Konnan in the ring. Taya got spanked again, this time by el Patrón Alberto, and Konnan begged off.

El Patrón Alberto grabbed a chair and asked the crowd if he should use it on Konnan. They overwhelmingly agreed but he dropped it and hit the ten punches in the corner deal. Los técnicos then took the acclaim of the crowd and that’s your show!

This was a very brawly show. There wasn’t much in the way of actual matches but there was some good action and lots of storyline to get your teeth into.

(You can see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel. The stars of AAA will be appearing at London’s Albert Hall on July 11th – details on luchafuture.com)

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