Hey, it’s AAA Sín Limite! And it’s late again! But I’m not sorry this week because I had to watch a TERRIBLE feed because AAA still haven’t put up the last THREE weeks of shows! I suffer for you!

The show started with the usual “Previously on…”, this week featuring La Secta versus Los Güeros del Cielo, Holocausto versus Los Hell Brothers versus Los Psycho Circus, and Brian Cage versus el Patrón Alberto. All the big feuds for Verano de Escándalo.

In a park somewhere, Máscara Año 2000 Jr was waiting for someone. He kept flashing back to the past few weeks, when he’d seemingly been trying to get Perros del Mal advice about dating Taya, who blew him off. He was stood up, poor fella.

They showed a hype video for the La Secta versus Los Güeros del Cielo match at the PPV, then it was on with the first match – Los Güeros del Cielo (Angélico & Jack Evans) & Laredo Kid versus La Secta (Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria) & Mocho Cota Jr.

Mocho Cota Jr was out first. I can’t remember if I’ve seen him before. He looks stereotypically Mexican, but at least he & Laredo Kid being injected into this match will freshen it up a bit – it feels like we’ve seen La Secta versus Los Güeros for weeks now!

The Nuevo Laredo fans did not seem to care for La Secta. By that I don’t mean that they disliked them, they just didn’t seem to care one way or another. Maybe Nuevo Laredo doesn’t understand goth?

The Laredo Kid, presumably a local, got a good pop, though. He got a WWE try-out a few months back, working without his mask, which is a BAD THING.

And if you want to hear a POP, then Los Güeros will deliver. Yeah, the girls love them. I think they’re pretty sweet, too, and I’m profoundly heterosexual. Even with Mamba.

They waited until the bell had rung to start fighting, which is a big change from last week’s show. Unfortunately NOT different to last week’s show is the six-sided ring. Ugh.

Mocho Cota Jr and Laredo Kid started out, with Laredo Kid tying Mocho Cota Jr in knots, forcing La Secta to make the save. This brought Los Güeros in to make the save and the match fell into the rudo breakdown.

Dark Cuervo and Angélico brawled into the crowd, while Dark Scoria had Jack Evans down in the ring. Laredo Kid and Mocho Cota Jr fought around ringside.

Dark Cuervo and Angélico went backstage, and Cuervo threw a bin at him. Meanwhile, Dark Scoria and Jack Evans had fought into the crowd, and Laredo Kid and Mocho Cota Jr got back into the ring.

Simultaneously – and how fortunate is that? – Laredo Kid crotched Mocho Cota Jr on the top rope, and Angélico & Jack Evans fought back against Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria. Angélico threw Cuervo into a wall, and Evans climbed on top of that wall – a good twenty feet – and hit a plancha down onto La Secta (and his partner who had been holding them for him).

Back in the ring, Mocho Cota Jr had gotten the better of Laredo Kid again but Laredo Kid hit back with a springboard frog splash for a nearfall. He locked on a whacky submission but Dark Scoria emerged from the wreckage and broke it up.

Evans made it back to the ring, too, and he and Dark Scoria went at it, with the rudo almost getting a pinfall, which Angélico returned to break up.

Angélico was ambushed by Dark Cuervo, who also got a nearfall, this time broken by Laredo Kid, who huracanrana‘d Cuervo out of the ring. Mocho Cota Jr reappeared, but Laredo Kid slingshotted him out of the ring and then hit a Shooting Star Press off the top turnbuckle to the outside, the crazy fuck.

Evans and Dark Scoria fought again in the ring, and Evans took Scoria down with kicks and flips. Scoria rolled to the outside and Evans hit a SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP! Yass!

That left Angélico and Dark Cuervo, and Angélico got a couple of nearfalls before looking to hit his BIG KNEE!, which Cuervo reversed into a powerbomb for the win. That was a good match, and I’m genuinely excited for their PPV match now. Job done, I guess.

They showed last week’s contretemps between Los Hell Brothers and Holocausto, and then went into the second match – Los Psycho Cirus (Monsther Clown, Murder Clown & Psycho Clown) versus Mesías, Electro Shock & Pentagón Jr.

Perros del Mal’s music brought out Pentagón Jr, still cooler than you or I could ever be. A hot girl in the front row was very impressed, even though she was wearing a Myzteziz t-shirt.

Electro Shock was out next, all brooding and dark and very unelectric, and was joined by Mesías to complete the trio. I’ve said before, I don’t get Mesías. I wish he were Mil Muertes here, too. Who can make that happen?

AC Delco Autopartes on the big screen, and “Entrance of the Gladiators”, brought out Los Psycho Circus and, as usual, the crowd came unglued. Monsther Clown stole a child from the crowd and everyone was cool with that. I will never understand it but I love it all the same.

Los rudos attacked before the bell and the rudo breakdown was on. It’s like last week all over again. You’d think the clowns would learn. Silly, trusting clowns.

The heels systematically beat the clowns down, with Electro Shock taking a belt to Psycho Clown outside the ring and the others having their fun inside the ropes. Mesías then took Murder Clown to ringside, leaving Pentagón Jr to kill Monsther Clown in the ring.

Eventually los rudos returned to the ring and kept up the beating. Murder Clown tried to fight back but the numbers overwhelmed him. The crowd were a little bit upset at these goings-on…

BUT! Murder Clown found his FIRE! and that brought the other clowns in to the comeback. They cleared the ring and then triple-teamed Electro Shock. Pentagón Jr got the same treatment – with a three-clown splash – and then they moved onto Mesías, who got a whipping from their switches. CLOWN POWER.

Electro Shock came back in the ring but got grabbed by Murder Clown. He held him as Monsther Clown hit a dropkick, but Electro Shock moved and clown hit clown. Electro Shock hip-tossed Monsther Clown out of the ring, and then tipped Murder Clown out, too, before hitting a plancha out onto the biggest clown.

Back in the ring, Murder Clown went up top but Pentagón Jr knocked him to the floor. Psycho Clown took Pentagón Jr out but Mesías came in and they went at it. Pentagón Jr superkicked Psycho Clown and Mesías hit a splash from the top rope. Murder Clown ran in but Pentagón Jr took him out with a lung blower and the referee counted simultaneous pinfalls to give los rudos the win. Decent match, that.

After the match, Electro Shock and Mesías fought, which brought el Hijo del Pirata Morgan out to help his Holocausto teammate. El Hijo del Pirata Morgan put the boots to Pentagón Jr, and out ran Los Hell Brothers to make it five-on-two against the Holocausto lads.

Suddenly, the clowns reappeared and cleared the ring, standing tall to the delight of the crowd. Cibernético got on the mic’ and cut a talky – this all ends (or probably doesn’t) at Verano de Escándalo.

Backstage, Konnan spoke to Los Hell Brothers, and Texano Jr & Pentagón Jr, trying to make sure all of La Sociedad – the overarching heel faction in AAA – were on the same page. It seems like they are.

And so to our third match – Blue Demon Jr, La Parka & Myzteziz versus Los Hell Brothers (Averno, Chessman & Cibernético).

The Old Spice music brought out Los Hell Brothers – someone’s dad (Averno), fat Wolfpac Sting (Chessman), and jakked-up surf casualty (Cibernético).

Blue Demon Jr came out with two lovely ladies wearing dresses that matched his cape and mask. Now that’s style.


Myzteziz came out to the sound of Gregorian chanting and walked into a sea of iPads and iPhones filming his entrance. Modern life.

The luchadors controlled themselves and waited until the bell had rung. It shouldn’t be notable but it is of late, Chessman and Blue Demon Jr started out, doing slow man/fat man lucha, which ended with Chessman being huracanrana‘d out of the ring. Averno ran in but Blue Demon Jr ducked out and let Myzteziz fly off the top to take him down.

Myzteziz and Averno then worked at a fast pace, but with the same end – Averno huracanrana‘d out of the ring. Myzteziz then looked for a topé but Cibernético came in and booted him in the face.

This brought La Parka in. These two have fought FOREVER, two real mainstays of the promotion. La Parka took Cibernético down and out of the ring but was attacked himself by all three Hell Brothers, and then the match fell into the rudo breakdown.

After a beating on all three técnicos on the outside, los rudos triple-teamed La Parka in the ring. Myzteziz came in to make the save but he got beaten down, too, and kicked out of the ring.

Then it was Blue Demon Jr’s turn for a beating, with some heavy chops being laid into his not inconsiderable chest. He tried to make his own comeback and failed, but that gave Myzteziz enough time to rally, and he zipped around, causing Los Hell Brothers to take each other out.

La Parka came in and took on all three Hell Brothers by himself, but got beat down as a result, and they got the pin. I’m really not sure what happened to Myzteziz at the end there, he just disappeared. A nothing match, really.

After the match, los rudos laid a kicking in on los técnicos, and did their devil horns pose for the camera. Poor show by the babyfaces, there.

Hey, its our main event! It’s el Patrón Alberto & Fénix versus Brian Cage & Texano Jr!

Brian Cage came out with Konnan and Pentagón Jr, evil united. The announcer called him “The Mexican Killer”, which I assume means he kills Mexicans rather than being Mexican and a killer, because he’s not Mexican. yeah, I overthought it. Texano Jr came out with, as usual, el Hijo del Tirantes. One day he’s going to have a match without him and then he’s in trouble.

Fénix was stylish in green, looking not unlike el Pirana, from the UK’s own Lucha Britannia. He was joined by el Patrón Alberto, beloved in the border city as he is anywhere else. Swoon.

Ah, los rudos attacked before the bell rang. Not that el Hijo del Tirantes gave a shit, of course. They went straight into the rudo breakdown, and Penatgón Jr helped with a few punches and kicks for Alberto.

Back in the ring, Texano Jr worked over Fénix, while Cage whacked Alberto with a chair on the outside. Texano Jr tried tearing at Fénix’s mask, biting his head in an effort to draw blood. God, I love lucha libre.

On the outside, even Konnan was getting a few licks in on Alberto, while Pentagón Jr went into the ring to help Texano Jr, not that he seemed to need it. I’d say that the referee lost control but 1) it’s Mexico and they never have control, and 2) it’s el Hijo del Tirantes and he’s a dick.

Cage brought Alberto into the ring, and then he and Texano Jr went back for Fénix. When they got back into the ring, Alberto had vanished, so they double-teamed Fénix in some innovative and ouchy ways. The camera found Alberto on the outside, bleeding from his head.

Texano Jr went out and got a table. He and Cage set it up in the ring, and Cage took Fénix up top. Alberto repearred and stopped Cage in his tracks, saving Fénix from the table, and then hit a lungblower on Texano Jr. Los rudos sought respite on the outside but Alberto hit a topé suicida out onto Cage and Fénix hit a ropewalk flip plancha onto Texano Jr. Aces

Alberto took Cage up to the top of the ramp, and then walked him back down, slamming his head into the ringpost. He then slammed his head six times into the announcers’ table before Fénix took over and had a go, too.

The doctor – and Pentagón Jr – were with Texano Jr, and I guess this might have been where he suffered his later-reported torn pec. He got up and staggered over to the action, and he & Fénix took it into the ring.

They went back and forth and Fénix got a – very slowly-counted – nearfall with a double foot stomp on Texano Jr’s back. Texano Jr then whipped him into the ropes and he did one of those upside down ropes rebound thingies but Texano Jr caught him and hit a fireman’s carry backbreaker. He got a nearfall, which was broken up by Alberto.

Cage came in and got a nearfall on Alberto and then followed up with a series of clotheslines in the corner. Alberto came back with an uppercut and a DDT for a nearfall of his own, which was broken up by Texano Jr.

Texano Jr got rid of Alberto and Fénix came back in. He dumped Cage on the ropes, ready for a 619, but went to the outside instead and hit a kick to the face from the apron. He and Texano Jr then went at it, with Fénix getting the better of it and then deciding to flip plancha out onto Cage.

Alberto came back in and took off his t-shirt, which is the lucha equivalent of Lawler dropping the strap. He and Cage brawled, and Cage hit an F5, which only got a two-count, despite el Hijo del Tirantes going fast.

Cage signalled to put Alberto through the table, which had been in the ring all this time, but Alberto locked on a cross armbreaker. El Hijo del Tirantes refused to acknowledge the submission, and he & Alberto got in a shoving match. Alberto flipped, whipped Tirantes into the ropes and hot a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the referee!

By this time Konnan was in the ring and Alberto sought the opinion of the crowd as to whether he should put him through the table. They agreed he should and he went up top to hit the ten punches beforehand. This allowed Cage to recover and he grabbed Alberto and powerbombed him through the table to end the match. Kind of.

This was a Good Show. I’d imagine. The video on the version of it I had to watch stopped and started every few seconds, but the sound continued and I think I missed some chunks. But I liked the action I did see and I liked the outcomes and it’s all getting me WHET for Verano de Escándalo, part one of which will be on next week’s Sin Límite.

(You can see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel. The stars of AAA will be appearing at London’s Albert Hall on July 11th – details on luchafuture.com)


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