Jay Lethal is the Best in the World. It is indisputable, it is undeniable. After defeating Jay Briscoe live on pay-per-view for everyone to see, there is no longer any debating as to who holds this coveted title. When I decided to join the House of Truth, many of the critics questioned my decision. They couldn’t understand why I would give up a chance at the Ring of Honor World Television Championship.

Jay Lethal has shown the world why I made the correct decision. He is unstoppable. We are unstoppable: Because we are lead by Truth Martini, who is now not only the manager of champions, he is the manager of THE champion. It can not be overstated just how crucial Truth Martini is to the collective success of both Jay, and the House of Truth. Only one man in the world has the power, influence, money, and respect to lead such a celebrated athlete to the promise land, and that man is Truth Martini. Being in the ring as Jay Lethal celebrated his unparalleled victory at Best in the World was an experience like no other. To be surrounded by an aura of greatness like no other in the history of our sport was not only extraordinary, but it also taught me what it takes to be the pinnacle of professional wrestling.

To be the Best in the World. To be Jay Lethal.

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