Hey, it’s AAA Sin Límite! It’s the second half of Verano de Escándalo!

The show started with the usual “Previously on…” segment, this week featuring Electro Shock & Holocausto, the romantic misadventures of Máscara Año 2000 Jr, and last week’s action from Verano de Escándalo.

The first match on the show was the 2015 Alas de Oro, the Wings Of Gold for the high flyers, featuring Aero Star, Bengala, Daga, Drago, Fénix, El Hijo del Fantasma, Laredo Kid, Súper Fly, Súper Nova, and Steve Pain. Laredo Kid was a luchador sorpresa because they couldn’t reach an agreement with Flamita.

Steve Pain was out first, in the weirdest get-up. Mohawk, skull-patterned dirtbike mask under some kind of gimp mask, and Bam Bam Bigelow’s old tights. Huh.

Super Fly was out next, and he’s been MIA a bit from AAA TV lately. He’s been rocking up in Lucha Underground, though, and I don’t know what point I’m making here.

Talking of Supers, Súper Nova was next out, with a cape and shoulder pads. Boss. He was soon joined by another space cadet, Aero Star. He came out to “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi and that’s always an odd fit.

Not coming out to Perros del Mal music – so is he a member or not? – was Daga. Then Drago came out, with a set of nunchaku because Japan or something?

If it’s bhangra, it must be Bengala! Steve Pain sulked because now he wasn’t the fattest man in the match and therefore what’s the point of him?

Wearing a ring jacket with WIMTEAM written on the back was Fénix. Yeah, me either. Makes a change from Ribero, I guess. Then Laredo Kid came out to absolutely no reaction from the Monterrery crowd. I think a surprise is supposed to be exciting.

Finally, the AAA Cruiserweight champion el Hijo del Fantasma entered the ring, with the bossest ring music ever, “Welcome To The Jungle”. Seriously, think of a better one. Okay, I’ll give you “Back In Black”.

So this TEN-man match was all flip, flop, fly, but what do you expect of something called Wings Of Gold? I started with half the fellas dropkicking the other half out of the ring and then diving out onto them. Bodies everywhere. Good start.

Back in the ring, Steve Pain killed Aero Star with a high-drop RKO but then got double-knee’d to the mat. Aero Star went for his Nestea plunge off the turnbuckles but Pain met it with a lungblower. I’m impressed. Pain then hit a flip plancha over the top onto a bunch of dudes. Okay, I like Steve Pain.

El Hijo del Fantasma and Drago went at it, and Fantasma threw Drago into a returning Steve Pain. Drago huracanrana‘d him off the apron and they both tumbled to the floor. Drago got to his feet and Super Fly hit a SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP out onto him.

Bengala came in and took el Hijo del Fantasma down. Super Fly returned but Bengala took him down, too, and then used Fantasma as a weapon to splash him. He climbed up top and hit a double knees onto both. This is BRUTAL and AWESOME.

Bengala covered Super Fly for a nearfall, broken by el Hijo del Fantasma, who he then threw to the outside. Fantasma stood with Steve Pain, and Bengala hit a twisting plancha off the turnbuckle out onto them.

Back in the ring, Daga and Fénix went at it, and Fénix had Daga set up for the 619, only to do his usual and skip outside to hit a kick from the floor. Daga hit back with a huracanrana, sending Fénix outside, but when he tried a topé Fénix met him with a kick to the head.

Fénix then tried some kind of suplex which went wrong and he hit his shoulder on the apron. Ouchy. To make things worse, Daga hit a springboard twisting plancha out onto him.

Laredo Kid and Súper Nova did some lucha, and Laredo Kid went up top for a tornillo but Súper Nova moved. Nova them armdragged Laredo Kid out of the ring and got dropkicked to the mat by Super Fly.

Super Fly did the “viva los rudos!” shout, while Steve Pain laid in some punches on the grounded Súper Nova. The crowd didn’t like that. The two heels teamed up but Súper Nova moved fought back, and dispatched Super Fly to the floor before hitting a lovely rana into a pin, which was broken up by el Hijo del Fantasma.

El Hijo del Fantasma took over on Súper Nova, and locked in a whacky surfboard submission but Daga broke it up by kicking Fantasma IN THE HEAD. Daga then took Fantasma down and locked in his own submission, which was broken up by a clearly hurting Fénix.

Drago got back in the ring and went after Fénix, who quite clearly told him to leave him alone and then rolled out of the ring. Drago went after Daga instead, in a battle of men with the letters D, A, and G in their name, and got a nearfall.

Laredo Kid was next up, taking Drago down and then going up top for a diving senton, which looked really ouchy. He got a nearfall, Drago kicking out just as el Hijo del Fantasma came in to break it up.

A doctor came down the aisle – he could have had a few targets in mind – while Bengala and el Hijo del Fantasma grappled in the ring. Daga came in and got suplexed by Fantasma, which left them both lying, and Bengala covered both for a nearfall, broken up by Super Fly.

Super Fly kicked Bengala out of the ring but got taken down by el Hijo del Fantasma. Fantasma then kicked a returning Bengala off the apron and then hit a GIANT pescado out onto him which carried them both into the barriers at speed. FUCKING HELL.

Steve Pain then got double-teamed by Laredo Kid and a visibly in pain Fénix, who Yakuza kicked him in the corner after shrugging off the doctor, the idiot. Laredo Kid then hit a 450 Splash onto Pain and covered him, which was broken by Fénix hitting a 360 Splash onto them both. THIS MATCH!

Daga got in the ring and tried to roll Fénix out of it, before Laredo Kid threw him out. Steve Pain hit a sit-out powerbomb on Laredo Kid and covered him but the referee was checking on Fénix. This gave Drago time to break the cover. Meanwhile, the doctor and the referee made Fénix leave the ring.

Drago hit a DDT on Steve Pain, who rolled out of the ring, and Laredo Kid hit a quebrada out onto him. Super Fly dropkicked Drago out of the ring and then got dropkicked out himself by Aero Star, who hit a sweet topé suicida out onto him.

Fénix was stretchered off as Drago and Aero Star fought in the ring. Aero Star took Drago down and made a cover, which was broken by Súper Nova. Nova hit a shoulderbreaker on Aero Star and covered him himself but Super Fly ran in and broke it up.

Super Fly huracanrana‘d Súper Nova out of the ring and hit a flip plancha out onto him, while Drago and Aero Star went at it in the ring, ending with a tornillo and a vicious DDT from Drago, which he rolled through into his whacky pin for the win.

Well, that was fucking AMAZING. To call it a spotfest would be a gross understatement and also to lessen what lucha libre is about. It’s about the suspension of disbelief, both in that this is real and that a man can fly. They flew.

After the match, Super Fly tried to start shit with the técnicos but they sent him packing. AAA head honcho Joaquín Roldán came down to the ring and presented Drago with his prize, a pair of big – duh! – golden wings.

After a break, and some plugging of upcoming shows, they got on with the action – a three-way for the AAA Trios titles between Los Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Monsther Clown & Murder Clown), Los Hell Brothers (Averno, Cibernético & Chessman), and Holocausto (Electro Shock, el Hijo del Pirata Morgan & La Parka Negra).

Holocausto were out first, all dark and brooding. La Parka Negra was a late replacement for Kronos, who broke his ankle before the PPV.

Los Hell Brothers came out to pyro and wearing demonic masks, Metallica’s “Seek & Destroy” playing them in.

Finally, Los Psycho Circus – the reigning champions – came out, freaky laughter and “Entrance Of The Gladiators” heralding the arrival of the most unlikely babyfaces in professional wrestling. Murder Clown abducted a child again, as you do.

Referee el Hijo del Tirantes took the belts and the match started with a rudo beatdown, the six heels uniting to take down the técnicos. Then they turned on each other, and the show went to a commercial break.

After the break, Los Hell Brothers were on top, and Averno had brought a HUGE PIECE OF WOOD into the ring. He set it up against the ropes as Holocausto fought back and took control. Their dominance was brief, however, because Los Psycho Circus came back in and they took control of the match.

Monsther Clown & Psycho Clown speared Electro Shock & Averno through the HUGE PIECE OF WOOD, while Murder Clown took Averno & Cibernético down with a clothesline. Los técnicos took their switches out and whipped the remaining rudos out of the ring – even el Hijo del Tirantes got some – and stood tall to the cheers of the crowd.

While the referee recovered in the corner, the Circus triple-teamed Chessman, and then Cibernético. Averno came in to try and make the save for his Brothers but he got beat down, too. This gave Holocausto time to regroup and they came back and took out Los Psycho Circus, and then turned their attentions to Los Hell Brothers.

I may as well mention el Hijo del Pirata Morgan’s get-up here. In a match where pretty much everyone else was in black, he was wearing a good skull mask, and gold tights, with a red lion cloth. He stood out, alright. Smart man.

Los Psycho Circus came back again and cleared the ring. Then Psycho Clown & Monsther Clown hit stereo topé suicidas out onto el Hijo del Pirata Morgan & La Parka Negra, while Murder Clown backdropped Electro Shock over the top rope. Holocausto united on the outside, just in time for Murder Clown to plancha onto them from the top turnbuckle.

Back in the ring, Monsther Clown superplexed Chessman but the other Hell Brothers broke up the pin and put the boots to the other clowns. Chessman recovered and speared Psycho Clown and el Hijo del Tirantes counted three to give Los Hell Brothers the titles.

After the match, Monsther Clown got on the mic’ and challenged Los Hell Brothers. Averno started to reply for his team but Holocausto ran in and beat them down. Then the clowns dumped Holocausto out of the ring and Psycho Clown challenged Chessman to a match for the AAA Latin American title. Los Hell Brothers ran into the ring and took Los Psycho Circus down and Cibernético cut a talky of his own. Everybody’s talking.

Hey, it’s our main event! It’s Rey Mysterio Jr, Myzteziz & La Parka versus Johnny Mundo, Mesías & Pentagón Jr!

Pentagón Jr was out first, wearing swank new gear and carrying both his title belts. So, so BOSS. Mesías, wearing a skull mask, came out next. He got some sweet pyro but he’s still dull, dull, dull. Finally, Johnny Mundo appeared, inappropriate anthem “Born In The USA” sounding out, and made his cocky way to the ring.

La Parka came out first for the técnicos, strutting and popping as only a dancing skeleton can. Then Myzteziz, wearing one of his muscle shirts that was a shade of pink that made it look like he’d been skinned, came out. Finally, Rey Mysterio Jr made his appearance, all Terminator’d up – half robot, half luchador – and accompanied by some tough biker dudes and one of those Terminator robot things, last seen at Wrestlemania.

So Myzteziz and Pentagón Jr started out, doing the lucha that your daddy loved. Then La Parka and Mesías came in and stalled, which your mommy was quite fond of, if I remember correctly. She loved Zbyszko, right?

La Parka kicked Mesías out of the ring and tagged out to Rey Mysterio Jr. Mesías tagged to Johnny Mundo and the two former WWE stars felt each other out before Rey took Mundo down with some lucha for a nearfall.

They went back and forth some more and Mundo got the upper hand, which brought in his teammates for the rudo breakdown. Referee el Piero tried to maintain order but, eh, you know.

Mesías took La Parka outside the ring and slammed him into the announcers’ desk, while Pentagón Jr walked Myzteziz up the ramp to the stage and laid in the kicks up there. Mundo, meanwhile, was dumping Rey Mysterio Jr on the barriers, and then Mesías ran him into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Mundo brutalised La Parka and Pentagón Jr put the squeeze on Myzteziz. Mesías threw Rey Mysterio Jr aside, and los rudos teamed up on La Parka.

La Parka made his own comeback and Myzteziz came in to help. Rey Mysterio Jr joined in and suddenly it was Mesías who was going one-on-three against the técnicos.

Mesías escaped the ring but La Parka followed him out, and clotheslined him into the crowd. The rudos regrouped on the outside and had a huddle. La Parka got out of the ring and joined them until they realised he was there with a shock. I love La Parka.

Pentagón Jr got back in the ring and faced off with La Parka, and the match proper started. La Parka did his handshake comedy – ole! – and then took Pentagón Jr down with an armdrag. Mesías grabbed La Parka so Pentagón Jr could chop him but La Parka moved and Pentagón Jr chopped Mesías. A hip toss for Pentagón Jr from La Parka brought Mesías into the ring and La Parka danced with him. Then Pentagón Jr got a quebradora, Mesías got a slap, Pentagón Jr got a quebradora, Mesías got a slap, Pentagón Jr got pushed to the floor, and Mesías got pushed to the floor. Johnny Mundo came in and he got a quebradora, too. Gold.

Myzteziz came in, and he & Mundo went at it. Myzteziz out-lucha‘d Mundo, and then rolled outside, seemingly injured. Huh. Rey Mysterio Jr checked on him and then got into the ring, where he took down Mundo with Doink’s old whoopee cushion move, and huracanrana‘d Pentagón Jr out of the ring. Mesías came in, though, and took Rey down.

He dumped Rey out of the ring and Pentagón Jr attacked Myzteziz – and the doctor who was treating his injured knee – on the outside. In the ring, La Parka and Mesías fought. La Parka knocked Mesías out of the ring and then hit a topé suicida out onto him.

Meanwhile, Pentagón Jr brought Myzteziz back into the ring but Myzteziz fought back, sending Pentagón Jr outside and then hitting a flip plancha, injured knee and all. Mundo and Rey appeared in the ring and Rey set Mundo up for the 619, but Mesías dragged Mundo outside. They stood out there, thinking they were safe, but Myzteziz hit a topé suicida as Rey held the ropes open for him, out onto the rudos.

Pentagón Jr attacked Rey Mysterio Jr but got hit with a tilt-a-whirl DDT and draped on the ropes for the 619. Rey hit it and then followed with a Canadian Destroyer for the win, despite Mundo trying to break it up. That wasn’t a great match, if I’m honest. It seemed very bitty and that was with it being edited for TV, so I can only imagine how it was live.

Backstage, Johnny Mundo cut a talky on Rey Mysterio Jr, holding up the American flag and saying it was a symbol he didn’t need to hide behind, like Rey hid behind a mask. He said Rey wasn’t half the man Mundo was, or even half the man Rey used to be. He seemed to challenge Rey to a mask versus hair match. Interesting.

Then Rey Mysterio Jr replied, thanking the people of Mexico. He pretty much accepted the challenge, ending with “c’mon gringo, vente? Booyakka!” Erm, okay!

This was an Okay Show. The opening match was a MOTY candidate but the other two matches were disappointing. With such great talent you’d expect a little better but Triplemania is just around the corner. On the balance of it, Verano de Escándalo was a good show, though.

(You can see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel)

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