ICW was back in Glasgow for the first time in a couple of months for the Waynestock weekender on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of July. While there were some surprising returns, jaw-dropping spectacular spots, and some fantastic wrestling over the weekend, the car-crash booking style ICW is famous for was never more evident; especially on Sunday night.

But the weekend began in comparatively more low-key fashion in Maryhill, in the Community Hall where ICW made its name.


Long Before Wesley Snipes kicked off with New Age Kliq leader, Chris Renfrew taking on Lionheart. Unfortunately, the disconnect between the current ICW fan-base and Lionheart was more apparent than ever, with the vast majority of the crowd solidly behind Renfrew. Lionheart tried everything he could to gain the crowd’s backing, and pulled out a couple of big high-spots, but eventually fell to yet another loss, following interference from Stevie Boy. A post-match NAK beat-down was interrupted by Stevie’s former partner, Davie Blaze and The Wee Man, but they were soon dispatched as well, with Wee Man even taking a Stone Cold Stoner from Renfrew.

Jack Jester put away Kenny Williams, in a standard underdog vs powerful veteran, face vs face match. “The Bollocks” showed a lot of heart against his bigger opponent, and put in another impressive showing. Jester shook the younger man’s hand, after he got the win with his Tombstone.

Bram bested Noam Dar next, after interference from James R. Kennedy on the outside. After the match, Kid Fite entered the fray, and as The 55 continued the beating on Dar, Grado attempted to save his friend, but he also fell victim to the numbers game.

General Manger, Red Lightning then appeared and announced that he was sending his old friend, “Darkside” James Scott out to teach Grado a lesson. However, Grado was able to sneak the win over the returning, former ICW champion.

Wolfgang vs Dickie Divers never happened, after the NAK gave Divers an extended beatdown, but not before Divers managed to get a few kendo-stick shots in on Chris Renfrew.

Joe Coffey beat Lewis Girvan in a fine match, with Coffey securing the win following his bridging-German suplex. Girvan continues to look like a future main event-level talent; and the rise of Joe Coffey has easily been the best and most consistent part of ICW storylines in the last year or so.

After the match, Joe Coffey challenged Red Lightning to come out and face him, but after a wee bit of stalling from the GM, Red bailed out of the ring.

The debuting Aaron Echo took on his nefarious trainer, Kid Fite. James R. Kennedy made the difference at ringside once again, attacking Echo with a chair and helping Kid Fite to the win.

The contract signing for Mikey Whiplash and BT Gunn’s match at Shug’s Hoose Party II was up next. After the documents were signed, the NAK cut off Jam O’Malley’s dreadlocks and gave him a violent beating, only for Whiplash to laugh it off. The heels then laid into Whiplash himself, before the returning Rhino made the save.

After clearing the ring, Rhino declared that he wanted an ICW World Title match, and challenged Drew Galloway to face him. The polarising champion accepted the match, and the two embarked on a brawl that went all around the building, as well as outside onto the Maryhill Road. Galloway eventually picked up the win with his Future-shock DDT.


Long Before Wesley Snipes was a solid set-up show for the bigger event in the O2 ABC,  the following night, with the majority of the show servicing the bigger picture moving forward.

The 55 and the new configuration of the NAK continued to dominate everyone in their path, Grado and Joe Coffey picked up momentum-building wins against strong opposition who aren’t involved in current storylines, and the main event was a hard-hitting and exciting brawl between two of the bigger name draws ICW has to offer.

ICW is definitely at its best when they weave their big angles through solid wrestling and logical progression in the storylines.

Sunday arguably blew all of that logic out the window!



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