Hey, it’s AAA Sin Límite! It’s that flippy, floppy, flying show you like!

The show started with the usual “Previously on…” segment, featuring highlights from Verano de Escándalo.

Somewhere in Mexico City, Máscara Año 2000 Jr was given a flyer for a restaurant by a cute girl chalking their board. He then wondered off, saying something to himself in Spanish I don’t understand. This telenovela is taking AGES. GIVE ME MORE.

They showed a hype video for Triplemanía 23, and some stuff deifying Antonio Peña, and then the opening match was Australian Suicide & a luchadora sorpresa versus Machine Rocker & Taya Valkyrie.

Machine Rocker is METAL. Perhaps too METAL, if such a thing can be. Taya came out to the Perros del Mal music, which is some of the coolest music in wrestling. El Hijo del Perro Aguayo lives on. Taya was carrying her AAA Women’s title belt that she never defends. Smart woman.

Australian Suicide is the perennial opening match guy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The surprise luchadora was Goya Kong, who’s from the Los Brazos family and has their, erm, unique physique. She jumped from CMLL and it’s like the 90s all over again.

Goya Kong came in all sexily and went to rub herself all over the referee, Copetes Salazar. He’s a rudo, though, so fuck him.

Kong wanted to start out with Taya but Taya was freaked out by her sensuality and tagged out to Machine Rocker. Rocker got Kong in a waistlock and she ground herself into him and he backed away, covering what looked like his growing erection. LUCHA!

Rocker took Kong down and then went riding. amateur-style, before popping back up and slapping her. He tried a sunset flip but she rolled through and splashed him. He got the hell out of Dodge and she did lucha rolls before tagging out to Australian Suicide.

Suicide and Taya did some lucha and Taya kicked him and posed. Suicide came back with an Atomic Drop and a kick up the bum. The crowd liked that. Taya walked over to Kong and slapped her in the face, and Kong came in and belly bounced her out of her furry boots. Then she did a sexy dance.

Kong took Taya down, hit an elbow drop and then whipped her in the corner with a splash. She rubbed her bum in Taya’s face and Taya was disgusted. Rocker came in and Kong took him down with a quebradora, and then Taya got one. Suicide came in to celebrate with her and the rudos attacked them from behind, the dirty heels.

Taya upped the pace on Kong and kicked her in the face. Rocker laid in a dropkick, too. Then they double-teamed Suicide, like a well-oiled machine (rocker).

They started on Kong again but Taya got a splash and Rocker got dumped outside. Suicide came in and straight out again, hitting a plancha out onto Rocker. Taya knocked Kong out of the ring and hit a plancha from the ringpost out onto her.

Back in the ring, Rocker and Suicide went at it, and Suicide got a nearfall. He went up for a twisting press but Rocker moved. Rocker hit a fisherman’s driver but didn’t get to make the cover because Kong slapped him and splashed him.

Taya and Kong fought and Taya tried to slam Kong but couldn’t get her up. Instead, Kong fell on her with a splash but Rocker broke up the pin by kicking her. Suicide came in and threw Rocker outside, and then hit a Shooting Star Press out onto him from the ringpost.

Taya got a nearfall on Kong after a double foot stomp, but Kong popped up and hit a whacky package slam thingy for the win on her debut. Really, really fun match, that.

After the match, Psycho Clown came out to dance with Kong, his kayfabe sister which I guess is acknowledged here? He cut a talky, welcoming Kong to AAA, which was nice.

Then Villano IV came out and said some stuff. The gist was that Los Villanos were challenging Los Psycho Circus to a match at Triplemanía, which will be Villano III’s last match. The Villano family and Los Brazos feuded for years so it’s kinda apt that Villano III goes out against a Brazo. Then Villano IV laid out Psycho Clown and left him lying, with his sister cradling him in the ring.

After a break, they showed a re-cap video of the La Secta versus Los Güeros del Cielo feud, which ended in Los Güeros taking La Secta’s hair at Verano de Escándalo, and then we got Los Güeros (Angélico & Jack Evans) & Drago versus La Secta (Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria) & Joe Líder.

Líder came out to the Perros music and carrying his staple gun. Regular readers will know that usually doesn’t go very well for him. La Secta came out with short short hair and actually looked pretty boss, even if Dark Scoria did look a bit “flamboyant”. Dark Cuervo, let’s not forget, used to be HEAVY DRACULA. I have to remind you of that awesomeness every so often.

Drago came out with his nunchaku, and the ring announcer announced him as “Drago… Drago… Drago! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!” Los Güeros are, of course, beloved by the Mexican chicas and the women of Orizaba were no different. They loved them as much as I loved the bunny girls that accompanied them to the ring.

They started with a mass brawl and los rudos got the better of it, choking Los Güeros out on the ropes for a bit. Evans tried to make a comeback but was kicked down, and then stomped on by all three heels. Boooooooo!

They continued to beat on Evans until Angélico came in to make the save. He failed and got a beating of his own, upping the heat from the crowd. The Drago came in and La Secta gave him a beating, while Líder went for a ladder and some chairs. Well, he is the King of Extreme…

Líder set the ladder up in the corner of the ring and they whipped Drago into it but he stopped short. Líder charged at him and Drago sidestepped him and sent him careening into the ladder. Hoist. Petard. Again.

La Secta kicked Drago out of the ring and Evans came in, but he got beat down and then waffled with a steel chair. He made his own comeback and then Drago lent a hand and sent La Secta packing out of the ring. Evans hit a SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP and Drago hit a flip plancha out onto them.

Back in the ring, Angélico & Líder went at it, and the técnico took the rudo down. Evans appeared and Los Güeros double-teamed Líder for a nearfall broken up by La Secta. They dumped Los Güeros out of the ring and then went after Drago, and the show went to a commercial break.

After the break, La Secta were still beating on Drago but Los Güeros made the save. Referee el Piero got rid of the ladder and Los Güeros locked on whacky submissions on La Secta but Líder broke them up.

Drago came in and quick kicked Líder, who was bleeding from his leg, but Líder took him down and grabbed his staple gun. He stapled Drago in the shoulder and threatened the referee if he tried to interfere. Meanwhile, La Secta had found TWO HUGE PIECES OF WOOD, and put one in the ring. Drago hit a DDT on Líder for a nearfall, which La Secta broke up, and then all six men brawled again.

La Secta put Los Güeros in a weird looking double-team submission, which Drago broke up, and then Drago kicked Líder to the mat and grabbed his staple gun. He stapled Líder in the head, because Líder is mental. Drago then grabbed the second HUGE PIECE OF WOOD and put it int the ring in the opposite corner to the other. It’s like DIY SOS here.

Drago tried to suplex Líder through the wood but Líder blocked and rolled out of the ring. Drago went to dive out after him but Líder threw a chair at his head. Líder then hit a fireman’s carry slam off the apron onto the ladder on the outside. OUCHY.

Back in the ring, Angélico tried to hit the Fall of the Angels on Dark Scoria through the “table”, but Scoria hit a huracanrana and Angélico was the one who got wood. On the other side of the ring, Dark Cuervo speared Jack Evans through the other piece of wood and La Secta scored the double pin on Los Güeros for the win. They had a fun brawl there and I like this feud.

They did a newsflash thingy, announcing the main event for Triplemanía, revealing that Rey Mysterio Jr would face Myzteziz in what’s billed as Dream Match. Myzteziz cut a talky on Mysterio, and then Rey replied, and then they sat down together and some geek interviewed them. All in Spanish, and mi Español is weak, but you get what’s going on here.

Hey, it’s our main event! It’s Los Psycho Circus (Monsther Clown & MURDER Clown) versus Holocausto (Electro Shock & el Hijo de Pirata Morgan) versus Los Hell Brothers (Averno & Chessman)!

Holocausto were first out, all dark and brooding and, well, nasty. Then Los Hell Brothers came out, all dark and brooding and, well, hellish. And finally, the ones named after a monster and a murderer came out and were FUN!

But before that FUN! could spread too far, los rudos attacked the clowns on the ramp and started a huge rudo breakdown outside the ring, two heels to each técnico. Sad times.

Eventually, the breakdown spread into the ring, and both clowns were left lying. Electro Shock kicked Monsther Clown outside again, and tore at his mask. Inside the ring, Los Hell Brothers beat on Murder Clown and tore at his mask. Meanwhile, Electro Shock fetched a HUGE PIECE OF WOOD, which he propped in the corner of the ring, and then Monsther Clown got backdropped through it.

El Hijo del Pirata Morgan took Murder Clown’s belt and began whipping Monsther Clown with it, while Averno propped up what was left of the HUGE PIECE OF WOOD and drop toe-holded Murder Clown through it. Massive beating for the clowns here.

Murder Clown fired up and tried to make a comeback but the numbers got the better of him. In the background, some random geek brought out another HUGE PIECE OF WOOD. Don’t help them, mate, they’re ruos!

Los rudos all took turns whipping Monsther Clown with the belt and then old man referee Rafa el Maya got some. This was distraction enough for Los Hell Brothers to turn on Holocausto, and they led a beatdown on Electro Shock.

Suddenly, Murder Clown appeared and laid into Los Hell Brothers but they got back on top. Meanwhile, out of the ring, Monsther Clown had found that spare HUGE PIECE OF WOOD and slid it into the ring. Before he could use it, Los Hell Brothers grabbed it off him and set it up in the corner. Electro Shock popped up, slapped the hell out of Los Brothers and then tried to whip Monsther Clown into the wood but got reversed and sent through it himself.

The clowns saw their chance and made covers on Electro Shock and Chessman, but Averno and el Hijo del Pirata Morgan broke it up. A brawl broke out and Pirata ended up on the outside and Monsther Clown plancha‘d out onto him.

Back in the ring, Murder Clown fired up and took down Electro Shock and Chessman and made a double cover. Averno broke it up but then got hit with a Fisherman’s suplex by Pirata for a nearfall. Averno locked on a cross armbreaker on Pirata but Monsther Clown broke that with a smack from his belt.

More mass brawling – and a decent topé suicida from Electro Shock – broke out, and then most of the rudos were taken out by a HUGE plancha off the ringpost to the outside by Murder Clown.

That left el Hijo del Pirata Morgan and Monsther Clown in the ring, and the rudo got the submission with an armbreaker to end a really fun, messy brawl.

This was a Fun Show. Every match was fun and that’s without any of the top, top stars appearing. AAA has such a deep roster that even the openers, featuring the minor players – are as fun as the mains. Sin Límite isn’t essential watching, but if you’re not, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

(You can usually see this show every week on AAA’s YouTube channel, but they’ve been a bit slack lately, so you can also find it here)


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