Hey, it’s WWE NXT! It’s the little show that could!

The show started with Enzo & Big Cass coming out, along with Carmella. Enzo ran through his schpiel and the audience parrotted it word for word, even the bit about Carmella. I guess theyve accepted her now.

Already in the ring were Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, who Cass soon informed were “sawft”. Then they had a match and it was a fun match.

And just when you thought it was inevitable that Enzo & Big Cass would go on to NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and win the tag-team titles from Blake & Murphy, Dash & Wilder pick up the win, with a really cool finisher. I approve, as much as I like Enzo & Big Cass, because it makes it a truly fresh tag-team division.

Backstage, last week, Devin Taylor spoke to Jason Jordan & Chad Gable. They ragged on Enzo & Cass and the Hype Bros, and they’re a pretty fun pairing. Gable will be a big star one day.

They showed a video package hyping the Charlotte versus Dana Brooke match later in the show. Brooke claimed that she was the one who got Charlotte into shape, and that adds another dimension to their feud. Maybe Charlotte can give her hair advice in return?

Hey, it’s Baron Corbin! He came out to fight former TNA superstar Jesse Sorensen. And then he squashed him in, like, fifteen seconds. Before and after the match, Corbin had a look of contempt for the fans on his face. And a face on his stomach.

Backstage, in William Regal’s office, Tyler Breeze barged in and wanted to know whether Regal had booekd his opponent for Takeover yet. He said Regal hadn’t answered any of his messages and Regal said he’d sent a carrier pigeon. Breeze said he’d face anyone in the world but Regal told him to be careful what he wished for…

Back in the arena, Elias Sampson & Levis Valenzuela Jr (former Carolinas indy wrestler Manny Garcia, signed to NXT in April) awaited their opponents, Jason Jordan & Chad Gable. Valenzuela has a huge afro and white disco pants. I smell money.

So Jordan & Gable came out, and Full Sail LOVES them. They dominated early doors but then ran into some trouble, which allowed Sampson & Valenzuela to get some heat. They came back with a strong finish, and hit the assisted back suplex for the win. Fun match.

Backstage, Devin spoke to Dana Brooke & Emma. Brooke said Charlotte was scared and that she’s lucky she’s on Raw because she is going to evict her from NXT.

They showed a funny video montage of Bull Dempsey getting BULL-FIT! It was all 80s and stuff. I liked it. Now I want to get BULL-FIT!

Hey, it’s Charlotte! She came down to the ring for her match with Dana Brooke, who came out next, with Emma. Brooke’s hair is SILVER and looks TERRIBLE.

So they had a short match and Brooke looked the best she’s looked so far. Emma tried to get involved, which did allow Brooke to get some sneaky offense in, but Charlotte picked up the win with the Natural Selection.

Backstage, Samoa Joe cut a talky on Rhyno. He said he wanted the NXT title and that Rhyno was in the way. They fight next week.

Outside, and last week, William Regal spoke to a cameraman about Kevin Owens attacking him again, this time at the contract signing between Owens and Finn Bálor. Owens walked up and apologised. He left and Regal wished a beating on him in Brooklyn…

Backstage, Devin spoke to Eva Marie, who said she wanted the NXT Women’s title and put Sasha Banks on notice.

Hey, it’s Kevin Owens! He came down to the ring for a match with Martin Stone, who used to work here as Danny Burch. He was just plain old Martin Stone tonight, though.

Owens basically squashed him – although Stone did get a running kick in the corner in – and then finished him with the pop-up powerbomb. After the match, Owens hit a powerbomb on the apron, and then mocked Finn Bálor’s pose on the top turnbuckle. Good old school booking.

They showed a hype video for Rhyno. Like I said, he fights Samoa Joe next week.
Hey, it’s our main event! It’s Blake & Murphy versus The Vaudevillains for the NXT Tag-Team titles!

The Vaudevillains came out first, to a big pop, and then Blake & Murphy followed, accompanied by the evil pixie Alexa Bliss.

Simon Gotch started out fast, trying to get some quick pins, and the Vaudevillains were on top going into the first commercial break.

After the break, Gotch was wearing down Buddy Murphy, and then tagged in Aidan English. He got double-teamed and the champs got on top for a while.

Murphy had English locked up in a submission but English backdropped him out of it, and then dodged the charging Wesley Blake, making the hot tag to Gotch.

Gotch unloaded on Murphy and then rolled him up for a nearfall. Murphy got thrown into Blake, knocking him off the apron, and then tagged back out to English. Alexa Bliss tripped English up and, while he was admonishing her, Blake rolled him up for the win.

After the match, the Vaudevillains hit the Whirling Dervish on Blake & Murphy, and then picked up the title belts when the champions took a powder. That left Bliss in the ring with them, and they circled her. The crowd chanted “Chivalry!” and they made to let her leave. She slapped them both, called them pathetic, and then left with the champions. And that’s your show!

This was a Good Show. Although there was nothing outstanding – except BULL-FIT! – everything that they did furthered something and that’s what you want from a weekly wrestling TV show that builds to a quarterly special.

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