So, yeah, this is usually where you’d read my review of Monday’s Raw show. Obviously this ain’t it. So what is it? It’s an EXPLANATION is what it is…

I was going to start the new era of The Linus Report next week, after handing in my review of Summerslam (to be published in issue 5 of Steelchair, out next week!), but I’ve gone early, like that fella who went early that time. So, from pretty much this point on (and apart from the last three NJPW G1 shows, which will appear this week sometime), there’ll be no Linus Reports for individual shows. Instead, there’ll be round-ups, probably weekly but maybe more or less often depending on what’s going on.

You’ll still get the same weak jokes, the same explosions of OUTRAGE, and the same expressions of sweet, sweet love for Bayley, but I won’t go insane watching every tiny moment of every single show for your casual amusement. The first one will appear on Saturday afternoon, covering this week’s WWE shows leading up to NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and Summerslam at the weekend, and we’ll see where we go from there.

To all of you who’ve read – and hopefully enjoyed – The Linus Report so far, thanks for sticking with us and I hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming.

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