When asked why I love wrestling and all of the usual reasons immediately spring to mind. But in my opinion the clip below features everything I love about wrestling. Shock, suspense, laughter, a real WTF moment, and backstage politics are all present in the space of thirty seconds.

You have WCW’s main players all taking part – Ric Flair, Sid Vicious & Vader versus Sting, The British Bulldog & a mystery guest that was supposed to “shock the world.” Instead of shocking, what we got was the most infamous botched and unintentionally comical moments in wrestling history.

The angle took place on Flair For The Gold, a sort-of wrestling version of Late Night With David Letterman, in front of a live audience whose cheers were silenced when, instead of exploding through the wall with menace, The Shockmaster tripped and burst through the drywall on to the floor. As legend has it, the wall was reinforced under the orders of David Crockett, who hated the gimmick because it was Dusty Rhodes’s idea and therefore sought to sabotage it.

The Shockmaster attempted to regain composure as he fumbled around for his helmet, which had fallen off in the calamity and was revealed to be a Star Wars Storm Trooper mask sprayed silver. Curses of disbelief and the groans of anger and embarrassment from the other wrestlers filled the microphones of the live cameras. The show must always go on, and Sid Vicious started shouting at his new enemy, but the whole mess knocked everything out of sync, and The Shockmaster began making arm movements to coincide with the dubbed over words, trying to fool the audience into believing they were his.

People try and force comedy in wrestling but this is unintentional comedy gold. Yes, the whole segment is a mess but it took just another lousy gimmick and placed it into the echelons of wrestling history and countless online reruns.


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