The awful news broke on Thursday night that WWE Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins had blown his knee out and would be off TV for 6-9 months having to vacate the belt in the process. Short time it hurts, WWE has invested a lot of time on Rollins, he is their top heel, he’s on every show as one of the few main-eventers that have, and now we are faced with a depleted main event scene with only one real viable option as his replacement, Roman Reigns. However it is the long-term picture that is in serious jeopardy especially leading up to Wrestlemania. Rollins was going to be part of the show on a massive scale either The Shield Triple Threat or against HHH, both huge matches and potential main events. So the WWE, at the expense of Rollins has to make both long and short-term changes and make them now, which is an exciting predicament to be in but the WWE product is pretty bad enough as it is, so now without their top heel champion the company is in dire straits when it comes to the predecessor, for example Rollins last two opponents for the title were Sting and Kane, both well past their prime. Add WWE’s inability to raise any new stars, despite the fans calling for it, Cesaro, Wyatt, Ambrose and even Reigns have been given a reinforced glass ceiling to break through. This must fall on the massive shoulders of big Vinnie K, who has failed to the deliver us, the fans, with the next top WWE Superstar. Therefore, if we look at this positively it forces a shake up that has been yearned for for a good while now. It is a very good time for WWE’s hand to be forced toward change, Cena is gone until Xmas, Orton is out until next summer, Taker is limited, Lesnar has filled is yearly quota of appearances. The WWE have to be creative because this changes everything. Firstly they have made Survivor Series a much more intriguing event by adding a 1998 Deadly Games style tournament to crown the new WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Reigns – Its has to be, no question he is VKM’s chosen successor to Cena. Touted, pushed and expected to capture the gold at Wrestlemania 31 but negative reactions and a love for D-Bry put a stop to that. To be fair the the cartoon promos he was given were damaging, his in-ring ability called into question and his push staggered under the banner of too much, too soon. Since then the mid-card has been his home along with a feud that lasted forever until he won the number one contender tournament to face former comrade Rollins at Survivor Series. However, that is no more and will have to start again when another tournament starts on Nov 22nd.
Verdict – Winner but victim of cash-in.

Ambrose – The fans have been calling out for him to given a chance, a feud even a win. The WWE have teased it in the past as his Stone Cold-esque antics were given top billing, but since then he has wallowed in the mid-card. I can see an Ambrose v Reigns final and a heel turn in the process, a nice idea but in all reality I can’t see Ambrose holding the title ever even in an emergency such as this.
Verdict – Finalist possible heel turn.

Cesaro – The crowds, internet community and Stone Cold love him, he’s strong, powerful, and fantastic worker who, much to Vince’s chagrin, has become popular without his blessing. He has the look, talent and would look great with the “brass ring” but poor booking and continual losses have hurt his momentum at every turn, like many wrestlers before him (Ziggler) it looks like the Swiss superman is destined to be the guy who woulda, shoulda, coulda.
Verdict – Finalist.

Wyatt – Extremely over but like Ambrose I can’t ever see him with a strap, he’s one of those wrestlers that doesn’t really need it and he’s too preoccupied playing with Undertaker’s soul and stealing his lightening powers.
Verdict – No chance
Owens – Yes please, but no this nor the time or the place for Owens yet. He looks great as the Intercontinental Champion and needs to build himself more and more to become the best heel in the business. Heavyweight titles await but just not yet.
Verdict – Semi- Finalist.

Ziggler – He gets a push every Survivor Series but I can’t see him getting past the semi-finals despite being extremely over and putting on great matches whenever steps into the ring.
Verdict – Close but no cigar, Semi-Finalist.

Daniel Bryan – If this happens I would totally mark out however I believe this is nothing more than a pipe dream. Until he is cleared to wrestle or leaves WWE and excels back on the indies he will forever be drinking pink lemonade on the god awful Total Divas.
Verdict – Dark, Dark, Dark Horse sadly not going to happen.

Sheamus – MITB holder has teased a cash in but nothing has come to fruition as of yet. It would be perfect if Reigns wins and at the pinnacle of his glory, BOOM, the celtic music hits, Bro-Kick and Reigns becomes the focus of everybody’s sympathy, just like D-Bry at Sumerslam 2013.
Verdict – Cash-in leaves Champion

Cena – I can’t see it really but this is the WWE and Cena is Mr. WWE. But he has been granted time off to film a TV show, therefore I can’t envisage him coming back to not win the title and even more so to win it because then he would have to be around.
Verdict – You never know

Lesnar – If McMahon writes another bumper cheque and Brock agrees, then we could see The Beast incarnate but he doesn’t care about titles or the situation, so I don’t think we’ll see him as hunting season is now open and he wants to try out his new gun.
Verdict – Winner Champion because Vince has very deep pockets.

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