Our spin-off magazine SteelChair asked our Twitter followers and writer’s for questions for Virgil. Who said he would answer ANYTHING. Nothing was held back,this is what Virgil had to say…

How is your relationship outside the ring with Ted Dibiase?


Man, I love Ted. Him and I are best friends. We go back forever and he is doing his thing and I am doing mine. We good.

Do you really go to conventions and advertise that Ted DiBiase is going to be there to trick people into giving him cash?


That doesnt happen man. I am a straight up business man. That sign that says me and Ted is because that is where they know me from. That is marketing 101 son. What else should I be doing? I am trying to survive and hit my stride. I am like the most interesting man in the world.

You accidentally spat sausage roll at me during conversation at the LFCC about 3/4 years ago. No question there but I did get to hold the million dollar belt

Olly Hanks

You must be proud. You owe me $20 and we are good.

How do you feel about the Lonely Virgil site?


I love it because people are so fucked up and dumb that they think that the most successful black wrestler of my generation is only one way. How you think i get my fuck money. I am born with greatness and you can only see it when you dont see it you know what i mean?

Are you aware of the ridicule your convention appearances and recent kickstarter campaign cause?


Why you talking to me then? I am gonna make the world fuck money famous and you will be laughing at your mama when its all said it done. I am royalty.

Do you have regrets from your time in wrestling?

Just not having sex with a couple chicks and turning down being the lead member of the 4 horsemen.

You seem to use your time with Ted DiBiase why not the more recent and popular nWo?

NWO was hot as fuck. I made that shit hot. I made it relevant. Who else but me? But Ted and I was just Ted and I.

What do you think about Hogan’s recent and controversial comments?

Hogan’s a good man. I’ve known him forever man. He never did shit to me. I don’t condone racism, but the Hogan I know is a good guy.

How much money has your kickstarter made?

Enough to take me to Olive Garden 4-5 times in a week… but it would be real fine

Who would he most like to wrestle and what format of match?

Maybe Brock and I would have a great match. Or Rock he and I could tear it down sun. 60 minute iron man

what’s with the fruity green hat???


What isnt with the fruity green hat… god gave me that.

why are you the big time jabroni, bubba?

Your mama

Why do you have heat with iron sheik?


Sheik just jealous about my 14 inches. I love that man.

Would you make a full version of the “Fuck Money”?


I am working on it and it will win a grammy. you wait. I cant wait for this to happen and believe I have what it takes to be the next Mary J Blige.

How big is Batista’s dick? #fuckmoney


Not bigger than mine.

Are OG breadsticks better than Red Lobster biscuits? 



Recently on Twitter you had an altercation with CM Punk in which Punk ended things calling him a c*nt, what’s the beef there and what do you think of Punk?

I got no problem with Punk. He may be upset about something but he can take that shit elsewhere. I am the most sought after Black wrestler on earth and maybe he just wants to be on Team Virg.

Favorite character:Soul Train Jones,Virgil, Vincent, Curly Bill or just Mike Jones @ end of WCW run? #fuckmoney


Virgil with a bit of Curly Bill… Curt use to crack me up big time man

Hi Virgil do you ever wish you had won a real title?


I have won 6 times in Japan.

Ever kiss brother love on the mouth?



What is the minimum dollar amount that qualifies as #Fuckmoney?


$1 bro anything counts towards the dream.

You going to reappear on WWE? Think you character has a lot more depth now and would be great drama coming back


I would love to for sure man. I mean i could help out the younger talent big time and give them a real taste of what success is… 6 years on top and than 3 years with the NWO… who else could say that?

What’s your favorite dish at Olive Garden? #fuckmoney


Pasta with LOTS of meat sauce bro

Can I have some of your fuck money?


You get yours, I get mine.

How does it feel to see fans reaching out to you?


I love my fans. I love the lovers and the haters gonna love me because I am too sweeet son. I can bring the world on my side and become the black steve jobs

what’s the difference between normal money and #FuckMoney


Fuck Money is that money you just fuck with. like attaching an oliver garden restaurant to your house or buying a mercedes benz just to drive you to Olive Garden and shit. that is my jam. I love that place.

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