After teasing it for the last couple of weeks Vampiro is jakked up taking about his boy Pentagon Jr the destruction he caused by breaking Mil Muertes’ arm

The return of Bengala, the tiger faced luchadore, is overshadowed by the debut of Kobra Moon, the Luna serpent, as she slithers into the ring. Dominating early with an array of hurricanranas she quickly puts Bengala to sleep with a snake sleeper in an ok match neither competitors able to really showcase what they’re about, which is strange considering what Bengala and Lucha Underground can do. Kobra Moon’s debut should give the people an exhibition to put her distinctive character on the map in a product full of over the top characters.

Speaking of over the top characters we are given a vignette where we are shown members of an Aztec tribe, a prophecy of war, death and the return of the Gods in human form in a thousand years time. To avoid this massacre the man from the stars, Aerostar insists he must travel to the Gods now, he braces himself, powers up and bursts into the sky ascending to the heavens in a shower of sparks. It is stuff like this that makes Lucha so special. Yes it is hokey, and a tad silly but I want to suspend my belief, I want to see a spaceman talk with ancient tribes, I want to see a dragon-man breathe fire, I want Mil Muretes to sit on a thrown of skulls over looking the ring like Shoa-Khan from Mortal Kombat and LU provides us with just that, for which I am eternally grateful.

Another cut-scene sees the evil, sultry Catrina circle King Cuerno telling him that capturing the Gift of the Gods title was not enough and demands he kill Fenix in a Last Luchadore Standing match.

Jack ‘The Human Video Game’ Evans returns to the temple bringing his cocky and arrogant style with him. But he must use all of his skills as another returning hero enters the ring wings an all. Drago.
The two high octane high flyers started with an unusual slow pace trading stiff punches, kicks and chops, in what should’ve been a match with thrills and spills galore but ended up being a rather sloppy and somewhat ugly encounter, which is a shame as the crowd, the commentators and myself were all hoping for more.

Texano returns in a cut scene featuring him doing chores on his ranch while reminiscing about Chavo Guerrero and his gang nailing him with a series of chair shots before taking out his rage on some punk luchadores in a bar brawl. He returns next week. Can’t say I’m to bothered about that because in a product full of great characters and over the top personas Texano is rather bland.

Catrina mocks Prince Puma in the locker room by revealing Konan’s final words were forgive me die to his failure to guide Puma to glory. She then adds further spice to his upcoming match with Pentagon Jr by asking if would make a sacrifice to his fallen master.

Last Luchadore Standing is next and after the entrances we get straight into the action with Fenix and Cuerno hitting fierce high-flying moves in the ring before heading outside. Fenix gets thrown into everything from the spectator’s chairs to the railings and stands for near count outs. Fenix hits two spectacular springboard corkscrew planchas that keep Cuerno down until the count of nine. Cuerno hits a viscous suicide dive but Fenix recovers in time aghast at Fenix’s resilience Cueno spots a ladder to the delight of the crowd and drives into his enemies forehead. But that isn’t enough, to make sure Fenix cannot rise again he brings out the fan favourite, the table. However Fenix struggle free and plants Cuerno with a strong super kick and ascends the ladder with Cuerno is pursuit. Fenix reaches the ceiling first and tips the ladder sending Cuerno crashing painfully through the table onto the floor for the count out and victory.

In a magnificent vignette it is revealed that Cortez Castro of The Crew is an uncover agent sent by a Captain Vasquez to compile evidence against Dario Cueto but having failed to do so she must send someone else into The Temple to clean up the mess. That someone is none other than Mr YouPorn himself, Joey Ryan. Playing a cliche 70s/80s cocky undercover cop is a perfect way to introduce a wrestler who does not take himself seriously with a sleazy, sexual character that would not really fit in with Lucha Underground but they nailed it. Like always.