The show opens with Ivelisse demanding a match between Team Havoc and the Disciples of Death for the Trios titles, Cartina disagrees giving them another trios team itching to leave their mark and we get the first fight of the night.

The crowd pops for Team Havoc before their opponents are revealed, Chavo Guerrero and the Crew in which undercover agent, Cortez is featured. Once again Mil Muretes watches the action from up on high, which is fast, fierce and full on. Ivelisse after a flurry of offence is singled out the by the dastardly trio until she manages to get the hot tag to Son of Havoc who then falls victim to unscrupulous actions. Angelico cleans house and after a great spot when all three of Team Havoc flip to the outside from different parts of the ring, lands the double stomp for the 1, 2, 3, and the Disciples of Death and the Trios Championships await the victors. Chavo then sacrifices The Crew to the returning Texano looking to exact revenge on the sneaky heel.

Johnny Mundo gets a cool vignette training and setting up his feud with Cage, while airing grievances that he has not been treated like the star that he is and should be the Lucha Underground Champion. This is his world and everyone else is just living in it.

We head to the locker room where new boy Joey Ryan mocks Cortez for taking such a beating and being a crappy cop. His debut is up next, lets see what he’s got.

Cocksure, flamboyant and sexually provocative, the Lucha faithful don’t really know how to take and neither do Styker and Vampiro. His opponent is different and the crowd love him. His name is Cage and he looks like he’s added even more muscle mass from last season, this dude is fucking huge. Welcome to the Temple Joey, good luck you’re going to need it.

Cage hits some big power moves until he misses a spear and Joey goes to work on the shoulder. The actions twos and fros and crowd and commentators both begin to respect Ryan’s ability to stand up to the man mountain that is Cage. However this doe not last and after Cage hits a very dangerous looking Screwdriver dropping Ryan right on his head for the win. As the victor flexes and parades Johnny Mundo attacks from behind with a spear and a Shining Wizard but alas is unsuccessful in exacting sufficient revenge when Cage hits him with the Weapon X.

Fantastic cut scene of the week features Rey Mysterio training and educating Dragon Azteca 2.0 about the original Dragon Azteca and Dario Cue’s father to find the descendants of the seven ancient Aztec tribes for one last battle as Luchadores. But Cueto became obsessed with dark side of the myth and appeased the gods with a sacrifice, a shell for an evil god, his own son who became the monster Motunza Cueto. To break the Cueto’s bonds of black magic Dragon Azteca must do the impossible and reunite seven ancient Aztec tribes. This is, as I have said before is what makes Lucha Underground so great, we now have the history of the main story arc that remained hidden from us in the first season and a fantastic tie in with the Aerostar cut scene of last week for a tale that features, magic, Aztec myth, gods, monsters, ancient battles and spacemen. Farfetched? Yes. Crazy? You bet. Brilliant? Fucking right it is.

Next up his Prince Puma versus Pentagon Jr. Fuck yeah!

The two test and taunt each other to the delight of the crowd, who are split right down middle cheering for both wrestlers equally. The action takes a violent turn as it spills to the outside and back into the ring where the two trade stiff and breathtaking moves. Vampiro constantly analyses Pentagon’s action, questions his motives and criticises his mistakes, his master will return soon me thinks. Pentagon hits the package piledriver but instead of going for the pin opts for a surfboard stretch into a backslide pin where both competitors shoulders are down, unbeknownst to Pentagon, Puma arches his neck on the two count but the ref stills adds the third and calls for the bell. Pentagon celebrates but the referee raises Puma’s hand in victory and gets a superkick for his troubles, Puma in turn kicks him and locks in the armbar, Mil Muretes, Vampiro and the fans rise to their feet in anticipation but the valiant Puma releases the hold.

A corridor is darkened by the fleeing shadow of Sexy Star as she escapes the lair of The Moth. The Mack discovers her and goes to exact revenge on Marty the Moth but Sexy informs him it is not a he but a she, and she is right behind you. Mack turns slowly and his eyes widen in fear at what? We must wait another week.

Another class episode of the best show on TV right now. We had great in-ring action, fantastic vignettes and excellent storyline progression, pretty much everything we have come to expect from this brilliant product. Encore!