Pentagon Jr bows to his master in a smokey dojo and a voice tells us that he is the personification of Ian Watkins’ nightmares and that nothing can stand in his way not even Catrina.

Jack “The Dragon Slayer” Evans steals the mic off Melissa Santos and gets the crowd riled up before Cape Town’s own PJ Black enters the ring. The match is full of cheat shots, eye pokes and hard hitting, entertaining high spots. Everything you would expect from these two veteran high flyers. Drago interferes but sprays green mist in PJ Black’s face by mistake allowing Evans to pick up the victory. Black’s second loss is as many matches but seems to be caught in a promising triangular feud with Drago and Evans.

King Cuerno v Killshot is up next and does not disappoint as the two kick the shit out of each other with some of the loudest kicks I’ve ever heard. Cuerno’s suicide dive is a thing of viscous beauty but unfortunately Killshot’s attempted cutter off the ring apron wasn’t, and the botch took the wind out of the match. Cuerno hit the Thrill of the Chase and collects another victory but continues the punishment until Fenix makes the save causing Cuerno to high tail it out of there.

Texano’s gauntlet match against Cisco, Cortez and Guerrero follows with Cisco entering first and being put away quickly with a surprise superkick. Of course Cortez is next as Guerrero waits outside hoping for an advantage but Texano perseveres and eliminates Cortez. Guerrero enters and after some standard offence defeats Texano with interference from The Crew. Nothing special here and a waste of valuable minutes on a show that could go to much more deserving talent.

Cut scene of the week gets shared this week as these two back to back are to good to choose from.

Dario Cueto and Black Lotus outside of their new temple as the cries from the victims of Motunza Cueto fill the air. Cueto tells Black Lotus the history of his precious red bull statue in a happy tale of his viscous and cruel mother and how Motunza used the statue to cave in her head to protect Dario from her evil temper. Anytime Dario Cueto is on our screens he is a joy to watch and the best on screen character of season 1 and his absence from this season remains vital to the story making his return to the original Temple a spectacular one.

Catrina saunters through the Temple only to be stopped by an angry Pentagon Jr demanding a rematch with Prince Puma. Using her supernatural powers she appears in various positions around the ring stating that she doesn’t have to give him anything after he broke the arm of Mil Muertes and the two enter a sequence of Kung-Fu combat ending in Catrina in the clutches of Pentagon’s arm lock. Just as he is about to snap her bones she smirks and disappears from his grasp appearing outside the ring saying he can have Puma next week and putting his hands on her was the biggest mistake of her life. This was great and really showed Catrina as a force to be aware of she held her own against Pentagon Jr while displaying her supernatural prowess. This is one scary chick.

Johnny Mundo in full heel mode enters the ring to “Johnny Zero” chants. Cage in full face mode enters the ring to cheers and high fives. The two face off next.
Cage dominates with violent power moves while Mundo combats fast, high flying offence. Back and forth we go with oohs, aahs and near falls until Cage hits Weapon X that should’ve ended it but interference by newcomer Taya allows Mundo to gain the advantage with help of a lead pipe. The two the team up to lay the boots in on Cage a move that they will no doubt come to regret.

King Cuerno busts into Catrina’s office and breaks their deal by demanding a title shot against Mil Muertes which is instantly denied because next week he must face Fenix in a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods title.

As always a great episode, we saw three strong matches and storyline progression. Catrina continues her reign of darkness over the Temple. King Cuerno, Johnny Mundo, Cage, Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr all head toward Mil Muretes and the Lucha Underground Championship, while Dario Cueto plots his return.