We get straight into it with;

Cut Scene of the Week – Mil Muretes prays in some ungodly shrine and questions Catrina’s actions but she reveals that if it wasn’t for her he would have remained a scared little boy trapped in the tomb the gods put him in. Enraged by her raising the past Muretes grabs her by the throat, raising her off the floor and demands to bury Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma but she denies his request and does her disappearing trick to anger him more.

Our first match features Sexy Star now free from Marty the Moth’s capture versus recent newcomer Kobra Moon. The luchadores take time in feeling each other out when The Mac joins us outside showing concern for Sexy Star’s welfare after her ordeal. The action is weak and somewhat clumsy but this match was meant for the continuation of the abduction storyline, which is proved as Marty the Moth distracts Star who then succumbs to Moons Dragon Sleeper.

Hey Famous B is back in a wonderfully cheesey grainy, late night style sales commercial. All you need do is call 423 – GET – FAME and become a famous fighter. Funny, corny and a great chance for another talented Lucha Underground wrestler to shine. We transition into Dragon Azetca’s training room where he has been watching the commercial when Rey Mysterio angrily turns it off and scorns his lazy protege with an impromptu training session stating there is no time for TV when your destiny awaits. These cut scenes are the perfect way for Lucha Underground to use Mysterio as his time in the ring is very limited after the many injuries sustained over his illustrious career. To use him as the mentor for the luchadore who will take down Cueto and his evil reign uses his name and fame while saving his body for one great comeback.

King Cuerno, who will face Fenix in a ladder match later on, sits in his hunting lodge bragging about past achievements and how will become a god tonight and then the next Lucha Underground Champion. King Cuerno hunts tonight.

Next up we have main event numero uno Prince Puma versus Pentagon Jr. The in-ring action is, as expected phenomenal, fierce, fast and loud splitting the Temple crowd straight down the middle. But before it really gets going Mil Murexes descends the steps of the Temple bringing the presence of death and physical violence with him as he interferes destroying both contenders to his title with heavy spears and a double Flatliner. In this dark Temple can anyone can stop Mil Muretes? We’ll find out next week in a triple threat match featuring Puma, Pentagon and Muretes. Holy shit yes please.

And if that news wasn’t enough to excite you Matt Styker and Vampiro announce Aztec Warfare will take place in three weeks and while last year’s was groundbreaking. This year’s promises to be darker, disturbing and even more violent. Yes fucking please.

Main event numero dos, Fenix versus King Cuerno in a Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Champion. This my friends is going to awesome.

We get going early on after a back and forth kicking session Cuerno falls to a corkscrew suicide plancha from Fenix allowing the challenger to get the ladder in the ring and begins to climb. Cuerno recovers and tips Fenix off before viscously powerbombing him onto the fallen ladder. From the Cuerno dominates and inflicts pain upon his opponant with vicious kicks and good old fashioned throws into he spectator’s chairs. There is no tactic this is hate and want to hurt on the part of Cuerno and he hasn’t stopped there as he attempts a suicideplex off the ladder. Fenix counters and hits one of the craziest spots ever seen. A running Swanton over the ladder and onto Cuerno some 10 feet below. “This is Awesome” that was fucking insane. Somehow they head to the rafters and Fenix makes a comeback, but not for long as Cuerno send him hurtling onto a propped up ladder below. Cuerno goes for the Thrill of the Hunt off the top rope through a table. Somehow Fenix counters and hits a Frankensteiner sending Cuerno crashing through the table, enabling Fenix to climb the and collect the prize that now allows a title shot at Mil Muretes.

Not the greatest episode but by no means bad in anyway. We got breathtaking and violent matches, the ladder match especially, the continuation of compelling and intriguing storylines, you know everything we have become accustomed to from Lucha Underground. Consistently great even on their off days, if only all wrestling companies could do even a quarter of what Lucha Underground does then maybe ratings wouldn’t be so dire.