We open with The Mack giving a shaken Sexy Star a pep talk about squashing that bug, Marty the Moth. Marty creeps about the ring awaiting the arrival of The Mack, who wastes no time in getting violent, while Sexy Star nervously joins him at ringside. The action is very good with acrobatic assaults from both large dudes complete with some mean looking suplexes until the lights go out and we are introduced to The Moth’s sister Mariposa. After months of build to this character what we got was a major let down. There is nothing imposing or threatening about her she is just another luchadora in a costume. Very disappointing from a show at the cutting edge of creativity.

Cut scene of the Week– Drago, Jack Evans and PJ Black get nunchuck happy battling Bruce Lee style until Aerostar makes the save with his own glow in the dark weapons. A five minute cut scene entered around nunchucks can only be pretty fucking sweet.

Cage awaits Johnny Mundo in the ring but Taya comes out instead calling him out. The lady has balls. The inevitable takes place and Cage literally throws her around the ring. But Taya is made from strong stuff and she is able to kick out of a F5 and even enjoys some offence,but Cage does not discriminate and bounces her around mercilessly even hitting a top rope suplex through two tables. Now I’m all for gender equality and enjoy the stance Lucha Underground takes on the subject but this was a little extreme and made for some rather uncomfortable viewing.

Team Havoc exit Catrina’s office with an ultimatum, either win the Trios Titles back next week or hit the open road.

We get another hilarious Famous B advert complete with corny costumes, effects, lingering camera shots and awkward glances.

Next up we have our mag main event, Prince Puma v Pentagon Jr v Mil Muertes for the Luncha Underground Championship.

This is gonna be awesome.

Puma and Pentagon put their differences aside and team up against Mil, gaining control early on. But not for long as Mil powers out and begins systematically dissecting his opponents with vicious power moves. The action spills outside and mayhem ensues as the three contrasting luchadores beat the crap out of each other with topes, moonsaults, shooting star presses, corkscrew planchas galore.
Back inside the ring Pentagon attempts to snap Puma’s arm but his speared by Mil, Puma receiving the same fate moments later for the setup for a double flatliner and 1. 2. 3.
Best match of the season so far, and definitely top five matches in the show’s history.

Fenix interrupts the celebrations stating he is cashing in his Gift of the Gods Championship for a title match next week. Fenix v Mil Muertes was one of the great feud of season one and is more than welcome to carry over into season two for more of the same.

After a disappointing start and uncomfortable middle the ending was phenomenal and the reason why Luncha is so god damn good. They showcase the best wrestlers in the world allowing them to go hell for leather in the ring resulting in the best the professional wrestling on the planet.