“What is my job? Professional Wrestler.
I’m a professional Wrestler, it’s what I have done since I was fifteen, check Drew’s job resume it reads Professional Wrestler from fifteen until now, now it’s absolutely insane and it’s by choice” – Drew Galloway – 27/3/2015

Drew Galloway. A name that is known across the world, not just in one promotion, not just in two, but in multiple promotions across the world At one point of his career or another. you may have seen him in WWE, TNA, Evolve, the list goes on but there is one promotion he began in, returned to, and would help develop that company to worldwide notoriety, that company is Insane Championship Wrestling, ICW.

However, this week on PopTv, apologies if this is a spoiler for you, but a new TNA Heavyweight Champion was crowned, that man being Drew Galloway defeating “The Iconic” Matt Hardy when he seized the opportunity to cashed in his ‘feast or fired’ briefcase to become the first-ever Scottish-born TNA World Heavyweight Champion and also the first man to successfully cash in the Feast or Fired briefcase for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship adding yet another World Heavyweight Championship to his resume.

From the moment he arrived in Impact Wrestling at the Hydro in Glasgow during TNA’s Maximum Impact Tour January 2015, it was clear he was the man to take notice of and rightly so. During the conclusion of the Al Snow versus Grado match when they were attacked by the BDC (‘Beat Down Clan’ aka MvP, Low Ki, Samoa Joe & Kenny King) suddenly a hooded man armed with a solid steel pipe arrived to make the save, that man being Galloway and within seconds the Hydro erupted, it was the biggest noise of the entire night at witnessing that Galloway had gatecrashed the event.

Fans of Impact Wrestling hours later wondered if this was a one off appearance by Galloway as rumours across social media were continuely contradictory. The questions were finally answered when during a BDC promo on Impact, they were interrupted by a man walking among the fans in the crowd armed a microphone, it was Galloway:

“I am surrounded by Wrestling Fans not Sports Entertainment Fans! Professional Wrestling Fans! You want to know why Drew Galloway is in TNA? It’s simple, I’m here to speak for those that aren’t being listened to. I’m here to STAND UP for wrestling. I am here to give fans a voice” – Drew Galloway.

Within minutes again he had worked the crowd into a frenzy, they demanded to see more of him and on Impact Wrestling he aligned himself with Eli Drake and Micha to form “The Rising”. A faction created to face The BDC and to stand up for Professional Wrestling, now opinions on the success of the group are divided among wrestling fans as it may not have achieved the longevity needed to gain the objectives they set out but issues behind the scenes in TNA can certainly be attributed to that. However during the aftermath, Galloway remained focused and was continuely involved in the TNA Heavyweight Championship picture versus EC3, even headlining “Bound for Glory” in the Triple Threat Match alongside his rival EC3 and Matt Hardy.

Fans were disappointed by the result when Matt Hardy had captured the Championship from TNA Heavyweight Champion EC3. As expectations pointed towards Galloway being triumphant but fans across the world wouldn’t be disappointed in the match itself as it still stands as one of the best TNA matches in the companies history. From there it appeared the Title picture would only be involving Hardy and EC3 as complications with the Championship itself and negotiations with TV deals behind the scenes looked to leave Galloway out in the cold until one fateful night in 2016. Impact Wrestling resurrected the “Feast or Fired” match and Galloway gained one of the briefcases, the result being he would gain a Title shot at the TNA Heavyweight Championship at anytime, since that day he has battled with “The Miracle” Mike Bennett but fans have eagerly awaited the date for his cash in and on the 15th March they got their wish.

“My week started in Australia when I won the Australian Championship, went to Perth Australia wrestled there, went to flew to Melbourne, then to Brisbane, then to LA then to Tampa had a one day off came to California for Evolve to defend my Title wrestled Justin Gabriel – PJ Black main event, fun match. Victory. Wrestled Uhaa Nation, just finished. Victory, hell of a talent. Tomorrow in one if the biggest matches of my life the Evolve title versus Dragon Gate Title, me and Johnny Gargano one of us have the chance to make history in Independent Wrestling by becoming a Double Champion, that’s my life, that’s a Professional Wrestler.” – Drew Galloway – 27/3/2015

At the moment, Impact Wrestling represents only one of Drew Galloway’s aspects in Professional Wrestling, he is a Professional Wrestler and as the dialogue from above shows its non stop and on the independent sector it doesn’t mean you only represent one promotion, you are a representative of as many as you can. In this last month alone, Galloway has been part of Pro Wrestling Guerrera as part of their All Star Wrestling Weekend 12 in California, in wXw Germany as part of 16 Carat Gold Tournament in Oberhausen, in Impact Wrestling recording shows and then as part of the Insane Championship Wrestling tour wrestling all over the UK. That was only this month so far.

“My name is Drew Galloway, I’m the former British Champion. The former Irish Champion. The former WWE Tag Team Champ. Former WWE Intercontinental Champion and I was the first Insane Champion Wrestling Champion and hell I’m from Scotland.
Right now, now is the time to be watching because history is getting written right now. I was at a crossroads in my life recently, I looked at the mirror once I stopped with WWE and I said do you still want to do this anymore, you been doing this for thirteen years you had a good seven year run in WWE, maybe you should give it up, you just turned twenty nine you got years left, could get a regular job live the regular life for the first time in your life, I looked in the mirror, I reared my hand as far as I could and bitch-slapped myself in the face and I said screw you Drew!, your gonna become the biggest and best Wrestler on this planet, where am I gonna make this announcement I’m gonna come back home” – Drew Galloway – 28/7/ 2014.


His arrival in ICW made headlines across the world after his departure from WWE. Returning to Scotland and returning to the company he hadn’t been seen since 2007 after holding the Insane Wrestling Championship for over 280 days, his appearance energised fans all over the UK as well as helping ICW gain more fans all over the world as WWE fans who liked what “Drew MacIntyre” done in the ring were fascinated at what Drew Galloway was achieving in the UK.

Galloway after defeating ICW Heavyweight Champion Jack Jester in one of the most destructive matches ICW had ever had and engaging in one of the most personal feuds the company ever had equally, Galloway had planned to make his newly acquired Championship, a World Heavyweight Championship. He first started by defending his ICW Title in Denmark in a double championship triple threat match against Danish Pro Wrestling Champion Michael Fynne and Chaos, resulting in him retaining his ICW title as well as gaining the DPW Heavyweight Championship. In the months that followed he would defend his ICW Title in New York, Ireland, Germany and many more countries to rename his Title, the ICW World Heavyweight Championship and it is officially recognised as a World Title due to his defenses.

His influence wasn’t limited to ICW in the UK, returning to British Championship Wrestling where he officially first began wrestling in, he engaged in fantastic battles with Kid Fite and Lionheart as well as capturing the Scottish Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Title, he also wrestled for Premier British Wrestling as well and in England, Preston City Wrestling where fans have been treated to the phenomenonal feud he has with Noam Dar over several months.

Another promotion Galloway has been heavily involved with is Evolve Wrestling, arriving there after WWE he captured the Evolve Championship, and immediately set his sights on wanting to rename that Title as well. After retaining that Championship all over the UK and in multiple other countries internationally, true to his word the Title was renamed the Evolve World Championship again due to his defenses.

Currently Galloway is one half of the Evolve Tag Team Champions, alongside Johnny Gargano after the two participated in a three day Tournament to capture those Titles in exciting matches throughout that weekend. It’s something fans in that promotion has come to expect from him and it’s something he continuely provides.

Now, Galloway has proven there is life after spending time in WWE, not just proving there is life but great success as well. He is not just a shining example of that but someone all UK Wrestlers or UK wrestling fans can look at, as the success he has achieved overseas in Europe, America, Australia and many more places as well is unparalleled.


I’ve spoken to Galloway at Meet & Greet sessions and during media interviews, I can say talking to him about wrestling makes you more passionate and gives you a strong sense of pride at what he strives for. As well as his constant determination to succeed in everything he does in the ring, his realistic attitude combined with his positive outlook is infectious and he is a fantastic representative for anyone wondering how much can someone achieve in wrestling.