Before WWE fans got themselves ready to watch Wrestlemania 32, two weeks previously the UK was hit with the release of WWE Royal Rumble 2016. For fans who have seen the event in January this review may seem like a retread of that but for those who haven’t or may be thinking about purchasing the release hope this is some use.

The event kicks off in fantastic style with
the Last Man Standing match for the Intercontinental Title pitting Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens. This is an amazing match by any standards, with the Lunatic Fringe coming in as Champion facing the the outspoken Challenger. This match even betters well known previous fan favourite Royal Rumble Last Man Standing match John Cena vs Umaga and with brutal chairs shots, multiple table spots and brilliant interaction between Ambrose and Owens it is hard not feel exhausted afterwards with the punishment both men endure.

Next up was the New Day who all three are brilliant on the microphone facing The Usos, both teams did stellar work in a good team match but after repeated viewing you get the sneaking feeling that if the Usos were fully fit and were given more time all five men could have displayed something more memorable.

It was time for the United States Championship match, Champion Alberto Del Rio against Challenger Kalisto. Now right from the off, Kalisto is billed as the underdog after being assaulted from the League of Nations before the match and the fans are reminded of his shoulder injury that cost him the Title in his first defense against Del Rio to push the point home. However the plus side is the match is superb and the commentary remains balanced as Michael Cole almost takes delight at reminding how JBL was retired by Rey Mysterio to show how influential
Lucha Wrestling has been in WWE. And on this night a new and well received Champion was crowned in Kalisto.

It was then the Divas Championship Match, beforehand we are given an in-depth look at how the Champion and Challenger used to be friends then Charlotte’s decent into Flairhood as she will do anything to keep the Title as Lynch discusses what she’ll have to do to capture it.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch match is superb but no doubt your thoughts after witnessing this is I’m sure they did better matches against each other in NXT. This is an unfair comparison as both were given more chances to do more and more time to execute moves but this is still one of the best Diva’s matches in long while not to mention the surprise appearance by “The Boss” herself afterwards to make an impact.

It was then time for The Rumble itself, the 28th Royal Rumble match, over time the match has became formulaic and easily predictable. This one had great moments and you have to wonder it memorable enough to watch it again, enough to purchase it even.

Well the arrival of AJ Styles in WWE is amazing, the look on Roman Reigns says it all, the debuts of Tyler Breeze then Sami Zayn on the main stage is fantastic to witness, the domination by The Wyatt Family is great to see as for one night it seemed WWE got it right with them. Also the surprise winner, not really as spoiler as it is on the cover your reading, Triple H and as for Roman Reigns, I’m sure fans would have been given more reason to boo him if he won as for a main portion of the Rumble he wasn’t there (due to being taken in the back).

The Blu-Ray extras – The Kick Off match:
Dudley Boyz vs The Ascension vs Mark Henry & Jack Swagger vs Darren Young & Damien Sandow.
Divas Championship Match on Smackdown: Charlotte vs Becky Lynch.
RAW Match: Roman Reigns vs All.
Dean Ambrose & Kevin Owens invade MizTV.
Highlight Reel features Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, The Wyatt Family and The League of Nations.

If we are doing a grading style, then this is a 4/5 stars for the first of WWE PPV event’s of the year.