Cut Scene of the Week – Dario Cueto enters a swanky whiskey den to meet with Councilman Delgado who receives a large amount of money for his mysterious employer. After demanding Cueto stay for a drink he says Cueto is getting sloppy and the police investigation into the Temple has resulted in undercover agents placed on the inside. This upsets his employer who will personally visit the Temple once his descension is complete. The worry and fear at this news is etched on Dario’s face as he is told to drink up.

The plot thickens as it is revealed that Cueto and the Temple are all part of some grand scheme that involves undercover cops, unscrupulous councilmen and a mysterious and dangerous employer who is on a path of descension.

Speaking of undercover cops, Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro take part in a triple threat match with Mr Cisco for a coveted Aztec Medallion. The match is quick as Ryan takes advantage of Cisco and Castro’s friendship and sneaks in for a roll up with a handful of tights for the victory. This adds further heat between the feuding undercover cops that will no doubt play a huge role in the ever intriguing story arch.

Cut Scene of the Week No 2 – Mil Muertes prepares for the four coffin Graver Consequences match as Cartina reveals she has been waiting for this moment for 197 years. Rescuing Pascal Mendoza from the underworld’s grip of death and transforming him into Mil Muertes is all part for her master plan, which will be put on hold tonight for the chance to break and lick the face of a god, Matunza Cueto. As the two leave their shrine of death King Cuerno silently stalking his prey rises from the smoke to settle he and Catrina’s unfinished business.

Another important story arch to Lucha Underground, which mixing ancient Aztec mythology, Mexican history, absolute beauty and destructive power.

Trios title match pits the Champions and dream team of Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr against Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and new partner Johnny Mundo accompanied by Taya. A teaming that is not going to end well.

The match begins with mutual respect as Ivelisse and Azteca Jr shake hands before commencing with a sequence of quick pin counters and kip ups. The sportsmanship continues with Son of Havoc and Rey Mysterio, who enter a contest of quick counters and near-falls. This ends prematurely as Johnny Mundo tags himself in ending all forms of respect shooting Puma out to the floor. Ivelisse stops Taya from beating on Puma outside the ring but then trips Mysterio to halt a 619 attempt on Son of Havoc. Mysterio confronts her and dodges an incoming kick from Mundo, which cracks Ivelisse in side of the face. Mysterio hits the 619 on Havoc and then passes the torch to Puma for the pin. As the trio celebrate the losers argue and as Ivelisse tends to Havoc she is blindsided by Taya and beaten as Mundo applauds from ringside.

The dream team trio of Mysterio, Puma and Azteca Jr are a joy to watch and Mundo, Ivelisse and Havoc are my personal favourites but although a fun and entertaining match it did feature a few niggles that halted the flow a bit and a couple of spots looked a tad messy. That said it did what needed to be done by setting up Mundo and Taya vs Ivelisse and Son of Havoc while uber over fan favourites Mysterio, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr look solid, strong and a symbol of Lucha Libre heritage.

Graver Consequences opens with a Mexican Day of the Dead style parade that looked awesome and brought a historical, mythological and traditional note to proceedings.

Death vs The Monster commences with brute strength and awesome power as Matanza launches Muertes into one of the death boxes. Outside Catrina breaks a chair over Matanza’s back to no effect but Muertes saves her from danger with a powerful spear into a mass of chairs to rapturous applause. Matanza’s response? To powerbomb Muertes onto a coffin. Muertes’ response? To give Matanza a Flatliner off the ring apron onto two coffins. This is awesome chants boom around the Temple. The captivating carnage continues and features a turnbuckle bolt, a chainmail glove, a punch through a coffin lid, the burial of Catrina and victory for Matanza Cueto.

Brutal, powerful and awesome this was an amazing spectacle. The wrestlers were up for it, Matt Styker and Vampiro were up for it and the crowd were definitely up for it. The mysticism continued as the coffin containing Catrina was empty and a hooded King Cuerno stood at the head of Mil Muertes’ coffin as it was lead away.

Another standout episode of Lucha Underground as the in-ring action and grindhouse storyline came together and showed all of the characters’ and the programme’s strengths. The mixture of cinema, video games, comic books, American, Japanese and Mexican wrestling styles, violence, over-the-top characters and slick production values all combine to create something very special indeed.