On Tuesday 3rd May Ryback published a lengthy rant on his Tumblr account. After a lengthy contract dispute pertaining to his place in the company and lack of direction with his character he requested that he was removed from all WWE programming and the company granted said request.
Clearly disgruntled for years Ryback has a dig at anything and everything that has been annoying the ‘Big Guy’. His place on the roster, match position on PPVs and pay grade all fall victim to his words, in a move that comes across as seemingly very unwise. Here we have a 10 year WWE veteran, who despite having a decent push/run in his early days versus CM Punk has wallowed in the mid-to-lower mid-card for years, receiving similar face/heel turn treatment experienced by The Big Show. Add this to rumours of his questionable in-ring ability and being labelled as an unsafe worker his star has well and truly fallen. But why? Ryback is a “WWE guy” he’s big and we all know Vince loves big, but that is about it. He doesn’t particularly have a good look or convincing charisma, he hasn’t got a good promo in him, and I doubt a good match. But the big one for me is I just don’t like the guy. He is a tired and weak replica of a wrestler of a bygone era in WWF/E. An era in the late 80s early 90s when muscle bound dudes could get away with just having muscles. For example two of the biggest names in wrestling Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior were never known for the wrestling ability. But they had an aura, a personalty and charisma and Ryback does not. In a WWE now more focused on wrestling ability and smaller guys like, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Finn Balour and AJ Styles and less on the carnival style of Mark Henry, Big Show and Kane, and Ryback just doesn’t fit anymore, anywhere. So for a guy who was slipping down the ranks to publicly come out and blast the company he works for, the company that every wrestler wants to work for, for not giving him the position he feels he should be in, well join the line sir there are much, much more exciting and talented wrestlers way ahead of Ryback. Has he done the right thing and stood up for the under-utilised or has he given the WWE the excuse they were looking for to phase him out? Only time will tell but I can’t help it is latter.

Check out his Tumblr account below.