After a brief hiatus our review of our favourite wrestling show Lucha Underground is back! So without further adue lets get going.

A lot has happened since our last review so first here is a quick update. At Aztec Warfare Dario Cueto returned with his brother Matunza Cueto to destroy all that stood in his way to capture the Lucha Underground Championship relieving Catrina of the control of the temple in the process. Cueto, quickly to reaffirm his stamp on proceedings brought back the quest for the Aztec medallions for the Gift of the Gods Title while Matunza successfully defended his title against Fenix and Pentagon Jr putting the latter in the hospital. The Trios Titles Tournament was underway while the dastardly duo of Taya and Johnny Mundo have been evading retribution from “The Machine” Cage. Mundo and Cage have been on a collision course since the first episode of season 2 placed them in the title chase and the two have been battling each other ever since. More recently Mundo being Mundo thought he was entitled to an Aztec Medallion just for turning up but Cueto informed him the only way they would will get his hands on one will be to defeat his arch nemeses Cage in a cage!

The match did exactly what it said on the tin. It was fast, it was hard, it was great. Cage did he what he did best, super-hero-style power moves and brutal offence. Johnny Mundo did what he did best, showcase his awesome move-set and sell like a boss. Taya inevitably interfered and creased Cage with a barrage of Kendo Stick shots at the top the cage, advantage Mundo. But in a fantastic sequence Mundo with cane in hand is planted by Cage causing said cane to pop into the air and without missing a beat Cage casually plucked it out of the air to a standing ovation. Taya hit a cross body from the top of cage and Mundo missed an End of the World from the same position. Taya produced some handcuffs but Cage wrestled them out of her grasp and locked her to the ropes, advantage Cage. Munrdo swung a chair, Cage ducked and Taya ate steel. The chair now in play ends Mundo’s charge and Cage hits a brutal Steiner Screwdriver onto the steel for an impressive win.

What a way to open the show guys bravo and more please.

Lucia Underground never disappoints and we have the Trios Title Elimination Match Final pitting Team Havoc against The Crew and Joey Ryan, Fenix, Jack Evans and PJ Black and Rey Mysterio, Dragon Azteca Jr and Prince Puma. But before we kick off Dario Cueto announces that Angelico has been injured and cannot compete leaving Son of Havoc and Ivilesse at a disadvantage. The match is fast and furious featuring high-spots galore the best being every member taking it in turn to produce an over-the-top-rope variation in quick succession, which elated the already raucous believers. Back in the ring Joey Ryan demands a tag in but Cortez Castro stalls allowing Ivelisse to capture the pin with a small package eliminating the team. Soon after she hits Jack Evans with a beautiful sunset flip power bomb but PJ Black super kicks her out cold and rolls Evans on top of her for the 1,2,3 eliminating the holders meaning we are definitely getting new champions tonight. Puma, Mysterio a and Dragon battled it out with Fenix, Evans and Black to capture the titles after Mysterio hit Evans with a split-legged moonsault for the victory to a huge ovation. Mysterio as the face of Lucha Libre inspired this whole generation of Luchadores in both kayfabe and real life and it is only fitting that he lead the new team of proteges to Trios Championship glory.

One of Mysterio’s on and off screen students is Dragon Azteca Jr who has done nothing but impress since arrival at the Temple. Placed in a team that has Prince Puma and Mysterio has his partners, it would be very easy to fall by the wayside but he has stood out and firmly planted his feet making a hurricanrana-flip-tornado-DDT statement in the process.

Ivelisee shone throughout this match and proved why she is the most exciting competitor not only in Lucha Underground but wrestling as a whole. At a time when female wrestling is fully in the spot-light Ivelisse must be heralded as the pioneer of the resurgence. Her bad-ass, take-no-shit, attitude and offence has seen her go from strength to strength by taking it to all who stand her way. This girl truly is the baddest bitch in the building.

Cut-scene of the Week: A dark hooded figure appears in Pentagon’s dojo urging him to get up out of his wheel chair. Pentagon screams in pain as he attempts to walk but fails. This disappoints his master who unhoods himself revealing Vampiro beneath and pours hot wax on Pentagon’s head causing him to fall out of the wheelchair onto the floor. Let the training begin.

A two-match programme was pulled off to perfection by well oiled machine that is Lucha Underground. Well paced, great action, progressive storylines and character development. All the things you want from a wrestling show and more. We now have new Trios champs who will have 5 star matches with anyone on the roster. We have a new Aztec Medallion tournament underway to see who can conquer Matunza and Cage could certainly be that man. Then we have Vampiro back in the dark as master to Pentagon Jr that will only have great things in store.

See you next week.