“9pm Tomorrow Night. The announcement of our next guest.

Prepare for this. A once in a lifetime experience.

He’s coming…” – Inside the Ropes Live Facebook status on May 9th.

Tonight at 9pm the announcement was made by the Inside the Ropes Live team and it was an incredible one. They would be bringing the man who was the creative force behind ECW from 1993 until 2001, the man who managed a record five WWE Champions being Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, the Big Show and a man who has spent almost thirty years in the wrestling business, that man “is the advocate for the beast incarnate”, Paul Heyman.

Their tour will be taking place during the week of July 11th to July 15th in London, Manchester and Glasgow and tickets will be estimated to go on their website www.insidetheropes.co.uk in the next 7 days.

Inside the Ropes Live with Squared Circle have already brought successful live Q&A sessions with Scott Steiner and Nick Aldis in March and Sting last year in October.