The last time we saw Matunza and Mil Muertes they were plummeting through the roof of Dario Cueto’s office in an awesome no-contest finale to their championship match.

Cut Scene of the Week – Dario Cueto surveys the damage as Catrina enters to demand a rematch to which Cueto agrees. But in true Cueto fashion ups the ante and adds three more caskets to the match turning Grave Consequences into Graver Consequences. Awesome just f**king awesome. The tension between the two power hungry villains was on show as they both use their monsters to capture control of the Temple. Lucha Underground is the best wrestling promotion because of this very reason – movie style vignettes that showcase and forward storylines, while the match concepts and stipulations are innovative, refreshing and awesome.

The opening match saw Marty the Moth pitted against The Mack for an Aztec Medallion. The two showcasing moves that men of their size shouldn’t be able to carry out, but do so effortlessly. The Mack hit the Stunner for the victory and a coveted medallion.

Next Dario Cueto tells Sexy Star that he has seen that scared look in her eye before, in him. A wide eyed and devious Cueto tells her the story of his abusive mother and how he and Matunza has to kill her to end her torment. He continues saying the only to combat the fear is to confront it head on and tells her she has a match against her tormentor, Mariposa.

Next King Cuerno faces Sinestro dey la Meurtes for an Aztec Medallion that saw Catrina interfere and KO Cuerno with her stone, adding further heat to their fiery history.

Chavo Guerrerro asks Cueto why he isn’t in line for a Aztec Medallion match stating that he would create his own destiny.

Famous B attempts to make Mascareda Segrada famous by winning an Aztec Medallion. The only downside is his opponent is Cage who easily dominates and destroys his challenger. In melee Chavo stole Cage’s medallion setting up what seems to be a comedy feud, which Cage is far to good for. This dude should be in the main event picture and challenging for the title.

Sexy Star faced her fear in a match against Mariposa. This match was awesome and definitely contender for match of the year. The passion, emotion and heat put into the match was phenomenal. It was blood laced, action packed with smatterings of profanity that made for a perfect combination. Chair shots, Temple-wide brawls and super-stiff in-ring action saw these two wrestlers stick a middle finger up to traditional rules, censorship and gender roles. The two were allowed to go out and shine in an anything goes blood and weapon-fest. Throwing caution to the wind they unleashed their talent upon us that gave us an emotionally charged, ultra-violent, strong-style brawl that you would expect from a storyline that has featured abduction, kidnapping, suspected torture and mental torment. Sexy Star was able to exact her revenge and prove why Lucha Underground boasts the finest female wrestlers on the planet. This right here is the women’s wrestling revolution not that shit WWE creative are trying to pass over.

Lucha Underground again shows why it is the best thing in wrestling and on TV. Storyline continuity, progressive characters and entertaining matches all tied together with movie-style production is a match made in heaven. This episode is must see for the believers and the non- believers too, it is that good.

Can’t wait for next week!