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In the opening scene Cage kicks off about Chavo stealing his Aztec Medallion. Dario invites him to the ring where the winners of the medallions, Texano, Aerostar, Joey Ryan, The Mack, Sexy Star, and Sinestro dey la Meurtes minus Catrina all come out and place them in Gift of the Gods belt before battling it out in a 7-way match for the now complete title. But Chavo will have to go through Cage. Yikes. Chavo uses deception and places the stolen medallion in the belt solidifying his place in the match but his celebration is short lived as he receives a viscous Weapon X for his trouble.

Melissa Santos introduces Argenis, Daga, Kobra Moon before Famous B interrupts her and introduces Mascarita Sagrada for a fatal-4-way match. Sagrada looked strong at first but size advantage inevitably overwhelmed. Dada and Argenis traded some good offence and the match ended when Kobra Moon, who has taken a liking to Dada, offered Sagrada to Dada for the pin after a sit out Tombstone.

The match was good featuring the usual high-flying, tilt-a-whirl sequences capped off with a unique tandem submission hold. The Mascarita/Famous B storyline is looking fun and Kobra Moon and Dada, who haven’t really done anything since debuting, have at least got something to do and it is always good to see Argenis back.

Killshot preps for battle but is annoyed by Marty the Moth at his maniacal best before he enters the ring. He leers behind Melissa Santos as the crowd chant “Creepy Bastard” in classic Believers style. The action is dominated by Marty hitting power moves and strong offence but Killshot strikes back with fierce and on-point kicks oh and a Death Valley Driver off the ring apron to the floor. Ouch! A bleeding Marty brings the Curb Stomp back to our TV screens but only for a 2 count before falling to a move so dangerous looking I don’t even know what to call it or attempt to explain it, just go watch it. Marty recovers and beats up Killshot stealing his precious military dog tags.

7-way is up next with Gift of the Gods Title up for grabs. The action is fast, furious and great. Alliances are made and alliances are quickly broke. Everyone gets a chance to shine but none shine brighter than Sexy Star. In a ring of 6 men she stands tall unable to allow gender play any part she owns every move and every match she is in. The entertainment reaches boiling point when Chavo “Chicken Shit” Guerrero, as the crowd have dubbed him, receives a finishing move off everyone in the ring. Cage hits the ring and clears house, nearly kills Joey Ryan and drags Chavo’s lifeless body on top for the victory and the title. Cage is coming for you boy next week!

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Cut Scene of the Week – Master Vampiro attempts to rebuild his broken disciple Pentagon Jr by breaking him again. Hung from the ceiling he is struck repeatedly with a Kendo Stick and a barbed wire baseball bat. If you thought Pentagon was dangerous before on his arm breaking rampages well wait until Vampiro has rebuilt him into an even worse psycho!

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Not the greatest Lucha episode but by no means the worst. After the last two awesome episodes it had to slow down a bit, take a breather and allow dust to settle. The three matches were entertaining and played roles in storyline and character development. What more could you want?