The long rumoured brand split has been confirmed by today.

With the return of Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules and the Jon Cena, Randy Orton and even Bray Wyatt returns the WWE roster is the best it has ever been. YAY! But on the downside it has become saturated and with RAW already a three hour show it does not have the time to showcase all of the talent they have now. We have a RAW show that can’t even find time for Sasha Banks but give air time to the Uso’s, Gold-Truth and the Social Outcasts! I mean come on. So the news that Smackdown! is once again to be a live show with its own set roster is intriguing to say the least.

The only problem is that Smackdown! has been the ignored the sibling of RAW for many years now. RAW has and always will be WWE’s number one priority and this has been more then clear as Smackdown! felt less and less important to the point where it is hardly even mentioned on any other WWE programming. This treatment has caused irreparable damage to Smackdown! Gone are the days of the Paul Heyman lead “Smackdown! Six” replaced with Heat, Superstars and Main Event style content that no-one cares about.

Not one to dwell in the negative us at Vulture Hound embrace the positive and look to the future with the sparkley eyes of a Manga animated cat. Just think we get more Mauro Ranallo and heel Jerry Lawler on commentary, wallowing and trapped Superstars can get a clean break, NXT call ups can actually mean something, the mid-card belts can air-time there is definitely possibilities here to make the brand split an entertaining and meaningful project. The future looks bright, the future looks blue!

Will the “Big Gold” make a welcome comeback? Will we get new Tag-Team belts? Another Women’s division? The Cruiserweights? Who knows but one thing to say is that WWE are really trying with this whole “New Era” shtick.