We are the House of Truth. Has a catchy ring to it, don’t you think? Who exactly are these men and why do they ally themselves with one another?
Allow me to shed some light.
Truth Martini is a man with a vision, and that vision is success. How can you measure success? Easily. Titles: We have them. Power: We have it. Influence: It’s ours. The House of Truth is a well oiled machine and every piece plays it’s role beautifully. Need a pay-per-view main event? Jay Lethal will grab the bull by the horns. Want the future of professional wrestling to show you how it’s done? I’m your man. Do you need some muscle, some dirty work? How about Jay Diesel? But don’t you forget Truth Martini.
There is literally NOTHING on this planet that he cannot ascertain for the House of Truth. That is true power. So what is next for the HOT? No, we aren’t going to “take over the world.” No, we’re not going to steal your woman (although we could.) Ring of Honor somehow feels that they are above us, that they don’t quit have to play by the same rules as everybody else. ROH has experienced a version of the House of Truth before and survived, but make no mistake about it: We are different. We have Ring of Honor exactly where we want them and very soon, everyone will understand why the House always wins.

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