We begin with a cut scene. A standing Pentagon Jr questions his master Vampiro who states he may have no fear but he is far from ready.

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First match is Joey Ryan vs Famous B’s “Get Fame” client Mascerita Segrada. Comedy reigns throughout starting with Ryan saving his lollypop for later by putting it down his trunks and ends with the now infamous King of Dong Style spot. Ryan hits a Tornado DDT for the pin and Segrada’s third loss on the bounce. A fun match as the crowd loved it cheering for both guys due to their unique characters.

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Taya gets an impressive femme fatale style vignette in which she easily kicks the asses of some random dudes while drinking champagne and wearing a killer red cocktail dress. When she is done she gets into a bright yellow Lamborghini driven by Johnny Mundo. Perfection has arrived at Lucha Underground.

Cut Scene of the Week – Close ups on taxidermy can mean only one thing. A King Cuerno promo. The trophies of his hunts adorn his walls but there is a new one which takes pride of place upon his wall of death. Mil Muertes lies motionless in a display case. Fantastic.

Chavo heads to the ring to a chorus of boos wearing the Gift of the Gods belt. Despite facing Cage he is somewhat cocky, let’s see how long this lasts. Cage powers through Chavo but Chavo uses his experience and deviousness to gain control. The two trade big moves and near falls until Cage hits the devastating Lucha Destroyer for the Gift of the Gods Championship. After the match Cage calls Matanza Cueto out for a Lucha Underground Championship challenge next week. Wow that match is going to be a stormer.

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This was a great match. Cage looked his usual insanely strong and powerful self while Chavo’s turned back the years and had his best match in ages. He took Cage to the limit and looked great in the process. He channeled Eddie using the Three Amigos, a Sunset Flip and the Frog Splash, he even threw in a Viva La Raza. Great stuff.

Another cut scene sees Taya telling Jack Evans and PJ Black that she has a surprise for them. When they she their estranged partner Fenix laying unconscious on the floor they are angry as they are now a man down for their Trios Title challenge next. Johnny Mundo enters placing himself into their team and they celebrate by playing the air guitar Bill-and-Ted-Bogus-Journey-style which is and always will be awesome.

Ryan and Castro search Cueto’s office for any evidence after finding nothing in months. Mr Cisco interrupts and runs to tell Dario but Ryan pulls his gun and Castro places him under arrest.

Trios Title time. The face dream team of Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr against the newly formed heel dream team of Evans, Black and Mundo.
In match a which features six of the most exciting luchadores in the world you know we are in for a treat.

I don’t even know how to explain this match other than from start to finish it was the most fast-paced, high-octane encounter I have ever seen featuring some of the most insane sequences and spots that can only be seen to be believed.
All competitors where on point here which made this an absolute joy to watch. The action flowed like a dream, the spots hit just right and the dastardly heels captured the Trios Titles after a succession of low blows that popped the crowd into a frenzy.

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This my friends is a Lucha Underground classic.