With our regular RAW reviewer jiving in Germany so your ominous online editor is stepping up and stepping in.

In recent weeks we have seen a noticeable improvement in RAW storylines, matches, feuds and booking, making the product and the three hour time-slot much more bearable. Will Cena’s Memorial Day return pip Rollins’s? Lets take a looksy.

WWE opened the show with a video package that commemorated the US Troops that have given their lives to protecting American freedoms.

The controllers of RAW, Shane and Stephanie McMahon entered the ring and painfully described the upcoming “Brand Split”. The New Day interrupted to add “comedy” to proceeding but things went from bad to worse as Shane and the Tag-Team champions “danced” before The Vaudevillians made the save and attacked Xavier, Big-E and Kofi to set up an impromptu match. The match was good with Gotch and English getting to show off their vicious side before Gallows and Anderson attacked The New Day from out of no where. Good match, good surprise and the setup of good-looking feud.

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Breezango lost to The Usos before brawling with Golden Truth and that is all I’m going to say about that, apart from poor Tyler Breeze he is so wasted on the main roster.

Next up Roman Reigns called out Seth Rollins in another painful segment as Reigns was portrayed as the white-meat babyface, which no one wants, against a cowardly Rollins, which no one wants. The crowd even chanted “boring” throughout which should not happen in the main event title picture, way to kill momentum creative.

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Cashing in on American sympathies Zack Ryder challenged Rusev in a non-title match and failed. As Rusev berated America Titus O’Neil came to it’s defence getting up an interesting feud that gives these two, so-far, wasted talents a chance to shine.

Cheese-listing promo kings, Enzo and Cass had the crowd in the palm of their hand before battling the Dudley’s to a hopefully feud ending victory. Enzo and Cass are so over they talk about cheese and get cheers while the Dudley’s are so irrelevant they have done little to elevate anyone let alone themselves.

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HERE COMES THE MONEY! No not Shane but the face that runs the place John Cena returned to the usual mixed reaction of cheers and boos. He salutes and quotes JFK and shouts about the New Era having to go though him. The face of the New Era, AJ Styles enters and offers his respect before turing heel and reforming “The Club” in a cunning ruse. This was a good and surprising segment. We now have the official formation of The Club and a bona-fide heel faction. However no one does well from a John Cena feud other than John Cena. Lets hope this differs.

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Stephanie confronted Charlotte backstage about her treatment of Ric Flair before Charlotte joined her new friend Dana Brooke to ringside in her match against Natalya. Dana won and the two heels pasted the babyface everywhere. Stephanie vs Charlotte in the making? Could be a good little take this one.

For the tenth time in a month Mr Nobody, Dolph Ziggler faced Corbin in a quick match that ended when Ziggler dick-kicked Corbin and walked away smiling. Is this the long awaited Ziggler heel turn? Who cares? Too little too late Corbin should have moved on by now and Ziggler should be TNA Champion.

Last but not least we got Owens, Del Rio, and Y2J vs Zayn, Cesaro and Ambrose in a six-man tag match. This main-event livened up an otherwise dull and boring RAW and built tension and excitement toward the upcoming ladder match at MITB.

So after 4/5 weeks of refreshing and entertaining RAWs it was only a matter of time before we got a poor one. All the segments felt forced and scripted, the matches were poor and after the hottest comeback in recent times Rollins didn’t even say anything in a 2.5 minute appearance. At least we got an AJ heel turn which was great as he can play a really good bad guy as seen NJPW but The Club has to be the worst stable name since The Family.