The match-up of Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins is easily a Wrestlemania-level match.

It is the coming together of two Superstars who have clicked since their debuts. It is the match that was on the cards long before now had it not have been for Rollins’ knee injury. And for many it will be the bout that will define Money in the Bank (MITB).

The importance of this match is one that cannot be denied. Not only because it involves two former stars of The Shield – arguably a faction created to mould main event stars – but also because it involves two stars leading the ‘New Era’ charge.

Since they were given the green light The Shield and their domination solidified how legitimate the stars within it were. WWE would not invest that much time and effort into a group in which his members would slip away, forgotten. Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins all proved they were ready for the big time. It is the MITB special even that proves this. This match is the culmination, or the beginning of a culmination of that work.

The fact that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is at stake only enhances the importance of this match. WWE expected this outcome when The Shield were riding high as a trio, and it’s now finally come to fruition. And who knows, may continue further with Ambrose’s position among some fell main roster stars in the briefcase match we could easily be swapping out either Rollins or Reigns, or even just adding him to get that oh-so much desired Shield triple threat at Summerslam.

However, as big as this match is, for some fans it may not quite be living up to the hype. That could be down to the fact that Reigns continues to get a negative response despite being booked and featured as a babyface.  That notion may come from the fact that there is no Authority involvement in this storyline. Or maybe it is down to the fact that it is being pitched against a highly anticipated, 15-year-in-the-making, dream match in John Cena and AJ Styles. Two instrumental wrestlers meeting in the same 20 x 20 in a bout that has never happened, that many thought would never happen. The Phenomenal One has shown he can get himself over in WWE working his style and everyone knows how Cena raises his game when it comes to the crunch. Both men are big names – some would say legends – in the business and they are finally doing battle in a WWE ring.

With this being said, while it has capture the attention of fans all over – WWE and Indy – Styles vs. Cena should not be more important than Reigns vs. Rollins.

The championship match should be the selling point of WWE. Despite what guys are involved, the focus of the company should be the title and get it over. This is especially true of high-profile events such as Money in the Bank, that essentially help set up the next target to the title.

While there may be pressure placed upon the shoulders of Rollins and Reigns, from the hype that is Cena and Styles (clash), this can only be a good thing. Both these guys, especially Rollins, have shown just how much better they perform when they’re challenged, as to who can put on the best match of the night. This healthy competition means glorious things for the fans also.

Rollins and Reigns will give fans their money’s worth. These two men are two of the prominent figures carrying WWE forward and there is no doubt their shoulders are broad enough to embrace this ask to the fullest.

Their performance at Money in the Bank will be another stellar showcase for the books. Not only because it is what they need to do, but because it is what they always do. They are today’s leaders of WWE, carrying the company forward into another important chapter of their story.