Nothing has divided the wrestling world like 2016. First we got the Roman Reigns debate, is he good, bad or rubbish? Secondly the Ricochet Vs Ospreay NJPW debate did it expose the business or was it true art within the ring? Thirdly and more recently TNA’s Hardy Vs Hardy The Last Deletion.

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The internet is buzzing both praising and vilifying it simultaneously. I for one am in the celebratory camp for TNA, Matt and Jeff Hardy have provided us with pure wrestling gold. What we have been given will live on in wrestling infamy.

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In a nutshell former TNA Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy, since losing the title has spiralled into severe insanity placing all the blame upon his younger brother, and more popular, Jeff Hardy. In the midst of his insanity Matt Hardy has taken the guise of his brother’s alter-ego Willow in order to play mind games and destroy “brother Nero”. Complete with crazy hair and an accent never heard before “Broken” Matt Hardy has revelled in the role portraying a maniacal, deranged, comic book super-villain perfectly. His continual torment of his brother to lure him into the feud is straight from the dreams of an LSD influenced dream and the result has been a nightmarish, psychedelic car-crash of pain, comedy and beauty. Be it the accent, the hair, the acting Matt Hardy is gold. Be it the drones, the CGI floating head, or the battlefield the action is awesome. Be it the fire light, the Swanton out of a tree, the use of fireworks as a weapon the match is phenomenal.

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Watch it in anger, watch it in joy, watch it through clasped hands, just fucking watch it!

Check it out for yourself.

But one question must be asked, who the hell cam up it? Its like TNA have said “fuck it, it can’t be any worse” and inadvertently created one of the best, weirdest and wonderful pieces of pro wrestling magic. Or the Hardy boys, who have been stuck in a creative rut for years, have got together and devised a programme so bat-shit crazy it has actually worked. Or TNA are attempting to imitate Lucha Underground’s success and promote movie-style vignettes to enhance their product. Whatever it is one thing can be sure is that TNA have got the wrestling world talking about TNA, something that has been needed for a while now.

Below are tweets, gifs and memes collected showing the array of reactions this piece of horribly beautiful nightmare gold has garnered!

Mick Foley sums it up perfectly;

Have you seen it? Love it or hate it, it has people talking – and this meme, from ‪#‎WrestlingLoL‬ had me popping!vYou HAVE to admire Matt Hardy’s level of commitment to his character and TNA’s for that matter. No dipping their toe in the shallow end here; they dove right in! I’m still not quite sure what it is I saw, but I do know that I will never forget it. ‪#‎TheFinalDeletion‬ had me laughing in some places, cringing in others, worrying about the state of Jim Cornette’s heart in a couple specific instances – and just staring open-eyed in astonishment at others. I truly enjoyed this unique viewing experience, but, despite the probability that I will quote from it, wear T-shirts from it, borrow memes from it, and pronounce the word “over” with an “ah”….OVAH… for years to come – hope nothing like it is ever attempted again.
Let me know what you think.”

What did you think?