If like myself you collect action figures, this article is for you. If you are a parent and has a child who is also obsessed with collecting action figures then this article will also be for you. If you do not collect action figures but are jealous of people who do then do not keep reading it will only make you sadder.

In a new feature for Vulture Hound, I (Brendan) will be reviewing some of the best and worst action figures that are hitting the stores to this day as well as looking at some of the coolest vintage figures that we probably will never see the likes of again….I’m hinting Kenner Star Wars stuff!! My reviews will be simple: I’ll get to the point, tell you what I like and what I don’t like. The best action figure all comes down to design and fun factor.

1.) Packaging – The basic line is well let’s put it very basic. The boxes for these waves have no real groundbreaking design unlike the elite series’ which go into more detail with character profiles on the back of the box. There isn’t anything wrong with the packaging nor is there anything incredible about it either, it really just shows you a generic picture of Sting. If you collect the packages however it’s still cool to see Sting on the WWE brand especially with the classic look on it too.

2.) Head sculpt – This is a really good attempt at 90’s Sting. Both Mattel and WWE have been off the back of a lot of criticism recently with sculpts of figures (just look at the Becky Lynch figure and you will see why everyone is so angry). The expression they have went with is perhaps Sting at the dentist? I don’t really know. This version of Sting fans witnessed at that time smiled a lot as he was the top babyface for a while so why not have him smile? I get if you are a child and are playing with your figures13705273_1179410515437099_1309146044_n making them wrestle the last thing you want when you do a suplex to your elite Junkyard Dog is for him to smile…it kind of messes with the child’s imagination well it did when I was young. Nevertheless the sculpt on this basic figure is still well done, there is a ton of Surfer Sting designs they could have done but the green design is a nice bright design which does really highlight the family friendly aspect of the early 90’s WCW. The head is probably the biggest plus with the figure especially with it being Mattel’s first attempt at the classic Sting look. The detail they went into with even giving him his mini ponytail is pretty impressive too.

3.) Body design – I’m not going to lie but when I took Sting out the 13713288_1179410555437095_287102881_npackaging I felt it so hard for me to move the joints on his arm. It took me a while but even now I feel if I put any real force to move it in a pose I want I will snap the arm off in the process. That sucks. However that’s the only real problem I have with the figure but I can live with it. The body design is nice, was Sting really that big though? It seems Mattel really go over the top with body definition on figures. Let’s go onto the tight design, it’s basic (I feel like I keep repeating that word but really these type of waves of WWE figures don’t give us anything special). It’s good that they’ve kept true with the scorpion design and the colours are really nice on this figure. There’s something about that shade of green that just looks so well done on a figure like a wrestling one. Like I said, the little tug of war I had with moving the arms at first was my only real problem however still not enough for me to hate it.

Overall – I really like this figure, it has everything you need for a classic Sting figure. It has a decent head sculpt more so in the eyes that really bring the look of Sting out. There is some slight problems with arm articulation however that may just be me and even at that it doesn’t take a lot of effort for it to start moving in a few poses.
The basic figures are available at around £9.99 at most retailers. I picked this one up in The Entertainer at that price. If you are a fan of Sting then I would definitely get this for the collection however it’s not a must buy figure but it would be a nice touch for any wrestling fan to have.