WWE have revealed the new logos for their RAW and Smackdown Live brands that will be implemented from next week.

The new commissioners of each brand, Mick Foley (RAW) and Daniel Bryan (Smackdown) tweeted the new logos earlier tonight. RAW’s current logo has been implemented since 2014, while Smackdown has been with the same logo since 2010, albeit with varying colours stripped from it.

Personally, I think both logos look pretty bad and I can’t wait to see what tantalising animations they throw at me while Sky Sports waits for the Americans to finish their adverts.

Smackdown Live will also be getting a new set from Tuesday, according to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer. Smackdown moved to a live format last Tuesday, featuring the WWE Draft and is being “headed” by Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan.

smacldown-live-logo-2016 raw-logo-wwe-2016