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Jeff Jarrett was at one time the hottest wrestling personality in the world. A man with such a great talent for drawing the hatred of the crowd he became a master heel that all others should take lessons from. Since his move into the more business focused side of wrestling, Jeff created WWE’s only real North American competition, Total Non-stop Action. Since resigning from that organisation he seeks to do it again with Global Force Wrestling, a banner under which all the world wide styles of wrestling can unite. He talks to SteelChair about his plans to bring the wrestling that U.S. fans want to see back to the American heartland.

What is the Force behind Global Force Wrestling, and what would you like it to achieve?

That’s a good question. We want the different wrestling fan bases around the world to come together to watch different styles, whether it be Japanese, Mexican Lucha Libre, British technical or the showmanship of American wrestling. It’s all under the one umbrella of Global Force and the force truly is the fans. The fans are so connected to the business these days with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat; it allows for so much debate and discussion on which wrestlers they like, which matches they like, which promotions they like.

The Grand Slam Tour kicks off at the Ball Park in Jackson Tennessee. What can fans expect?

We’re just getting that underway. Matter of fact I’m heading right now to Jackson, Mississippi to throw out the first pitch tonight to begin the promotion of the tour. But to answer your question every Global Force show is going to have wrestlers from around the country and around the world. It’s all going to be very hard hitting action in an action packed night and very much a fan intrinsic show.

How does the deal with Minor League Baseball work?

We’re partners. All of these ball parks across the United States are really the centre of attention as we get into baseball season. They have huge communities and about 70 games a season, but when their hometown team is on the road playing away from home, we’re taking over these stadiums. In Jackson, Tennessee the mayor is going to come out and get involved for the local charity that is tied in with the team; we’re also going to have different folks singing the national anthem. It’s a true partnership that is brining Baseball fans, wrestling fans, and all sorts of people out for a good night of family entertainment.

What was the feeling at GFW after the immense success of Wrestle Kingdom 9 and would you like to say anything about New Japan?

New Japan Pro Wrestling might be the hottest promotion in the world right now. Inarguably and without a doubt Wrestle Kingdom 9, as we’re going into May, is still the best show produced in 2015. We’re very honoured and proud to have been part of the show and we’re very pleased with the results. We couldn’t have been happier that New Japan reached out to Global Force to present Wrestle Kingdom 9 to North American fans. Jim Ross and Matt Striker did an incredible job, and helped make it a fantastic night for professional wrestling.

What was your experience as part of the Bullet Club like?

I love the saying that the group has, they do what they want, when they want, and where they want. That’s something that is going to carry over into Global Force Wrestling and those guys, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Gun (Karl Anderson), Doc Gallows, they’re all just fantastic professional wrestlers.

The Las Vegas show has got a lot of people excited. What will the show mean for Global Force?

It’s fantastic. Another great partnership, this time with The Orleans Arena which is owned by the Boyd Gaming Corporation which runs business across the United States, so we’re very happy that that’s going to host our first tapings. It’s a very exciting time for Global Force Wrestling.

You and your wife Karen has been featured in much of the Promotional materials. Will you two be working on camera or behind the scenes?  

Behind the scenes. Well, I’m certainly not saying I won’t appear on camera but the roster we are assembling is the focus point. Me and Karen will promote them and help expose them to a global audience. We really look forward to connecting with the fans on that basis, presenting all different styles and all different types of professional wrestling.

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